How do I get a boyfriend if I’m shy and unattractive – Tips and advice

Today we are going to talk about love. Not all of us have the same luck when it comes to finding our prince charming. If external beauty is not one of your strengths and you want to know how you can get a boyfriend if you are shy and not attractive, you have come to the right place.

If you want to know how to fall in love with a man who does not like you or how to get a boyfriend if I am ugly, or even something as simple as a boy likes you. You just have to be patient and improve your self-esteem, in this way you will achieve great results.

Next, we will share a series of ideas and tips that you can put into practice to make a man fall madly in love. Even if the guy you like and want to be noticed has passed from you. Take note of all these ideas, follow our guide and you will get it easily.

How to seduce a man with words?

There are ways to seduce a man with words without him realizing it. To do this, we must choose the correct words, do it in a subtle way and with patience. As external beauty is not our strong suit or we are too shy, then we must use other tools to woo that boy we like.

Yes, it is true that most men prioritize the visual sense a lot. But what is the point of being only attractive? Well, he will soon realize that it is just that you look pretty and if you have nothing more interesting to offer, it will quickly pass from you.

One of the ways would be to use the most powerful tool of all these days: the internet. Today, most of the communications we do are through social networks. Get your phone number, or your profile name from Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc,

Then, start talking to your boy by chatting and texting him with tender words and you will be able to conquer him. You have to communicate with him frequently, try to show interest constantly, but without overdoing it.

Try to ask things about his life with open questions, in this way he will know that you are interested in him but not that you want to know his entire private life.

He also talks about interesting things, about things that bring them closer and have in common. Another recommendation is not to declare your feelings upfront, you can try to keep a certain distance to give yourself to desire and cause more interest on their part.

Oftentimes, many women make the same mistakes over and over again. If you want to conquer your boy only with words then follow these tips. Do not forget to skip any step, because you will end up spoiling everything.


Surely you wonder how to get a boyfriend if I ignore the boy I like. Feigning indifference is a trick that works perfectly when you want to make someone fall in love. Therefore, the first thing you should do when talking to him is to touch on general topics and avoid more personal topics.

Remember that you must make him curious about you. If he realizes right away that you are dead of love for him, approaching him to conquer him will be much more difficult because he will only make a “shield” and he will move away.

It can also happen that he feels that he is extremely important to you and that he will have you eating from the palm of his hand. Therefore, he will not pay too much attention to you, because he will know that he can continuously ignore you and you will be aware of him.


If you want to know how to get a boyfriend, another of the secrets is that at first it is better not to show your feelings or express them in front of your boy. Be careful, show some interest by flirting from time to time. Most men are afraid of commitment and romantically involved in a stable relationship because they will believe that they will lose their precious freedom and manhood.

Talk about commitment?

Just as it is not advisable to show your feelings at the beginning, it is not good to talk about commitment or you will panic and run. Yes, sometimes it tends to be complicated, especially when what we want is a serious relationship.

Avoid making comments like you would like to get married, start a family, have a house, four children, two dogs, or family dinners. Nor is it that she thinks you are an easy girl or that she may have something fleeting and free with you and then leave.

Start to fall in love with him little by little

Once you have followed all the previous steps, you should slowly and progressively fall in love with your boy. It is likely that at this point we have let our guard down and we should attack. You can subtly feed his ego by asking him for help with something from time to time.

This will make you feel stronger, braver, faster, etc. That a woman. In this way, he will want to be your prince who comes to rescue his damsel in distress. It does not matter that you can open a door by yourself, for example, tell him that your hands are full and that “please” do it for you.

Boost your self-esteem little by little

Do not forget to use words to conquer your boy and highlight his manly appearance or leave a good impression in front of others. For example, you can name it as an example and recall anecdotes in which it has had strength or courage to help you with something.

You can also congratulate him on his victories and acknowledge his achievements. Simple words like “thank you”, “congratulations on this” or “I’m glad you made it” can be very timely.

Casual praise

To help boost her self-esteem a little at a time, give him a few casual compliments and compliments. Try not to make them feel awkward or embarrassed. To do this, say it naturally and when there is a climate of trust.

At first, you can refer to something more superficial like a piece of clothing that fits well. Then, let him notice that you like his smile, his eyes, or some facet of his personality.

How to make a boy fall in love if I’m unattractive and shy

If you ask yourself, how can a boy like me if I’m unattractive? Or how can my Crush like me if he passes me off? We want to tell you that it is possible, and the first step to achieving it is to have more confidence in yourself.

The key to making a boy notice me if I am unattractive or shy is to show that boy that you are a confident and determined woman of yourself. Do not see shyness as a defect or as a limit, because it is only a characteristic of you that should not represent you at all.

It’s important that you don’t pressure yourself to stop being shy overnight, that sure won’t happen. It is a process and you must understand it as such. Each person has their own rhythm and it is extremely important that you stay true to yours.

If you are too introverted, the way to find a boyfriend or make someone fall in love may be easier through friendship. Through confidence, security, and high self-esteem you will achieve an important change, with which that boy you want so much will manage to fall in love with you.

A self-confident woman with high self-esteem is one of the most attractive weapons for men, so you must take it seriously. If you manage to love yourself, a man will be able to perceive it and you will quickly manage to conquer him without any problem.

The first time you want to get close to the guy you like, you can do it in the middle of a group of friends. In this way, they will not be alone and you will feel more comfortable speaking without being the protagonist. Nor is it about going unnoticed or that you stay to one side like a plant or a decoration. Stay close to him and make eye contact every now and then.

Try relaxing and being yourself, have fun and don’t complain or regret anything. The latter can make you look like a moody, complaining, bitter, or even depressed person and we don’t want this.

For the first date with your date, it is best to find a place where you feel comfortable. It could be, for example, a coffee shop that you have visited before.

When you are with your boy you can ask him some questions, without it ending up becoming an interrogation. In this way, you will avoid having to talk too much and may even ask you some questions or ask you now to answer the questions that you have asked.

With this, you will make the conversation flow naturally, and little by little you will begin to feel more secure. With regard to the topics of conversation, you cannot anticipate the appointment or plan them in advance, as it will be too forced. However, you can think of one or two topics that you like to talk about.

Show your shyness, because there is no use hiding this from your boy if the idea is to get to know each other better and with sincerity. Also, if you do, your crush can help you deal with it. Enjoy your first date being yourself and do not force yourself to be someone you are not really.

What are the best tips or advice to conquer a boy?

Many women today are shy, and they ask themselves daily, How can I get a boyfriend if I’m shy? And how do I get a boyfriend if I’m ugly? Well, the answer to these questions is working on themselves.

The change to overcome shyness is in trusting yourself, it is a gradual process that is slow but sure. You just have to have the confidence that you can do it and little by little you will notice the changes in you, where you are less and less shy and more confident.

Among the tips that we can offer you to overcome shyness and stop being shy are the following:

Get to know yourself first

The first thing you should do is get to know yourself. Take some time to be alone, away from noise or any distractions, and connect with yourself. All women have felt insecure about something at some point in their lives. It is even something that happens in many men, it is not something only of us.

It is important that you be clear that no one is perfect or totally happy with himself. We all have our weaknesses and our strengths. It only depends on you to know your strengths and work to improve those that are not.

In our eagerness to want our boy to see us and be attractive to him, we end up being complacent with others and we completely forget about ourselves.

Spend time with yourself, so you will learn to love yourself and discover new things about yourself, which will allow you to be more confident. Pamper yourself and learn to love yourself, because if you don’t, you can’t expect others to do it.

Try to exercise, maintaining a routine of physical activity will not only distract you but will allow you to focus on yourself. So you can see the results you achieve little by little, to feel that satisfaction that you are managing to make a change to improve yourself.

Write a journal, keep something of your own that allows you to evaluate how is your growth every day. This will give you greater confidence, also the days where you need to rest and vent you will have the diary for you.

Highlight all your inner beauty

Yes, when we tell you to highlight your inner beauty it sounds like a cliché or movie phrase, but it’s true and it works. Your way of being and your personality is the way you approach your life and all this can be much more attractive than perfect curves.

Every time you treat the people around you well or motivate them to continue striving to be better, you are giving them part of your inner strength and your nobility. This characteristic is the one that most falls in love with a man.

As we told you at the beginning, yes, it is normal for men to prioritize external beauty a lot. But this is something that only works in the beginning, because if you do not have a good personality that goes with your perfect body, then it will soon pass from you.

And if it is only about beauty, you have nothing more interesting to offer. Maybe in these cases, they are just looking for something temporary and passionate with a pretty girl.

Have more confidence in yourself

More than ugly, what I think is that you are an insecure person so you cannot see yourself as you really are and show the best version of yourself. Stop giving so much importance to your fears, because they will only make you afraid to move forward and you will end up failing.

Love yourself, before proceeding to look for another person you must learn to love yourself. If you can truly love yourself, the shyness and insecurities will go away. And being safer without a doubt you will be able to conquer any man that you propose.

Self-confidence is so much attractive than any perfect curve in the eyes of a man. It is that most of the time when they see a super confident woman they feel that they must fight to be worthy of her and make her fall in love.

Have realistic goals

Draw short and achievable projects and goals, this will allow you to be focused to achieve them and when this is the case you will feel much more confident. Believe it or not, this will also help you find a boyfriend.

Getting a boyfriend is more about attitude than expectations. If what you want is for a super attractive millionaire out of a magazine to knock on your door, you will be sitting on the couch waiting for a long time.

If this is your case, then it is not that you are an ugly or shy girl. You are only living on illusions and fairy tales. If someone asks you out, don’t hesitate, but always stay calm and don’t seem desperate to find a boyfriend.

Add a touch of mystery to your personality

If you create a bit of mystery to your personality, you will make your boy want to know more about you. That is why you should not expose everything about yourself from the beginning. Try not to create scenes or be aggressive, as this will make your boy run away and you cannot find a boyfriend.

It’s also not good to badmouth someone, talk about your exes, or try to flirt with their friends. This last one can generate fights between them or simply happen of you to leave the freeway to their friend.

Although it is true that appearances are not the most important thing and that many times they are deceiving, how you look shows the way in which you represent yourself and project yourself towards others. This is why the way you look is important.

Try to find clothes that flatter you and with which you feel comfortable. Clothes should fit you and never the other way around. You can also try changing your hair or makeup. There is always something beautiful that we can highlight and surgeries are not necessary.

If you feel very insecure about yourself, you may need to seek therapy. It will be useless if you fall in love with your boy if the roots of your insecurity are very deep. A professional can help you find the reasons why you are insecure and how to work on them.

Look for common activities

Finally, another tip to get a boyfriend is to use the mirror technique, because psychologically we are attracted to what is similar to us. Be sneaky with this technique and don’t abuse it.

You can find out about the things he likes and about his hobbies. Without obsessing over it, you can share these moments with your boy. With this, he will associate these moments with feeling comfortable with your company. It is important that in relationships each one has their hobbies or things to finish and others that they can share together.

So far we come with this super complete guide on how to get a boyfriend if I am shy and not attractive. Hopefully, you can put into practice all the tips and advice that we have given you.