Anatomy of love: 25 proven signs you’re in love

What is love?

There is no better feeling than falling in love. When you fall in love with someone, everything tends to feel new. You may not be sure if those feelings mean that you are in love. All you can do is wait and see who will be the first to say that they have a crush on you. The good thing is that the moment you are in love, you will hardly remember how you lived without that person. However, you may also be confused about your feelings. If you’re still wondering if you have a crush on that person, here are 25 signs to watch out for.

1. You are addicted to them

One of the main effects of true love is that it causes changes in the way the brain works. During the early stages of a relationship, people are filled with euphoria due to increased activity in the area of ​​the brain that is the cause of dopamine. This is the area that is generally linked to the reward system, as well as the search for rewards. Activity can also be seen in the anterior cingulate area of ​​the brain. This is the part that is generally associated with obsessive thinking. When the relationship turns into a long-term relationship, the reward centers kick in when you think of your loved one.

2. Sign of support for the organization of love

When you date someone, you are likely to gain support for them. This is an indication that a person’s social circle will play a key role in the success of a relationship. When you wonder what your potential family and friends will think of your partner, it is an indication that you are falling in love with the person. Sometimes you will have to avoid talking about them all the time with your friends. You only stop because you respect your friends and their sanity.

3. You are happy when the person succeeds

After falling in love with someone, you will want to see them excel at whatever they do. This is due to the fact that one way or another you will be connected to the person you are in love with. People who are romantically involved will have positive emotions and will be proud of their partners when they succeed. This applies even when it involves something that you cannot do yourself.


4. Selflessness is a sign of love

One quality of true love is that it is selfless. You can always think that you are the most important person. But the moment you fall in love with someone, you will begin to consider that their needs are more important than yours. That is the love. You will always find that your needs are less important compared to those of your love. When you fall in love with someone, you can do whatever it takes for them. The good news is that true love has no limits.

5. You are free to express your feelings

The moment you fall in love with someone, you will never be afraid to tell everyone how you feel about them. You want everyone to know. You can never help telling people how you feel about that person.

6. You love their blemishes

You definitely love that person very much even though the person has some imperfections, but you don’t consider them to be imperfections; they are unique qualities that they love. When you love someone, you must be able to know and accept them for who they are. When you are truly in love with someone, you also focus on the trivial objects and events that remind you of that person. You spend a lot of time dreaming of those precious memories and the little moments.


7. You see a future with your love

When you are truly in love with someone, you will start to see a future with them. You will begin to think about building a future with that person. You won’t fall for the short-term temptations that many end up ruining your long-term goals. You will start talking about the things you will do in the future with the person without even realizing it.


8. You become a better person

We all have some blemishes. However, there is always room for improvement. When you are in love with someone, you try to work on these imperfections. Your goal is to become the best to improve yourself and be a better version of your love. You take on new characteristics and traits. It may be that you feel the difference or that other people notice.

9. You love them unconditionally

True love demands that you love that person without any conditions. But when you like someone, your feelings will change depending on their current conditions.


10. You like

There is a difference between falling in love with someone and liking them. However, it is not possible to love someone if you do not like them. Before a couple falls in love with each other, there must be a reciprocal linking. Also analyzing the personality of the other person is also a precursor of love.

11. You miss your love

Missing a person is an indication that you are in love with them. Show that your lives have become interdependent. Studies show that the number of people who miss each other generally corresponds to the way they commit to the relationship. When you tell the person that you miss them, it’s because you really do even when you’ve been apart for just one day.


12. You are jealous

There is a level of jealousy that is healthy and non-toxic. This is because jealousy can help your relationship stay intact. When people are jealous, they remain committed to a relationship. However, it is important to avoid taking jealousy to the extreme. Avoid suspicious jealousy when you take secret actions like checking your partner’s cell phone without their permission.

13. You forgot about your ex

When things get this good when it comes to love, you will never think about your ex. You will no longer be bothered by what happened in the past.


14. You get involved in activities you don’t love

When you are in love with a person, you will have no problem doing an activity that you do not love. As long as you are with the person, even that dreaded mountain climb will seem fine.

15. Make sacrifices

You don’t have to put off certain responsibilities for the person you love. But when they get sick and require your help, he is always there to take care of them.

16. You smile when you think of them

In the midst of your problems, you are always smiling when you remember that special someone. When you feel crazy about work and find that everything is hard, you have someone to cheer you on.

17. You make fun of each other

You feel comfortable being around that person to a point where you can make fun of them without feeling weird. During the first day of the relationship, you were always trying to please that person. But now you are not afraid of being seen when you get up in the morning.


18. You don’t mind scaring them

When you are in love with someone, you can cry in front of him, since you are sure that he will not go anywhere.

19. You always forgive them

There are cases when your love will really annoy you. However, when you are truly in love with them, you will always find that you like to be around them. You can even tell them that you love them even when you don’t feel like being around them.

20. You don’t care if they don’t answer calls

During the first days of the relationship, you were really anxious trying to find out if he really loved you. However, this is no longer a concern for you. Once you fall in love with them, you won’t mind even when they take time to reply to your text message.


21. You want to introduce your family

When you are truly in love with someone, you won’t mind introducing them to your family. This is because you want to see how you will get along with your family and close friends. If your family welcomes you, they will be excited about it.

22. You look at their social media pages

Do you always find yourself visiting that person’s Facebook or Instagram page? You don’t mind accidentally liking her photo because you’ve already passed that stage when you’re afraid of feeling like a freak.

23. He wants to make a return trip

You probably went to a place where you had enough fun. Now you want to go back there with the person you love. This is a clear indication that you are in love with that person. You also want to show him all your favorite activities when you are in love with someone. This does not mean that you want them to like the activity as well; The goal is to make the person know you better.


24. Considering that this person is special

When you are in love with someone, you start to see them as unique and special. This is combined with the inability to have feelings for someone else. Scientists believe this is due to increased levels of dopamine, a chemical involved in focus and attention in the brain.

25. Emotional instability

Falling in love is generally associated with psychological and emotional instability. It’s good to remember that making your relationship successful will require satisfaction rather than feeling good in the person’s presence. While love is more passion, emotional comfort, and security, a commitment is necessary if you are going to have a long-term relationship with that person.


You can use the points above to find out if you have a crush on that person. Unfortunately, feelings of love don’t last forever. Feelings can transform into a lasting relationship or they can disappear. For example, if it is a long-distance relationship where both parties do not see each other regularly, the feelings of being in love may last longer than necessary.