84 awkward questions for your boyfriend about your love affair

What are the best questions for my boyfriend about our relationship? Are you curious to know what your boyfriend likes? Here are some awkward questions to ask your boyfriend. It is about achieving the greatest communication so that they get to know each other better.

Is your boyfriend too shy or too serious? Do you want to know him more and at the same time know more about you? A few uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend can achieve that goal. Everything is in that you put yourself in a positive way and create the right climate to ask.

What are the best questions for your boyfriend to get him out of his comfort zone and get him excited?

1.- In a relationship, it is very important to know each other well

The vast majority of couples end up due to a lack of communication. Many relationships live badly for years because they do not dare to ask themselves certain basic questions.

Therefore, give importance to these questions for your boyfriend to know him more. At the same time, they serve you to enliven the relationship.

1.- What do my lips taste like? Do you like it or what flavor would be best for you?

2.- Is there a love movie that you would like to recreate with me?

3.- If you could see me with little clothes on, which part would you look at first?

4.- If we were actors in a movie, what role would you like me to play?

5.- Do you have any fantasy with me that you have never made?

6.- What is the furthest you have achieved on a first date?

7.- What would you think if you had a photo of me changing my clothes?

2.- Uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend to give him confidence

Confidence in a relationship is won with actions more than with words. But to know what to do it is important to get to know each other.

And to get to know each other better, nothing more practical than a trivia game for your boyfriend. You don’t have to ask the entire questionnaire, just to start an animated chat.

8.- How do you describe yourself as a man?

9.- What is the most exciting game you would like to do with me?

10.- Can you guess how I’m dressed right now?

11.- What would you do if when you open the door I am with very few clothes?

12.- Have you ever been caught spying on a girl?

13.- Have you ever been without a girlfriend for a long time? How much?

14.- If kisses burn a lot of calories, would you help me with the exercises?

3.- Your boyfriend doesn’t have to tell you everything

These uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend are for you to open up and get to know him better in privacy. It is not an obligation that I answer you, just have a good time.

If you want me to answer you in detail, be very subtle and nice. Consider these questions for your uncomfortable boyfriend as unconditional. Learn to put yourself in their shoes.

15.- Have you ever had many lovers in the same year?

16. Would you like to see me dance as God brought me into the world?

17.- What is the most beautiful thing you want from me when we are alone?

18.- Imagine that we have a whole day to have fun, what would you like to do?

19.- How excited are you that you could make any video with me?

20.- If I told you to choose my bedding, how would it be?

21.- What is the last fantasy of love you had with me?

4.- In love, trust is earned by being honest

In a relationship, love feels wonderful when both of you are very honest. These uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend lead to that honesty.

You can be very loving, but you will have better results with effective communication. Think of these questions for your daring boyfriend, as your ally.

22.- Is there a public place where you would like us to have a romantic encounter?

23.- Have you ever had the fantasy of buying a girl lingerie?

24.- What is the best romantic scene you would like to have with a girl?

25.- Have you ever watched love movies for a whole day?

26.- Do you prefer that your girl take the initiative or be the protagonist?

27.- What is the favorite part of your body that you exercise the most?

28.- If I could please you with a love fantasy, what would it be?

5.- Love gives more satisfaction when both know each other well

Choose what you like about this quiz of questions for your boyfriend. Frequently interacting with new topics will help you get to know new facets of each other.

Any of these uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend can be the catalyst for a more exciting time. Take the initiative for him to follow your example.

29.- How would you feel if I brought you breakfast in bed wearing only an apron?

30.- Would you rather have me in your arms in the morning or at night?

31.- Do you prefer rough or sensual love affairs?

32.- Do you still remember your first kiss with a girl?

33.- Have you ever gotten very excited kissing your girlfriend in front of someone?

34.- Have you ever had a girlfriend who didn’t care if you kissed her friends?

35.- Where has been the most uncomfortable place where your girlfriend asked you for a kiss?

6.- Encourage your boyfriend to have a more open mind

A good relationship is a conscious construction at every moment. With these uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend, you can acquire the habit of communicating more in an effective way.

36.- Have you ever fantasized about someone else when you kissed your girlfriend?

37.- Have you ever had a friend with benefits?

38.- Would you like us to spend a romantic day on a lonely beach?

39.- At some point did you have a love affair with someone who shouldn’t be?

40.- How much time you spent with a girl alone?

41.- What is the craziest and wild thing you did with a girlfriend?

42.- Would you like me to tell you about my love fantasies?

7.- Questions for your uncomfortable boyfriend: Encourage him to do crazy things

The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is that routine wins. It would be the beginning of the end. With these uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend, you will instantly get out of any routine.

43.- What is the craziest thing you have planned to do with me?

44.- What is the most frequent thought you have when we are alone?

45.- Have you ever kissed a girl who had no appeal to you?

46.- What part of my body do you consider to be your favorite?

47.- If you gave me a full massage, where would you start?

48.- How do you prefer to see me dressed, with a short or long Rapa?

49.- What excites you the most about a woman that you like?

8.- It is not about making your boyfriend uncomfortable, but about changing his perspective

Although they may be uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend, there is no lack of respect. Your goal is to find better ways to interact with him.

These uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend can serve as an example for you to ask your own questions.

50.- Have you ever seen me dressed in an irresistible way?

51.- Have you ever wanted to take off my clothes?

52.- What is the craziest thing you would say to me in a romantic and lonely place?

53.- Imagine that you choose my clothes for an intimate date, how would it be?

54.- If at some point I catch you looking at me, what part of me would you be looking at?

55.- If we could have another first date, how would it be and where?

56.- How jealous do you get when other boys look at me?

9.- Explore the confidence they feel to love you freely

Many men live with limiting emotions and cannot love or express their love as they would like. With these uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend, you can get him to open up.

57.- What is your favorite kiss that you always expect from your girlfriend?

58.- What would you like your girlfriend to do when she takes the initiative?

59.- When you saw me for the first time, was it love at first sight?

60.- Can you describe my body in three words? How would it be?

61.- Do you like it when I get very passionate?

62.- How do you prefer me, with long or short hair?

63.- What do you like best in me, tight jeans or a flirty skirt?

10.- Communication makes couples relationships more satisfactory

A lawyer once told me, if couples communicated better, we would have less work. So use our awkward boyfriend questions to encourage communication.

64.- What do you prefer me to do to make you see me more beautiful?

65.- If you find me very stressed, how would you like to relax?

66.- At what times do you like to show me off to your friends?

67.- What would have to happen for you to bring me breakfast in bed?

68.- Today I want to give you a massage, how do you want to see me dressed?

69.- What is the strangest place where you have kissed your girlfriend?

70.- When you look for movies online, what do you look for first?

11.- Love is above all positive emotions of mutual trust

Confidence is tested when everyone feels free to express themselves as they are. As you will see, our uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend are common wishes of lovers.

71.- Have you ever had a love date in a car?

72.- At some point did you have a one-night stand?

73.- Do you like it when a woman tells you about her fantasies?

74.- What do you prefer, a girl with a large bust or a girl with large buttocks?

75.- What is your favorite way to kiss a girl with whom you already have confidence?

76.- Do you sleep in pajamas or only in boxers?

77.- What do you think is more attractive in a woman?

12.- Love progresses when there is more emotional communication

What is your partner secretly wanting? Or, what does he want to do that he dares not tell you? It is disastrous for the health of a couple to keep secrets or silence their wishes, dreams, and fantasies.

With these uncomfortable questions for your boyfriend, you can unlock that limiting system that does not allow you freedom and more happiness.

78.- What kind of music do you prefer on a date alone with your girlfriend?

79.- What is the craziest thing you did with a girl alone?

80.- Have you had a teacher that you fell in love with?

81.- Have you ever had a love dream with a girl with a boyfriend?

82.- Do you consider yourself a very romantic man?

83.- How many times did you try to fall in love? Which one worked for you?

84.- How many numbers of your ex-girlfriends do you keep on your phone?

If you want to collaborate with your own questions for your uncomfortable boyfriend, I invite you to write below. After all, each of us has our own creativity for love.