Here is the perfect place to meet love (according to an expert)

While we are in the middle of the wedding season and it is not necessarily the place where we are most delighted to go when we are single, here is a specialist explains to us that on the contrary, it would be the perfect place to meet his potential future half.

Work place, vacation at the end of the world, bars, dating apps … Love can happen almost anywhere and anytime. And this also includes marriages that singles nevertheless tend to flee like the plague as they send them in full figure their “solo” status. But that was before. Indeed, according to Shannon Smith, communications manager of Plenty of Fish (POF), a dating application, weddings would constitute a paradise for meetings, as she tells HelloGiggles .

It was on the basis of data from surveys carried out among more than 3,000 users of her dating application, between the ages of 21 and 65, that this expert came to the conclusion that “marriages are good place for dating between singles “. For many users, it would even be “the perfect place to flirt or even find love – especially because it’s easy to start a conversation,” says Shannon Smith.

Putting on your 31 boosts self-confidence

In terms of numbers, almost half of the participants – 44% – believe that weddings are the perfect place to meet someone. And for 52%, this would be due in particular to the fact that the framework favors the initiation of a conversation significantly more than elsewhere. Moreover, for 21% of respondents, this could be explained by the fact that we are all on our 31 and therefore that we feel more confident. Finally, 15% put this on the account of alcohol – marriage usually rhymes with open bar – which would tend to uninhibit us . In this regard, 41% of respondents admitted that they had generally drunk too much during weddings to which they had gone.

But the figure that probably interests us the most is that 20% of respondents said they had already hooked up someone at a wedding party, and 16% even made the acquaintance of their future partner.

So encouraging statistics for all singles, especially since summer is a season more than favorable for weddings. It may well be that you will soon receive in your mailbox the invitation which may soon allow you to have a great meeting.