Does he still love me after the breakup? Here is the answer !

We have become accustomed to saying that things past are no longer welcome in our present. This theory should be applied to all areas, including that of love. More specifically, couple relationships. But it’s not that easy. When the feelings are there. It becomes difficult to wipe out the past. You must not act against your heart and have regrets.

We also have the right to want to get our ex back and/or to wonder if he still has feelings. The ex, this person with whom we shared good times and bad, we often wonder if she still thinks of us. If he still has a little affection and see love towards us.

There are signs that never fail. What are these clues that will answer the question we sometimes ask ourselves: does my ex still love me after the breakup? Will he get back into the relationship? Do we have a chance to recreate a healthy couple life?

Does he still love me after the breakup: the signs that never deceive

To have the answer to this question, it will be necessary to show observation, to see the behavior of your ex towards you. It often happens that there are calls from the headlights. Sometimes they are difficult to pinpoint because they are so discreet and subtle. Sometimes it is as visible as the nose in the middle of the face, which does not necessarily make things easy and I understand you perfectly.

A little message a few months after your breakup to find out how things are going. Sometimes he calls you and then hangs up and when you call back he finds an excuse to justify his action and says that he did not contact you on purpose. Of course, this is only the tenth time he hasn’t called your number on purpose. Besides, wasn’t he supposed to erase it like an ex who really wants to turn the page would.

There is also a date. It’s a good way for his ex to make sure to rehash the past by leaving sentences like: “I think we weren’t so bad together what do you think? Sometimes it happens that he gives you a date without you realizing it, these are dates in disguise.

For example, the one where he asks you to pick up his forgotten red socks under your bed while specifying a lot of times that this is not an excuse to see you.

These are excuses to see your cute little face again. He misses you. Going out on a love affair makes us do completely irrational things. We are ready to do anything if it is to find the last person to whom we said I love you.

Why do I wonder if my ex still loves me?

There are days when you are alone in your corner and therefore you reflect on your life. Without wanting to, the buried stories of the past resurface. An old love is one of them. Why and how do we get to the point of wondering if our ex still loves us?

This can be explained in several ways. First of all, the feeling of loneliness. During a break-up, we go through several stages before finally saying to ourselves “that’s it, it’s better like that”. Once this stage is over, you feel free, ready to get back in the saddle. But sometimes there is a kind of self-recall embedded in our brain.

We realize that we are alone and that not so long ago we had the perfect love. And there we remember everything to end up letting go to the point of ourselves wanting to win back the heart of our ex before we try to find out if his heart is not already taken. The question is not does he still love me after the breakup but how to get his ex back

Often this feeling is not real. Indeed he is troubled by this overflow of nostalgia. In addition, the moments that we remember are always the best moments spent with your ex and not the reasons for the breakup

In other cases, it is simply a real lack of the other regardless of the reasons for the separation or who decides to end the relationship. Now that you have the Ex Feeling Detector in your possession, you can take action!

How to get an ex who still loves me?

When we have to face a man who still loves us and who wants to recover, we might think that the situation is easy to manage and that only one message will be needed to get back together. However, it is not that simple. Indeed, a romantic reconquest and a reconciliation do not depend only on the feelings it would be too simple to think thus. It would suffice to say “I love you” to his ex to know whether or not we have a chance to get him back.

Your breakup is not the result of chance, there are reasons that led to separate. If we want to win back our ex, we will therefore have to put in place actions adapted to these reasons. A simple example which is nevertheless very revealing.

Many men decide to break up because their girlfriends are way too jealous. It is not a lack of feelings, it is not because he is no longer in love but quite simply because he does not manage to flourish in such a romantic relationship. We will not be able to come back to him confessing his feelings and think of winning him back in this way, it will take more to put in place different methods that really allow us to have a chance to bring him back.

In order to set up this action plan, I advise you to go through personalized coaching so as not to waste any more time and thus recover your man as soon as possible. Knowing exactly what to do is important to have a real chance to show your change and use your feelings in the best possible way.