How to stop thinking about a guy you’re obsessed with

Do you need to stop thinking about a guy?

You may not be able to get a certain guy out of your head, whether it’s an ex who was the love of your life or just a crush who doesn’t like you. It can be very painful for you to stop thinking about that boy and all those good memories you had with him. However, there are ways to get it out of your head. You have to find distractions, focus on yourself, and do whatever you want. Keep your mind clear and calm. It can help to meditate or talk to someone to make sure you don’t do anything rash. Know that everything happens for a reason and that you are better off without it. There are reasons why you can’t get it out of your mind, but there are ways to stop thinking about it.

Why can’t I stop thinking about him?

You can’t stop thinking about him out of scientific attraction. Most of what attracts you are things you may not even be aware of, but knowing the science behind the attraction can help you miss it a little less. Confidence is a huge change for most women. As women, it has been built into our system that we want strong, confident men who can protect and care for us. Don’t confuse this with arrogance, which generally puts women off. We can subconsciously capture confidence by noticing their body language and how they interact with others. The men who show true confidence are the men we can’t help but have an obsession for. Men emit attractive body language when they take up a lot of space with their body. That is why they like to stretch when they sit down leaving their legs and arms open. Leaving them open in this way is an unconscious sign that they are not closed to the person they are interacting with, but are confident and open to them. Another way that men drive women crazy is when they show affection to their friends. Men who hug other guys, give a high five, and aren’t afraid to put their arms around another guy are the ones who attract the most women. This is because it gives a silent signal that they are sociable and friendly, so we will probably feel comfortable around them. Men who are very calm are much more attractive to women than those who worry and stress. When they are calm, it is much easier to talk to men and open up about anything, which is what every woman wants to have in her partner. These are all reasons why you may not be able to stop thinking about it, which can be very frustrating. Here are some ways to help you get it out of your head and move on with your life.

Get him out of your life

One of the best ways to remove a former lover from your life and stop thinking about him is to completely remove him from all aspects of your life. Having something around that reminds you of him will only help keep your obsession alive. In order to stop thinking about a guy, you need to stop communicating with him altogether. That is, do not call or text him and do not respond to his calls or text messages. Also, don’t send him messages on social media. It can even be helpful to lock your ex on your phone, so you don’t get any of their calls and texts, which can tempt you to respond. Responding will only make you think about him more and miss him more, keeping your obsession strong. Make sure to get rid of any photos you have of him. You don’t need to get rid of them completely, as they are memories that you may want to remember in the future. Just upload the digital images from your phone, computer, and Facebook to an online cloud where you don’t have to view them regularly, but will be able to come back in the future and see them again. Removing them from your social media will help everyone know that you and your ex are no longer an item and that you have nothing to do with him. This way, people looking at your social media accounts won’t see a photo of him and will tell you something about him. Get rid of everything you have in your personal space. Pack everything up and return it to him or put it in a box and store it in a place where you can forget about it. You can even put any gift from him that reminds you of a nice memory you have had of him, which would make you start to think about the good times you had and miss him more. Don’t look at their social media accounts. This won’t help you stop thinking about that guy you can’t get out of your mind. You may have loved it and loved seeing its photos on social media, but now you should be banned from viewing its pages. Block it if necessary so your posts and images don’t even show up. Facebook even allows you to temporarily block someone now, so they won’t even know you did it. If you look at his social media accounts, you will probably see things you don’t want to see, like him talking to other girls. That won’t help with your obsession as you will probably start to obsess over who you are talking to now, which is unhealthy.

Find distractions

One of the best ways to stop thinking about a guy is to find distractions. Take up a new hobby or start a new gym membership to get in shape for the season. You can get in shape for the future love that will thank you. Practice yoga or join a group of hikers. These will help you create new memories without your ex. Go out with someone new to distract yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything serious, just get out there and have fun. Go out to the club with some friends to meet new guys. That is sure to bring excitement into your life, and you may even meet someone new to start thinking about. Hanging out with your family can be a good distraction. They know you like no one else, so they understand how you work and will be able to provide good distractions. They know what you like to do and they can organize fun days that will make you stop thinking about that guy. You can go on a trip with them and not have to worry, knowing that you will have a great time.

Focus on yourself

When you try to stop thinking about a guy, you need to focus on yourself and make yourself happy. Do what you want to do, besides going after him. Get your nails and hair done, or buy yourself something new that you wouldn’t allow yourself to buy before because you were saving money for yourself and your ex’s future. Don’t go crazy and spend all your money, but now that you only have to worry about yourself, you can probably afford to spend a little more for yourself. Take a vacation and do exactly what you want to do. Go with friends or family, but plan the activities you want to do. Don’t be afraid to go out on your own if you don’t want to do everything you want to do; you no longer have anyone to answer to. You may even meet someone new on vacation to start thinking about. Now that he is alone you can completely redo it. Get a different hairstyle and change your hair color. Change the way you do your nails and get a new wardrobe. Hang out with a new crowd. Nothing stops you now and your imagination is the limit.

Forgive him

To completely get over a guy you can’t stop thinking about, you have to forgive him. This is usually very difficult for couples, especially if it was a really bad breakup. Both may have resentments and each may feel like the other took advantage of them. When you finally decide to forgive him in your heart and decide to let everything go as it is in the past, you can stop thinking about that guy. Don’t let his negativity stop you from forgiving him, even if he doesn’t forgive you. You will feel free once you forgive him completely.


It’s always hard to stop thinking about a guy you just broke up with or like. You need to keep yourself distracted with activities, such as joining a new exercise group or going on a vacation with friends. Focus on yourself and do what you want to do when you want to do it. Live in the present moment, not in the past. You cannot change the past, but you can change your current thoughts and actions. Take control of your thoughts and make yourself happy. Don’t let the past control your thoughts and emotions today. Once you’ve done this, you can stop thinking about it. The last step in getting a guy out of your head is to forgive him for everything and move on with your life.