Here is how each sign of the zodiac shows their love

When we get to know a person, we feel a certain attraction and maybe feelings, we often ask ourselves the same question: What does the other feel? Is he attached as much as me? Is he falling in love? This interrogation, which puzzles you, is perfectly legitimate. In the beginning of a relationship, we are always afraid of not going at the same speed and being overwhelmed by our feelings without knowing those of the other.

To answer your questions, astrologers have tried to decipher the facts and gestures that each sign of the zodiac operates when it falls in love.

1. Aries

Aries is active, independent and insightful. Characterized by his determination, the native of this sign strives to achieve his goal. If he falls in love and his goal is to conquer you, he will bring you a lot of interest. He will ask you a lot of questions and will want to know everything about you. You will see that it will often make you go first in conversations and that he will show you considerable interest.

2. Taurus

Taurus is mysterious in nature and has difficulty in trusting. But he is someone who has a lot of principles and loyalty to his family. Generous, the native of this sign offers countless and loves to help people. When he begins to develop feelings for someone, he becomes shy. You can blame him for putting some distance between you two, but only because you make him blush.

3. Gemini

Highly intelligent, Gemini is known as the most talkative zodiac sign. He speaks a lot and knows how to highlight himself in his words. He can be judged as devious because he has the art and the way of concealing the evidence when he makes a mistake. When a native of Gemini begins to fall in love, he says it loudly and is not afraid to take a rake.

4. Cancer

Sincere and caring, Cancer is also passionate. He feels emotions excessively. The native of this sign often encloses under a carapace for fear of being hurt. When a Cancer begins to feel love, it shows right away. He will not tell you about him, but his eyes will take over. He will also make sure to position himself as a confidant and close friend to seduce you.

5. Lion

Having confidence in him and his seductive abilities, the native of this sign is someone enthusiastic and endearing. Accustomed to relations without a future, the Lion badly perceives the fact to engage and to belong exclusively to a single person. But when he develops feelings, he himself becomes extremely jealous and possessive. He will want to feel that he is really united with his half.

6. Virgo

Perfectionist, the native of the Virgo needs his life to be ordered and his actions to be mastered. With great sensitivity, he has great difficulty showing his true nature. When he feels that he falls in love, he becomes strangely cold and takes his distance. He can not bear to reveal his emotional side that he considers a weakness.

7. Libra

In search of harmony, the native of Libra is sociable and defends justice, peace and love. He manages to get by in his life thanks to his sense of diplomacy and his lucky star who watches over him. But when this sign falls in love, he shows great indecision. He is very careful and weighs the pros and cons before engaging in a romantic relationship.

8. Scorpion

Loyal, Scorpio is often seductive and charismatic. The native of this sign is wary in his relationships in general and takes the time to analyze each person. When he develops feelings for someone, he becomes either very jealous and aggressive or very gentle and affectionate, depending on the situation. This is one of the signs that work under the logic of all or nothing.

9. Sagittarius

Passionate about travel, Sagittarius sees its existence under a constant desire for discovery and adventure. He can not take pleasure in the boredom or the dejection of a stability inscribed in the duration. The native of this sign needs surprises and novelties. When he is in love, he tries to offer you what he wants for himself. It makes you discover new places, taste new dishes and share unique moments.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn is a hard worker and is totally involved in his tasks. Its financial stability takes precedence over everything else. If he falls in love, he will make sure that you are the ideal person and that he can see his future at your side. Otherwise, he will tell you clearly that it is a temporary relationship and that he promises you nothing. Capricorn knows what he wants and when he loves, he shares his future plans and includes you.

11. Aquarius

Independent and a bit opportunistic, Aquarius is an individualist who does not usually bother to think of others. He can spend pleasant moments with his friends but when it comes to making life choices, there is only him who counts. However, when he falls in love, Aquarius can make concessions and leave aside his personal goals to devote himself to your happiness. He becomes generous and selfless.

12. Pisces

Imaginatively, Pisces often has its head in the clouds. He is accused of being irresponsible and spending too much time dreaming. It is an eternal romantic who seeks to live deep emotions with his spouse.

When developing feelings for a person, he will tend to write letters and love poems. He will become very affectionate and passionate about the relationship.