Going into the friend zone is the worst thing you can do if you like a girl

Many men want to become the best friend of a woman to win her over. But moving into the friend zone is the worst thing that can happen when you want to make a girl fall in love. If he sees you as a friend, he will no longer be able to see you as an intimate partner.

What does it mean to be the best friend of the girl you like? No girl thinks of a kiss with her friends, least of something else. You talk, laugh, go out with her, friendship grows, but not her interest as a woman. Therefore, you have to avoid falling into the friend zone.

1.- A girl does not think about intimacy with her friend

It is possible for a girl to fall in love with her best friend. But going into the friend zone is equivalent to being one of those who say hello and see occasionally.

If you approach a girl because you like her and want intimacy with her, she should know it from the first moment. The friends are many, the one who kisses and caresses only one.

2.- If you like a girl, you must reach her love, not her friendship

The friend zone what is? It is a sad form of relationship that many men in love live. They do everything to make the girl they like feel good but as friends.

How to avoid falling into the friend zone? From the first moment treat the girl as someone you want to kiss. Friends are there to help you around the house when shopping.

3.- If the woman you like talks to you about her problems …

A girl puts you in the friend zone when she talks to you like any of her friends. If she likes you or if she exceeds that you want her she would speak to you with a touch of mystery and emotion.

For everyone, there is the zone of friends and the zone of the couple. They are totally different. When you talk to a woman you must be sure to which zone you want to belong.

Being the friend and being the lover are totally different things. You must be clear from the beginning. If she doesn’t try to impress you, if she doesn’t pique your interest as a man, she sees you only as a friend.

4.- If she does not get nervous when she is with you, it is only friendship

You can meet a girl, date her, and hang out before she’s your girlfriend. But if you clarify what your interest in her is about, it will not put you in the friendzone zone.

It may be that you have presented yourself with the wrong idea, wanting to make yourself the good man and help her in everything. It makes you so nervous that you prefer to be by his side than to reject you.

If he says, “your opinion means a lot to me” or “I’m so happy to be able to count on you.” They are signs that he put you in the friend zone.

5.- If she talks to you about a boy who caught her attention

It is a sign that you are in the friend zone and not as a suitor as you want. If he talks to you about a new guy he definitely only sees you as a good friend. At what point did this occur?

If you never gave him reason to think of you as a man, he will see you as a friend. That’s the way things are, sometimes without you being able to realize it, he has already made you go to the friend zone.

6.- If he laughs a lot with you, if he tries to touch you or compliments you

He may like you as a man, not just as a friend. He says something like, “I have not met a boy who thinks like you” or “no one had said those things to me.”

But if he treats you like a friend, getting out of the friend zone with a woman is just a detail. Dare to tell yourself that she is beautiful, that you like her eyes, and continue as if nothing else.

7.- If she gives you a nickname of affection, what do you think she is thinking about

You can be the best friend of the girl you like. For example, that she likes spending time with you does not mean that she likes you as a man.

If he gave you cute nicknames like “buddy”, “champion”, “buddy”, etc., then he put you in the friend zone. If you like her, you have to get out of the friend zone.

8.- Being the best friend of the girl you like does not favor you

What does it mean to be the best friend of a woman you like? It means that I will never see you as a desirable man. He may like your attention but as a best friend.

If you really like her as a woman, that she considers you only a friend is a real problem. Don’t let it keep happening, try not to be so helpful to her, and take a closer look at her lips and chest.

9.- You like her but she has a boyfriend and she looks for you as a consolation

If she looks for you to talk to you about her problems with her boyfriend, it is a sign that you are in the friend zone. She likes how you comfort her and considers you a good friend, nothing more.

Getting out of the friend zone with a woman can be a long and painful process. The best way to avoid the friend zone is to not be there when seeking comfort.

If he already made you go to the friend zone, how to make him see you as a suitor? Take her hand more often, stroke her, and change the game with subtlety.

10.-friend zone signals: They share the bed without much emotion

When that girl you like puts you in the friend zone, she doesn’t mind sharing a bed with you. No one just takes the initiative to be more loving.

Friends are like siblings who can share a bed without thoughts of intimacy. Do you want to get out of the friend zone? Start to smile at him more and dare to caress his hand.

Becoming best friends with the girl you like happens to many men. This is because they do not know how to express or interpret attraction signals.

11.- At home they treat you like part of the family

Many good friends walk in and out of a girl’s house like family. The detail is that if she never gets attractive it is because you never express your intentions to her.

Even your family may suspect that you are in love, but you never do anything. You are happy with your role as a friend. If you don’t get out of the friend zone, someone else can make her fall in love.

12.- If in your relationship with the girl you like there is a lot of comforts

When a girl is nervous about you and worries about her appearance, she sees you as a potential boyfriend. But if she’s comfortable and doesn’t care about her appearance, she just considers you her best friend.

How to get out of the friend zone with a woman you like? Stop watching and doing as usual. Let him know that something is happening to you.

When she asks what is wrong with you, tell her that you like a girl and that you don’t know how to tell her. Let her think and for her to think better, give her a flower.

13.- If you arrange dates to go out with other people in front of you

Moving into the friend zone of the girl you like is like becoming her brother. She will even tell you about the boy she likes and will make dates in front of you.

They may ask your opinion, as a good friend. It may even be that she tells you about a friend so that you can make a couple and the four of you go out. Which is going to be torture for you.

14.- You always end up trying to please her

If you really like that girl you have to get out of that friend zone. But if you think that by pleasing her in everything you will win her love, you are wrong.

To stop going into the friend zone, try to persuade her to do what you like. Winning over the woman you like is not gratuitous, you have to make an effort to gain better self-esteem.