9 possible reasons to explain that you are still single

Tired of your solo life? However, some of your attitudes may be likely to send men the opposite signals …

1 – You are too demanding

To be a little is good. We are still not going to make fun of the first guy who came under the pretext that we wanted to get together. But by dint of dreaming of the prince charming (whose existence remains to be proven), we end up letting good guys through, who despite their faults and especially thanks to their qualities, could have quite suited us.

2 – You are still in love with your ex

How could you invest yourself fully in a love story if the only man with whom you would like to live it is your ex and this one is not a priori frankly ready to give the cover?

3 – You are happy to be solo

A big bed just for you, evenings to chill in front of your favorite series by swallowing a bowl of cereal, your friends who can stay sleep at home when you want, clubbing evenings until dawn with your band of buddies … You love to live solo and you are not ready to conceive of a full-time life for two.

4 – You are too busy

A true working girl, you devote the little free time you have left to your friends, your passion for photography and your daily sports sessions. As a result, you are the perfect woman, but there is not a minute left to give a man the chance to take advantage of all your qualities.

5 – You don’t believe in love

Love, a concept in which you have ceased to believe since this idiot of Jérôme tackled you in the middle of the fourth grade? You still rail against your parents for putting fairy tales in your hands when you were a child. What if you allow yourself to let your heart-beat again, now that you’re an adult?

6 – You are too cleated

As soon as you like a man, you go headlong. Normal after all, you know what you want, namely to buy an apartment with the lucky winner and lay lots of mules. Yes, but on the first date, it can freak him out!

7 – You are misanthropic

You hate people and you wonder just about having to socialize with them. This is not likely to make a romantic encounter very easy …

8 – You are afraid to commit

After the three-date stage, you put an end to each relationship for fear that it will go further. Because who says engagement says potential rupture one day and you fear not to hold the shock. It is certain that by remaining single, there is no risk of being dumped …

9 – You are too independent

By dint of being alone, you have become a true celibate, addicted to your independence. Knowing that you can do what you want when you want seems pretty fun and you’d be hard-pressed to be accountable overnight.