How to conquer a man

Do you suffer from your crush? Enough!

If you want to know how to conquer a man , here we share some tips to make him fall in love as soon as possible.

If you believe that anything goes in love, you will already know a lot of typical tips to get him hooked or attract his attention, both online and in conversations with our closest friends we hear a wide variety of recommendations to become suggestive women and desirable: from those that involve a delicate and gentle behavior, to those that lead you to project the image of a bold, daring and powerfully Attractive girl.

They constantly tell us how we should dress and talk to make someone else like us. The truth is that these voices have probably not found a specific and infallible recipe to make men fall in love , because each one is different: there will be those who love a woman who wears fitted dresses, tight skirts and suggestive necklines … and there will be those who melt when you see a girl who dresses simply; Blue denim pants, light blouse without prints and flat shoes.
The secret is in the confidence you transmit as a message: use messages to make a man fall in love

Despite their differences, there is a quality in you that will capture their attention and make them want to meet you or spend more time with you, that is, to be by your side: your self-esteem .

Let’s start from the beginning:

Do you estimate yourself?

Do you like your appearance?

Do you respect your interior and exterior?

Despite the fact that it may sound trite from such a sight, this is one of the main axes to attract the attention of the opposite gender.

Here are the reasons:

You project security.

Regardless of the concept of beauty that the person you want to fall in love with, security impacts . Used well (without overacting or overdoing it), it is a tool in your favor, because they enjoy sharing relationships with a capable and independent woman who, rather than being a burden, is a good companion.

You look great no matter your style.

You can be calm and go to a party, meeting, class or any place dressed just the way you like and feeling comfortable. Whether in a short, patterned dress or a casual shirt and jeans, you’ll look good because you feel that way. You know if later – perhaps on a special occasion – you change your outfit for something super provocative or decide to save the dresses for a weekend and spend it relaxing in leggings and a casual blouse.

You spark confidence.

When you project wellness, people feel at peace with you . He will want to be by your side, live together and know you or enjoy you more. You will want to share your time and experiences with a partner who gives you space to breathe, take a break from the world, and relax for a moment.

Once the above is established, we give you some extra tips to conquer it

Ask him out and pay the bill .

Certainly, we like to receive some detail or gift from time to time: this lets us know that a suitor wants to flatter us and serve us. Likewise, they also do not have a gift of coexistence, such as a trip to the movies or dinner. This also represents an opportunity to get creative and do something different or unusual on the agenda.

Don’t despair, let me miss you.

Although you want to message him and talk with him, giving him time to be alone or with his friends allows him to notice your absence and with it, miss you. We also do not advise you to disappear for weeks, but only to live your daily life without waiting for him or trying to communicate with him every so often. This behavior will also make him think of you as an independent person and feel more attracted to you.

Listen to him carefully and give him your support in difficult times.

We all have complicated situations, whether they are family, work, economic or health. Each one carries his load of stress on his back. Since he is no exception, suddenly it is good for him to unburden himself healthily. It often happens that we keep the negative feelings and in the case of the male gender it usually happens, for the fear of being judged as weak or vulnerable when they are expected to be strong and protective. Let her know that you, as a partner, can also provide relief and support.

Don’t push.

Avoid pushing it to the limit in situations that don’t warrant it. Think carefully if something really needs to change or you are trying to submit to your will. No matter how convinced you are that you are right, you must be aware that both parties have the right to have a different opinion and act, without the couple trying to force and convince otherwise.

Perhaps every woman has ever wanted to know how to conquer a man, however, now that we have access to special articles that talk about this topic, we can do it step by step.