How to make a man go crazy for you

One of the most difficult goals for a woman to achieve is to get a guy to become completely obsessed with her and not have eyes for anyone else that crosses his life.

Perhaps it has happened to you that you have reached the stage of getting their attention, but after a while, you lose it, along with their interest, until you become another memory.

Today you will discover how to prevent this from happening to you again.

1. Be yourself

Yes, it is true, with your physique you can make any man turn to look at you, but how do you get him to really love you and want to stay by your side?

He will want to meet you, know what your tastes, motivations, goals are and, in general, determine if you are the one.

Authenticity is a must to show who you really are.

Perhaps at the beginning of the relationship, you will try to attract him and for this, you may resort to falling into the field of performances to seem more interesting, after a while, you will get tired of taking out a woman who is distant and unknown to you.

Be yourself! Show yourself frankly with your strengths and weaknesses (although these you can let me discover slowly).

If the boy proves to be comfortable with the original version of you, he may not want to leave your side.

2. Transmits self-confidence and security

Surely you’ve heard it countless times, but have you put self-confidence into practice?

Showing self-confidence is attractive!

Furthermore, a woman with this well-developed quality is also positive and creative; gets solutions where others see problems.

And what man can be bothered by his girl being optimistic and intelligent? I think none!

On the contrary, it is the insecure girls who sooner or later show a tantrum and leave everyone confused and wanting to flee as soon as possible.

3. Value yourself

If you are not able to respect yourself as a person, how do you expect a man to do it?

Self-respect is a seductive personality trait and when you expose it to men, they will want to pay attention only to you.

Show everyone that you are clear about what you want in a relationship and that you will not go after anyone who does not give you your place and the boys will respect you.

4.  Respect your beliefs

I have observed on many occasions how in an attempt to prevent a partner from straying, many women choose to conform not only to what they want but to their customs and beliefs.

Big mistake! A friend left her job because her boyfriend could not bear the idea that she had to share daily with male colleagues.

Another changed her religion, since – according to her partner – this would be the only condition for her family to accept her completely.

The sad thing about both stories is that their sacrifices didn’t carry any weight when their boyfriends left them.

A woman who changes her way of being, to please the other, stops being authentic, and sooner or later will want to go back to her usual life.

No one will appreciate your actions when they are done to please others and not because you really want to change.

Men like women who are sure of who they are! Don’t hurt yourself.

5. Maintain your standards

If you have certain rules for being with someone, for example, that they are respectful, share your tastes, love animals, and get along with your parents, and the subject in question does not even want you to take a photo with him, do you think that a relationship will work?

He is showing you that he only wants to sleep with you, so it is useless to assume that he will obsess over being by your side.

Communicate what you really want; If you can’t reach an agreement, you better say goodbye politely.

6. Shows generosity

It means that you need to be attentive to the way you treat the people around you.

Make sure to be kind and tolerant from the get-go, both with your guy and with anyone else.

If you show honesty and friendliness through your manners and smiles, it will be captivating!

And if you do make a mistake, say you’re sorry. Doing this guarantees that men will esteem you and think of the wonderful human being that you are.

7. Know your tastes

It has nothing to do with you becoming “bossy”, demanding and ordering, but since it is your life, at least make it clear what you like and point out the things you don’t.

This way they won’t have to guess how to please you and thus take a load off their shoulders.

8. Take care of your appearance

To attract a man, strive to be “more feminine” every day or, what is the same, worry about your appearance.

You do not need to go to extremes and overload your face with makeup, show cleavage, or wear heels every day, but there are certain minimum parameters necessary to be more attractive.

For example, dress according to where you go, clean up daily, eat healthy, exercise, comb your hair, use mouthwash, apply moisturizers, and a little perfume.

May he be proud to be with you!

9.  Zero aggressiveness

You must attract him through your actions and, if they are hostile, the idea that will be made of you will be very negative.

No matter how strong your temper, you will gain nothing by imposing yourself every time he expresses an opinion.

Also, observe their attitude and behavior; If you think you are at risk of physical or verbal aggression, better back off. It can be counterproductive for a violent man to become obsessed with you.

10. Keep your mind open

Just as you want to get into his thoughts, he’s probably waiting for you to send him the right signals so he can feel comfortable with you.

Let it come into your life and keep an open mind to accept it as it is. Listen actively to it; He has goals, insecurities, and multiple qualities that could make you fall in love or even hesitate to accept him in your life.

If everything goes well and you feel that they combine, have full confidence that he will not stop thinking about you.

11. Admire him a little

He should know that you support him, that you are the woman he can count on when no one else is on his side.

A small dose of pampering and gestures of admiration will help you keep your ego high and call for more “of that” that only you know how to give.

Whether you express to him that he did a good job in bed, that you liked how he solved an issue, or that you congratulate him on being accommodating, intelligent, and gentlemanly.

Give him your respect and every day he will be even more attentive to discover new facets of you; He will want to pamper you and support you in return.