How a guy greets you when he likes you, 15 signs of how he behaves

You should know that some reactions of a man when he likes a woman cannot be avoided. For example, the way a guy greets you when he likes you is very revealing of his feelings for you. Not all men behave the same.

How does a man behave when he likes you? It is important to note that a person’s words are only 10% of what they communicate. To find out more about him, his intentions, and feelings, observe his body language. His gestures, his gaze and the way he addresses you, and how he moves are very valuable information.

1.- Not all men express themselves the same with their body language

Man’s behavior when he likes a woman can be very subtle if he’s shy, insecure, or suspicious. But if you are confident, your non-verbal gestures will be forceful.

Body language is very complex. For example, a shy boy may avoid greeting you even though he likes you and is dying to talk to you.

Men are generally less expressive than women. But to know if you really like him, you need to observe several signs in addition to his greeting.

2.- How a boy greets you when he likes you

The way a man greets you when he likes you is always very obvious, but you should see other signs. He always looks at you more than usual to be a simple friend.

As soon as you appear, he smiles at you and says hello with that look. He treats you with great kindness and trust as if he has known you for a long time.

3.- When greeting you, invade your personal space for longer than normal

All of your friends greet you warmly and stand back enough to chat. But when a guy likes you, he tries to stay by your side longer.

If he is completely attentive to what you say or does and nods his head, he has loving feelings for you.

4.- To know if he likes it, observe how expressive he is with his greeting

If he is not shy, he will not mind showing his joy to see you and he will greet you with great gestures. Then when they are talking he will lean towards you in a relaxed way.

At all times his feet will be as if heading towards you. The way a guy greets you when he likes you is difficult to fake since what he controls are his voice and facial gestures.

5.- How does a man behave when he likes you: He imitates you

Another thing that men do when they like a woman is to imitate her. For example, if you lean against the wall, he will also do it right away. He will speak to you relaxed and very friendly.

If you greet him in a way he will imitate you and thus, they will coordinate gestures. As they talk, he turns his head to the left as a sign that he’s excited to have you around.

6.- When greeting you, he does so with raised eyebrows and with a positive attitude

He barely sees you and long before greeting you he raises his eyebrows slightly. This is an unconscious sign that he likes you. If you ask him, he can say no, but you already know.

How does a guy greet you when he likes you? If you approach and touch it with subtlety, it accepts it with pleasure. If he touches you again or stays very close to you, it is a very good sign that he likes you.

7.- If they are in a group, their limbs are always heading towards you

When in a group, the way a man behaves when he likes you will be revealing. If he speaks or makes any gesture his hands, his fingers, and his feet point towards you.

If he gets close to you to greet you, you will see his dilated pupils. Dilated pupils mean that he is paying special attention to you because he likes you.

8.- When he likes you, he greets you showing the palms of his hands

One way that men who like you show are by being open, sincere, and even vulnerable. It’s what they do when they greet you and speak to you with their palms up.

Another way to show openness and sincerity is by avoiding any barriers between you. Glasses, mugs, or vases can interfere with communication.

9.- As soon as he sees you, he fixes up before greeting you to look good

Another way a guy greets you when he likes you is his grooming to look good. The hair will be fixed by hand, the shirt and pants will be adjusted, etc.

He greets you and looks at you all at the same time. This is most noticeable when they are already talking and you get up or turn around to go elsewhere.

10.- Look intermittently at your eyes and your lip

Another way a man behaves when he likes you is his inevitable look at your lips and eyes. They’re greeting each other and he can’t help but look into your eyes and then into your mouth.

At the same time he looks at you that way, he keeps his mouth ajar and moistens his lips. These are signs that he is dreaming of holding you in his arms and kissing you.

11.- He gets nervous and expresses his desire for you to caress him

How does a guy greet you when he likes you? If you feel nervous when you say hello, it is a sign that he likes you. You can also play the buttons on your clothes, etc.

Playing with the buttons on his shirt also means he wants to take it off. If he strokes his arm, cheek, or hugs himself, he is expressing his wish that he would like you to caress him.

12.- Whenever he greets you, do not look at another person other than you

How does a man look at you when he likes you? With full attention and tenderness. From the moment he sees you and until he greets you, he does not lose eye contact with you. That is a sign of high interest in you.

At all times since he sees you, he wears an unusual smile. He looks very happy with you, relaxes, and looks at you tenderly. He pretends being with you is the best thing that can happen to him.

13.- He greets you by taking your hand and caresses it for a moment

You meet him, he greets you with a big smile, he comes over and takes your hand to caress it. It also caresses your back and shoulder. That’s the way a guy greets you when he likes you.

If they enter or leave somewhere they can touch your lower back or elbow to guide you. This is a sign that you are protecting something that you like and consider yours.

14.- If he likes you, he gets very close to talk to you and listen to you

The way a man acts when he likes a woman reveals his feelings for her. He will talk to you getting as close as he can, in a low voice, with affection and always looking at you.

He is always very attentive when greeting you and kisses you tenderly. To hear you better, he leans over even though he’s already very close. Always very attentive and happy with you.

15.- He takes your hand, squeezes it as if it were his, and does not let go

How does a guy greet you when he likes you? When they meet, he not only greets you with a kiss, he also takes your hand tenderly but does not let go. He is telling you without words that he needs you by his side.

Smile not only when you see you, but also smile a lot after greeting you. This means that he enjoys your company a lot, that he really likes you and is very happy.

There are many other ways a man behaves when he likes you. It all depends on the way you are, your character, and how good self-esteem you have.