How do you know if someone in a relationship loves you?

If you and someone already in a relationship love each other, you will need to analyze the pros and cons before making a decision, as this is a very delicate situation.

A person in a relationship gives you looks that begin to make you doubt. You know she has someone in her life, but you are not indifferent to her charm.

The situation can be embarrassing or attractive, depending on your perception. If you’re feeling drawn, you’ll probably want to confirm if your suspicions are true.

The problem is, you don’t know if this person’s behavior is just courtesy, if you are making ideas, or if there really is something between the two of you.

How do you know? What signs allow us to be clear about this? In this article, we are sharing with some of those signs that a person may exhibit if they are in love with you.  Discover them with us!

He looks at you in a different way

When there is attraction, the look is different. Therefore, if you do not leave someone indifferent, they will look at you intensely and not miss any opportunity to observe you.

It can be voluntary or unconscious action. Sometimes, even if we try to avoid, we can’t help but look at someone we like when they pass by.

He wants to have you near him

If there is a “special” friendship between you, the person will try to spend as much time as possible with you. It’s easy to notice, because she doesn’t behave like that around her other friends.

Often, she shows a certain interest in you without touching you too much, in order to know what her chances are with you even if you know that she is already taken.

He talks to you constantly

During the day, you keep in touch and tell yourself what you’re doing or where you’re going.

If he wants to know what you’re doing or how your day has been, maybe his feelings for you go beyond just friendship.

He compares you to his spouse

No one likes to be compared, it’s true. However, when someone compares their spouse to you, they may be indirectly telling you how much they love you.

It’s common for him to tell you how good it would be if his current partner looked like you or had some of your qualities. In fact, he goes so far as to say that he thinks of you when there is a conflict in his relationship.

He invites you out

As friends, it’s normal that you enjoy sharing moments together. What is unusual is the insistence that some people have on asking you to do different things, knowing that they could do it with their spouse.

This preference for spending time with you goes beyond what there is with friends. Somehow, this person is trying to let you know that they love you and have a good time with you.

He is jealous when you date another person

If you talk to this person all day, even if there is nothing concrete, it is likely that at some point their jealousy will manifest if you share time with another person.

When you tell her that you are dating someone else, she changes her attitude or blames you. Sometimes she even suggests that you don’t do it because she doesn’t think that person is good enough for you.

He calls you when things are wrong with his spouse

Maybe it makes you feel like a “spare tire”. However, this person has a habit of turning to you when they are going through a relationship crisis.

Sometimes her frankness about it comes with an intention: to find out if anything is possible with you in case her current relationship ends.

He tries to be in your social circle

Do you notice that you find it everywhere you go with friends? Do you run into him in different places? Maybe it’s not just a coincidence.

If this person is attracted to you, they will look for a thousand and one excuses to be able to be close to you. Being in your social circle gives her a better chance to spend time with you.

He tries to get your attention when you are around him

Their facial expressions, body movements, or the way they behave can be the signs that someone loves you.

When you are together, she tries to get attention so that you notice her presence. Sometimes by changing body posture or intonation.

Are you almost certain how attracted this person is to you? If this is confirmed, try to analyze the situation well before making any decision.

Remember that it is very difficult to be in the middle of another relationship.