How to recognize a man in love ? The signs

When a man is in love, like women, you don’t always realize it! Forget the clichés of the scarlet face, the heart which misses going out of the chest, the members which tremble… Very often the love is more subtle than that and does not jump immediately to the eyes! So how do you recognize a man in love? Follow the guide, some signs do not deceive, then we tell you everything!

Words and deeds

Actions are always worth more than words! So, if a man not only says things but also implements them, that he keeps his promises and respects his commitments, be certain that he deeply cares about you. Because it is that your confidence is essential in his eyes. He does not just remain passive, but acts on a daily basis for you? He takes charge of your relationship, and is proud to be with you in public? Rest assured that this is not a spielver!

Not necessarily romantic, but attentive

It is a fact, many men are not romantic, or even very expressive, not to say completely modest! But if you can make a cross on the flowers, and the inflamed declarations, as far as you can be certain that his love is true, because he shows it through his few attentions: he is available, listening to your desires, you are one of its priorities, it is open to compromise, often with a small (even tiny!) attention for you whatever the time, the distance or the place, etc…

Your problems are his

You may not even be married, but it does not need to be married to implement the “better and worse” commitment. The obstacles and problems you face will not make him fear, flee, or diminish his love for you. On the contrary, it is in these moments that you realize the strength of the attachment he has for you. You know that you can confide in him and that he will do everything possible to make things go well for you.

He respects you

Because there is no love without respect! Never. Your man does not insult you, he does not demean you, does not judge you permanently. Is there a disagreement between the two of you? He signals it and tries to convince you by respecting your position, seeking with you an appropriate compromise. And he does not practice emotional blackmail, nor does he try to manipulate you to tidy up in his opinion. Whether in public or in private, he is the same with you, and will never be violent.