Have you done everything and are tired of it? Then let him go after you!

Did you run after him, humiliate yourself, do everything to make it work, or get him to pay attention to you, and the more you do, the less it seems to work? So let him go after you!

IT IS… That simple!

The more strength you put in, the less result you have, especially when you know you have nothing else within your power to do.

Especially when it comes to men…

The only alternative is to relax, imagine with men, who have neurotransmitters, that you must forever stimulate the hunter in him, to keep the passion burning!

So no more humiliating yourself, begging him, please, give yourself value.

When you give up, really, really, really, and go back to taking care of yourself, I’ll bet you anything you want, he’ll come after you.

And then love, it’s you who will be in charge.

Will you want him when he’s coming for you?

I don’t think so, I think it’s you who won’t be in the mood anymore!

Do you know why?

Because you will have realized your worth and realized that you deserve much better!

So my friend, the wisest advice I can give is: Let him go!