A man in love gets involved immediately – otherwise it’s just a game

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It’s something you don’t often hear because people don’t like to talk about it … But the truth is, a man in love gets involved immediately …

A man who loves you gets involved immediately and without the slightest hesitation.

A man who really wants to be with you wants to spend every minute of his free time by your side. A person who truly loves you and is meant for you do not play with you.

And this may be difficult to understand, because even a man who does not really want to be with you will try to conquer you, simply to end up deceiving you and leaving you in complete confusion. In such a situation, you will try to fight against yourself and find out if you should stay with him or leave him permanently.

Some professionals in romantic relationships agree that one is not with the right person if, after 90 days of the relationship, the latter is not yet certain to want to get involved.

Everything else is just a waste of time.

The problem is not the inability of people to recognize a bad relationship when they see one.

Rather, the problem is that “evil” is often confused with good and that there are always signs that one is made for the other. Your heart quickens as soon as you see the person in question, your bonds seem so solid that you think that you will never find such love again.

But those who know they are made for each other do not feel the need to justify themselves. They are not looking for “signs”. They don’t need reasons. They do not need to talk about their ties indefinitely.

It is true love and they know it.

A man in love gets involved immediately – otherwise, it’s just a game.

It’s hard to accept, especially when you know what’s at stake – your time.

The only scary thing about change is that you know what you are going to lose, but you do not know what you can gain from it. Accepting that by leaving your current partner, you can meet your soul mate is difficult and I will therefore not try to convince you of the correctness of this choice.

But what you need to know is that a person who truly loves you will fear to lose you more than anything.

Someone who really wants to be with you will do everything in their power to make your relationship a reality. He will resist all problems, all temptations and will overcome all nonsense such as age or distance. This is what true love is. It changes our reality.

So, if you are wasting your time and wasting your youth with someone who does not love you enough to get involved in your relationship as your soul mate would involve, quit them.

Leaving it will open up new opportunities.

It may mean that you have to be single for a while.

It may mean that you need to have a few fleeting relationships.

You never know what will follow. We cannot predict the future. We cannot know if we will find the love of our life next week, next month or next year.

All we can know is that if someone does not want to be with us right away, it is because they are not made for us. If you leave him, he may realize what he is missing, but he may also realize that getting away from you is easier than he thought. And it’s a way of knowing whether our efforts were worth it or not.

None of us can know what the future holds, but the only thing we can know for sure is whether we are with the wrong person or not; whether we are wasting our time or not. And this is precisely what prevents us from finding what we really need.

Couples’ relationships are complicated, but you have to understand that the person you need to be with will be with you the minute you meet. She will know that you are made for each other.

People often think that either we are sure we want to be with someone, or we are sure we do not want to be with someone, but this last proposition is not always true…

Indecision amounts to deciding not to be ready to accept true love…

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