Are you a victim of “stashing” in your relationship?

Have you been together for a while but still hasn’t decided to introduce yourself to his friends and family? Rest assured, you are not alone. Henceforth, there is even a term to designate this attitude: “stashing”.

Benching, ghosting … English words to designate attitudes within a couple are legion. And recently, a new expression spotted in the English edition of the Metro newspaper has just appeared: “stashing”. Literally, this word means “to hide or keep something for oneself” in the language of Shakespeare. This new expression refers to the attitude of a person with whom you have just partnered but who insists on putting you away from his circle of friends or family.

For romantic relationship expert Jo Hemmings, this type of behavior can translate two things: “Either he clearly does not want your relationship to go further, or he considers that you are not special enough to include yourself in his circle friends, “she told the Daily Mail newspaper… But rest assured, it may be less bad than you imagine. Besides, put yourself two seconds in place of the person who practices “stashing”. You may have already practiced it yourself with someone because you thought it was too early or because you were afraid they would not like your friends. For Jo Hemmings, this remains, in any case, a possible solution: “Maybe he is very comfortable with your friends, and that, suddenly, he does not feel the need to introduce his own. fear that you do not like his friends, “suggests the specialist.

What to do if the diagnosis is “positive”?

If “stashing” is a neologism, the phenomenon to which it refers, alas, is not new. If you are in this situation and it does not suit you, try to start a dialogue with the person concerned. “He may tell you that his friends are crazy and that you will not like them. In this case, offer to introduce him to one or two of his friends, or to a couple of friends”, encourages Jo Hemmings. Whichever way you approach the subject, it will certainly always be better than staying silent. “If you let it go, the question may come up again when you go to the next stage of your relationship. You will start to wonder if there is not a problem with you. And above all, you will think that it is unfair “, she warns.

If despite all your efforts, he is reluctant to present his entourage to you, two options are available to you: wait wisely (but remember that your patience has limits) … or drop it once and for all.