How to get out of the Friend Zone?

Getting out of the Friend Zone is a fairly complex exercise, in the sense that moving from the status of “friend” to “boyfriend – friend” is not easy. And this situation is the source of very important frustrations! Here are some tips to finally take the next step and seduce the person you meet and love secretly.

What is the Friend Zone?

The Friend Zone is a form of questionable friendship in which one of the two has fallen in love and remains locked in a friendly relationship, while hoping one day to live a relationship with the other. It is then a real emotional frustration for the person who lives it. Hope to be loved by the other is difficult, especially when this friendship of a particular kind lasts for years. “Falling into the Friend Zone” therefore means that you are in love (or in love) with a friend without daring to tell them.

But in certain cases, the other rejects our advances and confines us to the status of friend (e). Whatever scenario you are in, you have to get out of it. Because this situation will never bring you real happiness. It will only be a perpetual source of frustration, even if you seem to get used to it. So how do you get out of the Friend Zone? What can we hope for when we find ourselves in this complicated friendly / loving situation? Answers.

Leaving the Friend Zone: how to do it?

To exit the Friend Zone, there are a number of key steps to follow. They will be decisive in the future that you will give to your relationship.

Tell the truth

In the first place, it is essential to be sincere with the other, and to reveal to him the real nature of your feelings. You are in love, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. So tell him the truth: even if your friendship is precious to you, it is not enough for you. You expect more, because you love it. You can openly tell this person how you feel about them, or use a medium for that. Many people choose to write down their feelings rather than say them. This revelation is not easy, it exposes you and makes you “vulnerable”. But it is necessary. So dare to take the plunge if you really want to get out of the Friend Zone!

Accept the situation

Whatever reaction this announcement will trigger, you will have to accept and accept it. If your friendship is not strong and your feelings are not mutual, you have nothing to regret. In this case, you do not lose a real friend. Otherwise, this statement can open your eyes to the person you love, and cause them to confess their own feelings about you. It can be the very beginning of a great relationship! But when you admit your feelings, have only one expectation: that of leaving the Friend Zone.

Finally, if your friendship is solid, but the other does not share your feelings, she will admit it to you clearly and straightforwardly. It will then be up to you to determine the follow-up you wish to give to your relationship. It is perfectly understood that staying simple friends is too difficult for you. Leaving the Friend Zone then involves applying a form of distance between you. A distance, even a temporary one, can really be beneficial. You can then take the time to reflect and accept the situation. We can get out of the Friend Zone while staying friends!

Know all the same that you cannot beg the other to love yourself, or to give yourself a chance. We cannot control our feelings and we cannot force a person to love us. Just accept that the situation is as it is, and that you cannot change anything about it.

Take control of the relationship to exit the Friend Zone

If you want to seduce your friend without admitting your feelings right away, it’s possible. You just have to wait a little longer before making your declaration. In this case, it will be necessary to show subtlety. But you can also try to leave the Friend Zone after admitting your feelings. Take control of the relationship! Here’s how.

The transition

If you want to change the situation in your favor, you can enter a rather special game of seduction. You already know each other, you regularly spend time together, but things are stagnating. You are blocked in the Friend Zone. But that can still change. Make the changes that you think are necessary to seduce the other. And to conquer the loved one! Change, experience new things, eat healthy, play sports, learn things … You can even change your look, if you feel the need! Become the person you want to be.

Have fun… with others

Don’t put your eggs in one basket. Certainly, you have feelings for this person, but you do not know if they are reciprocal. Do not focus all of your efforts on it. Go out, meet, have fun with other people. You do not owe it exclusivity, and you are perfectly free to hang out with the people you want. Seeing yourself living your life can generate in the other a form of envy and jealousy. Maybe going out and meeting people will open his eyes to his own feelings. Don’t overdo it: just enjoy life and have fun.

Forget romantic dates

Do not try to invite him to a date for two, you would make him guess your intentions. Avoid scheduling romantic dates, but rather go out with friends, with other people. If you want your friend to join you for an evening, don’t tell them you are inviting them. Just tell them where you are going, and say it would be nice if they joined you. Simply! He or she will be free to accept or not to follow you. But you keep control of the situation. Above all, you keep your intentions hidden. So suggest, but don’t invite!

Discredit the other

In seduction, there is a powerful technique called “discredit”. Correctly used, it can help you get out of the Friend Zone. Place unsettling remarks in the conversation, and avoid letting your intentions show through. Show him that he or she is not the center of your universe, whether or not you have disclosed your feelings to him or her. Losing part of your consideration can be destabilizing for the person you love. And it can make them realize how important you are to them. You will take control of the relationship. And if it doesn’t work to get out of the Friend Zone and start a real relationship, you will at least have the opportunity to distance yourself!