How to become the ideal woman in the eyes of your man or the woman of his life?

You are with a man but now you want to keep him, to be the one with whom he wants to live a great story, to be his wife. His ideal wife. The woman of his life.

How to continue, after weeks, months, or years, to be special in his eyes, to be the ideal woman he wants to keep? This is a question that we all ask ourselves, very happy to have found our soul mate but afraid of losing it one day without knowing why. Because we have all suffered, we can put together tips that will help us remain the woman he loves and wants to stay with.

Which woman for which ideal man?

Don’t try to change

You have been able to seduce your man as you are, do not try to change yourself, rather remain yourself. Ah… if you tried to pass yourself off as someone else to seduce him, indeed, things will have to be rectified. You may have tried to pass yourself off as a woman in high demand, the unapproachable girl high up on her pedestal, or you have tried to be really cool and make it look like you take life as it comes, men also without seeking to have proof of an attachment on their part. Anyway, if you haven’t shown your real face straight away but tried to play a role, stop immediately hoping that everything will be okay, that your man will love you anyway.

Yes, men love authenticity, if you have fun being someone other than yourself, you can’t hope to have a lasting relationship because one day the natural will come back at a gallop, and there … it will surely be too much late. So you might as well play the honesty card from the start, just be yourself and let your man appreciate you for who you really are. Men are not looking for a perfect Barbie doll who in addition to a perfect figure would make them laugh, take care of the house and be a queen in bed. No, the man who loves you wants you, yourself, as you are and no one else. Be yourself from the start and don’t try to change yourself afterward.

Do not take the lead

A man doesn’t wait for you to have a certain amount of attention for him per day or per month, he doesn’t wait for you to strive to find what would make him happy, he doesn’t wait for you to rot existence to try to make your relationship work as well as possible. No, no, a man expects you to be yourself as we have just seen but also that you enjoy life without worrying, let alone about your love affair. Don’t spend your time asking yourself too many questions, figuring out how to satisfy him, it could have the opposite effect of what you hoped for, which would be a shame.

But yes, we all know it, it’s not always easy. Trying to become his ideal wife takes work. A lot of work. We always try to know what he thinks, we look at our desires and our expectations and we tell ourselves that they are exactly the same. So we start to make efforts, to take our time to try to do things for him, to be better for him, to win his love every day, without ceasing … It is certain that you take care of yourself, that you devote time to your man but it is even more important that you do not take the lead in order to enjoy the happiness that this love brings you. Your man doesn’t love you for what you do for him but for who you are. If not,

Ok, but what is the ideal woman like?

If you still want to know who the ideal woman is… first of all, know that no man has the same expectations, they are not programmed to all go to the same women. But by paying a little attention, we can guess that there are certain qualities which seem important in the eyes of everyone as if they made it possible to be, to become an ideal woman. Each man in love seems to find them all in the woman he loves. It is not a magic recipe, we do not acquire qualities by our simple will if they are not innate but hey, it is always nice to know them.

Nothing sensational, the charm of a woman is important, it is the first impression, it is what makes him feel everything when he is with you, that he does not resist you. But that’s not enough for men who want more than intimacy. A sense of humor comes up a lot. But a good sense of humor is important in all relationships, friendships as well as romantic ones, so it’s not a self-sufficient quality either. The ideal woman must apparently be warm, caring because all men have a sensitive side deep inside them even if they try not to show it to everyone. A man in love will give you access to it and you must know how to honor this gift with tender words and gestures. Well, if we had to cite just one important point, it would be independence:

The ideal woman, there are mistakes she never makes

The ideal woman she is charming, attractive, has humor, is caring but is not clingy, and is independent, you agree. But on top of all these very important qualities, she’s great because there are some mistakes that she doesn’t make. She’s not perfect but hey, nobody is. For example, as she is independent, she does not sacrifice herself for her man, to please him as best as possible. She’s honest with her man but she doesn’t go faster than the music, she takes her time and doesn’t make passionate statements in the first week. Likewise, she didn’t go straight to bed with her man to show him that she is perfect in every way after showing him everything she knows.

But above all, the ideal woman, you, she knows how to enjoy her love story without asking a whole bunch of questions, simply enjoying the present moment. She, and therefore you, strive to remain attractive as she was in the beginning, surprises her man when she feels like it. And then this woman, the one you are, in addition to not taking the lead for nothing at the level of her feelings and her relationship, she enjoys life, she sees her friends, goes out, has fun, makes unforeseen things, and does not lock herself, her man with, into a sad routine that will lead her to deep boredom, making her less and less attractive, less funny and more and more clingy and sultry with her man.