He doesn’t want to date, now what? What to do?

So, behold, you are going out, everything in your head is flowing well for dating, and suddenly you find out that he doesn’t want to date.

What does this mean? It means he doesn’t want to date you.

Yes, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but believe me, unlike women, men are in no rush to find the right woman.

Dating men is all about learning and experimenting.

It seems hard to believe I know, but men take a logical approach to dating.

They believe wholeheartedly, with unwavering faith, that one day a woman will come along with ‘Their world’.

Men want what we want, but they just don’t admit it as we do.

So how do you groom a guy?

Well actually you can’t and there’s no reason to expect him to be ready because he doesn’t like you.

Hit the road and find a guy who’s ready.

The key to success with men requires a new dating strategy.

The reason you are getting stump after stump or non-committal man after non-committal man is that your subconscious mind is attracting it through some blockage.

To start winning in your love life, you need to reclaim your personal power and start playing your own game.

This requires a clear recognition that you want something real – in other words, you’ve had enough of casual date nights and what men call “friends with benefits”.

Either you’re friends with a man or you’re something more, there’s no such thing as ‘between’.

Men want gold – not a bronze pony they can ride for a while.

Not only do you have to clarify what you want and what you have to offer, but you also have to play the game like you don’t give a shit.

From now on you will pick up men.

You will be heartbroken and whenever a guy isn’t doing what you want or he just doesn’t want to date, don’t allow it, break up.

You don’t need cute boys who think they have it all for you because every other girl wants them.

Understand, you’re something special – so act like it!

Trust your instincts, they are rarely wrong; so start running your own game and getting what you want for love.

Take your time, there’s plenty of time and the right guy will show up when you’re ready!