How to kiss? The secrets of the perfect kiss!

How to kiss a girl? How to kiss a man? All the advice you need to excel in this area…

We’ve all been there: a first romantic date ends and we say to ourselves: can I kiss her? How to kiss a girl well? How to kiss with the tongue? How to kiss a man in a sensual way?

All of a sudden, our stress and anxiety levels are at their peak and we begin to doubt our ability to give a soft, tender and sensual kiss. The attraction that we feel for the other makes us lose our means and we no longer know if we are able to give our date the desire to see us again with a “simple” kiss.

Do not panic! Today, we are going to give you some tips that will allow you to answer your question: how to kiss?

Kissing a girl or kissing a man is an art in itself

To start our lesson today, we are going to give you four general tips to follow to kiss a girl or a man well.

1. A delicate touch rather than an overly firm touch

Use your hands. Contrary to what we can see in some films, there is nothing romantic about catching the head of his or her partner to kiss him. Simply stroke her face, hair or neck. Put delicacy in it!

A perfect kiss is a combination of tactile tenderness and sweetness. Your lips bring softness; your hand’s tenderness.

2. Ask for a kiss, don’t steal it!

There are many ways to request a kiss without using words. You can look at your partner in the eye and smile or tilt your head and approach slowly. Observe the reaction of the other before taking the plunge. Make sure the person in front of you is ready to receive your kiss.

3. Use those lips you are lucky to have!

The worst kiss that can exist is surely the one where the two partners find themselves teeth against teeth. It is very special, even embarrassing. You have the impression of scrambling bones and there are not really sensual exchanges possible.

For a successful kiss, use your lips (and later your tongue). It is a double game during which you must give and receive. A perfect kiss is one where you let yourself go a little bit during which your lips bring a little resistance.

4. Be well-posed

The goal is not to collapse on your partner or to rest on his head. You must support each other by both staying firmly anchored on your feet. Use the other’s body like an echo and not a resting place.

How to kiss a girl or how to kiss a man: the 15 secrets to know

1. Be honest

Don’t kiss someone because you feel like you have to. Be honest with yourself if you are not attracted to the person in front of you or if you feel that the moment is not ideal, do not kiss him!

2. Respect each other’s limits

You need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. If you realize that the other is not ready to kiss you or that he (she) does not seem at all excited by the idea, distance yourself. Let your partner go at their own pace.

3. Wait for the perfect moment

The perfect time is the perfect place and time together. When you are at your grandmother’s, is this really the perfect time to kiss your partner? Surely not! Think carefully about the conditions around you. Don’t ruin your first kiss because you hurry too much.

4. Don’t hesitate to talk about it

Don’t be ashamed to talk about what you like and what you don’t like. “How to kiss with the tongue when I don’t like it?” Offer your partner an alternative: “instead of chewing my lip, why don’t you gently caress her with the tongue?”.

5. See the other as your mirror

A happy couple tends to copy the behavior of the other. The same goes for the kiss. If you are tender, your partner will return the favor. On the other hand, if you are too aggressive, your loved one will distance yourself. Think of it as a dance: you have to keep the same rhythm.

6. Don’t forget the other parts of the body

Explore! The neck, the tip of the nose, the shoulder, the forehead, etc. There are many parts of the body. So don’t just kiss one.

7. Don’t abuse public demonstrations

No one likes to see a couple eating their faces in public. However, in some situations, you can turn your public display of affection into something cute. You are face-to-face on the bus, kiss the tip of his nose; approach your partner while he/she is seated, give him/her a kiss on the forehead.

8. Control your language

How to kiss with the tongue? The first rule: use it sparingly. Start by simply finding its tongue with the tip of yours and then remove it, like a soft touch. Then make small circles with your tongue around the tip of hers. Take it out again. when you see that your partner is getting carried away, go for it!

9. Don’t bite

Chew the lip? Doesn’t that make you think of a piece of pen or straw that you bite when you are bored? Absolutely to avoid!

11.… neither your hands

Stroke her hair, lower back, neck, chest, and hips. Your hands should be used to excite the other without being vulgar or out of place. So use this technique sparingly.

12. Learn to deal with bad kisses

Make someone overly aggressive take a break, by stepping back or placing your hands on their shoulders. Calm an overly acrobatic partner, whispering the way you would like him/her to kiss you.

13. Be creative

Surprise can be an exciting part of the kiss. It’s not because you’ve always kissed in one and the same way that it doesn’t have to change. Try to put a little tongue, then not at all. Stroke her hair by brushing only the tips of her lips. There are many ways to kiss, try them all!

14. Pay attention to your hygiene

Would you like to kiss someone who smells bad from your mouth? No! So think about your own hygiene too. Before a date, avoid foods like onions or cheese: it’s also proof of good manners.

15. Keep your eyes closed

There is no possible reason to keep your eyes open when you are kissing your partner. It makes the situation a little strange and it kills a good mood.