How not to argue on vacation

Bothering yourself on a daily basis when you’ve had a bad day, lack of sleep, and step-mom arrives, that would go almost unnoticed. But on vacation, when we have a rendezvous with relaxation, sun, and love, out of the question. To make this summer a success, here are 5 golden rules to put in place to avoid the argument.

The one who drives is the one who knows

“You drive too fast”, “you make fishtails”, “there was a place BUT YOU SEE NOTHING”, “your music sucks”, “double I tell you”… It’s funny how sometimes, after five kilometers, we already hate each other. The rule is simple so as not to come to this: the one who leads is the one who knows. So even if we want to scream, we contain ourselves, we take on ourselves. Unless there is immediate danger. No accusation, moral, and reprimand, the tone raised. And when you’re a driver, it’s the same, Gaston mustn’t flinch or just tell us that you’re s**xy when you’re behind the wheel at ten past ten.

Prohibition to answer “as you want”

Of course, on vacation, you have everything to see and do. No need to get organized three months before on time, but being dragged out without making a decision is blah too. Museum or beach? Etna or a cafe? As you want … Of course, the “as you want” does not mean that we do not care, it perhaps means the joy and the desire to do everything at the same time, but unfortunately, it annoys, it lack of enthusiasm, it gives us an air of uninvested hanging arms. So we take initiatives, and we invite Gaston to do the same. To decide is to act and to act is to profit.

Share responsibilities

When you go for a walk, you have to think about sunscreen, a bottle of water and the local menu. To the package of cakes and metro tickets. Or the refueling to do and the next hotel to call to confirm the reservation. These little details can turn into dark clouds if everyone relies on the other. Without drawing up specifications worthy of a psychorigid couple, we list what to think about and we act as soon as we can, both. Thus, we avoid the “but it was up to you to do it”, “but you have no head”. If we find ourselves on the reserve, sleeping under the stars or with red skin like two crayfish, we will laugh at our stupidity and we will not accuse anyone, since we could both think about it and we are two to have faulted.

When one of the two complains, he pays for a drink

Complaining is prohibited by the Holiday Order, except in a few rare cases such as the suitcase which disappears at the airport or the cockroach under the bed of the rented apartment. But complaining about the heat or the chilly wind, a crowded beach or a pair of flip flops that irritate the toes, a lack of network or time that goes by too quickly is punishable. Because we prevent ourselves from tasting and above all, we annoy Gaston with our sighs and our bad head. Everyone takes it upon themselves and recognizes that it’s cool, all the same, to be here. To avoid the moans, we can make pledges. The first one who complains, he pays for a coffee in the sun and it’ll relax him for five minutes.

Phones, we zap them

Source of dispute, the telephone? Very possibly. Especially on vacation. We are here to have fun, to enjoy, to relax. If one of us spends his time with his eyes riveted on his screen, “because now you understand, I absolutely have to Instagram this dish or read an email”, the other can go up the towers and that’s understandable. We share vacations that have been waiting for months, so we make an effort and we forget our mobiles, we celebrate love and we drink, we look around us what is happening and we savor this time spent together, which we often miss the rest of the year.