How to tell if a guy likes you with these 10 Signs

How to tell if he likes me ?, It is the question that invades our minds and reveals when we feel a strong attraction to someone.

However, the complex world of the human mind allows us to discover it through a series of behaviors and common physical and chemical reactions that all human beings experience and exhibit when we are close to the person who moves the floor, or from whom we are deeply in love.

In case you’re still thinking: so how do you know if he likes me or if he just wants a friendship? What are the signs that indicate mutual attraction and desire? Why does he always want to be with me, but never tell me anything directly?

Quiet! I will solve all your doubts and suspicions, you just have to give me a few minutes of your valuable time, read carefully, and, finally, get all the answers.

Which will help you to conclude, once and for all, what are the true intentions of the man you are interested in and whether or not it is possible to transcend sentimentally with him.



It is true that there are shy boys when it comes to attraction, but the feeling is stronger and they are usually in evidence. It is a matter of carefully observing his body language and attitude when you are around him.

It is likely that, at this very moment, he has your same doubts and, therefore, he does not dare to take the first step or to show, openly, how much he likes you and how inspiring you are.

To find out if a man loves you, he is highly reliable and will indicate everything you should pay special attention to to decipher the great enigma.


Have you noticed that the boy in question remembers most of the things you say to him, always has time to listen to you, and rarely contradicts you? You are well on your way to discovering your question about ” how to tell if he likes me “!

This only means one thing: he tries to be nice because he cares about you!

He wants to find common ground that connects them, that is, since you are to his total liking, he wants to give the impression of being compatible with you so that you contemplate the possibility of considering him more than just a friend.

So do not reason too much, do not miss the opportunity to have him close to share and start to get to know him better.


They may flatter you in a subtle way if they constantly show you how good you are at something or say things like, “What a nice dress,” “You have excellent taste in music,” or highlight your physical or intellectual qualities.

If so, you can be sure that you also have him spellbound and he will soon let you know, it is a very good sign for your question ” how to know if he likes me.


Analyze their body language! There is no better way to discover a person’s feelings than through their body language.

Gestures, movements, etc., will bring to light everything that he wants to hide from you and that he does not dare to express verbally.

Some body language clues are:

  • Constant and expressive gaze: A gaze speaks for itself, words are unnecessary in these cases. Your feminine intuition will witness the revelation of her eyes; In addition, if you pay attention and also stare at them, you will notice that they are very bright and their pupils are dilated, which is a change that reflects pleasant emotions.
  • Physical contact: When someone likes you, the most natural thing is that they want to establish closer contact with you, therefore, they will not miss the opportunity to touch you, casually, or to invade your personal space a bit.
  • Nerves on the surface: Sometimes nerves give us a hard time; Well, on this occasion, nerves will be your best ally, because you will know their feelings. Be very careful about these signs:
  1. They blush when they are around you or when they talk about you.
  2. You perceive it shaky or a little disturbed.
  3. Sweat and sigh frequently.
  4. You have trouble communicating verbally, that is, you stutter when trying to say something, cover your mouth with your hand, or suddenly lower your voice.
  • Improve your body posture: You will notice him more upright and, due to this, he will look taller and more elegant, with which he will try to attract your attention.
  • Smile constantly: When he is close to you, he will try to please you and will find in sympathy an excellent tool to captivate you.
  • His hands and the tips of his feet will be directed towards you: This action is unconscious but it means that he is attentive to what you are saying.


To get out of the doubt about ” how to know if someone likes me ” it’s simple! Look at their physical appearance and the level of commitment to look impeccable when they meet you.

A good hairstyle, a cleverly thought outlook, a pleasant scent and even the choice of her accessories indicate whether or not she wants to give you the best impression and emphasize her appearance as one of her methods of conquest.


Guess what this sign indicates! If his gaze is focused on your lips, in effect, he is dying to caress and kiss them; but it also means that you have him fascinated and that, like him, you stay up late.


Their intentions may be revealed to you through words; Then pay attention and be interested in their conversations, it is likely that you will find many clues.

Between jokes or phrases with double meaning, the man you like may be confessing his emotions to you, do not miss any detail of his words said or written.


Although it may be hard to believe, jealousy is a sign that your best friend is attracted to you, for example.

You may perceive that this guy you trust and have long attracted you to as a man gets in a bad temper or avoids conversations involving other guys, or is alert when someone tries to flirt with you.

I have good news for you! You two are destined to have more than just a pretty friendship.

Take advantage of the trust that already exists, take the initiative and express without fear everything you feel; They will both appreciate your bravery later.


Protection is a fairly innate trait, that is, the man thinks he should protect the woman because she is a little more fragile.

Now, when said protection comes from the boy you like, it becomes a gesture that makes you fall in love. This will give you clues about your ” how to tell if he likes me ” question.

For this reason, if you feel that the one who moves your floor insists on lending you his jacket to cover you from the cold, shakes your hand when they are going to pass the streets, helps you, or defends you when they are in a situation that represents danger, do not do it. Dude, he loves you!


You may have wondered why it is always from the moment you like or attract someone that a series of unexpected encounters with that person begin to mysteriously occur.

I’m sorry to tell you that only 40% of the time this is chance, the remaining 60% are meticulously planned encounters.

He wants to coincide on purpose, establish direct contact with you, and have you close, for this reason, he frequents the same places as you. Don’t question his intentions, he likes you period!


It is not strange that if someone is interested in you, they try, consciously or not, to reflect your movements, your gestures, your postures, or even your vocabulary.

You will see him touch his hair, run his hand over his face, or smile when you do.

He imitates you to get noticed! The next time you are with the boy you fall in love with, pay more attention to his behaviors and, if you notice this infallible sign, they will surely share the same feeling.


It is true that body language signals leave much to be desired and to assume, even more so when we want to unmask a feeling.

However, as we are blinded by Cupid, we tend to interpret these signals in our favor and forget that we could be wrong, and get excited without any further grounds.

To prevent this from happening, you can try answering the Test: How to know if a man likes me, obtain quantitative results, compare them with the previous signs that show that you drive him crazy, and reaffirm his hidden intentions.

The Test is easy to solve, each question has the same answer alternatives, and each option a value; at the end, you must add all the values ​​to discover the result that suits your situation.


  • Always (4 points)
  • Sometimes (3 points)
  • I’m not sure (1 point)
  • Never (0 points)

Note: Do not forget to add them when you finish answering the questions to solve your great concern.


  1. When you are together, are there more people with you, or are you constantly looking for a way to be alone?
  2. Does he tell you about his problems, personal issues, fears, etc.? Do you feel that he trusts you?
  3. Does he catch your attention with his knowledge, tricks, or skills?
  4. Does he accompany you anywhere you want to go and is always willing to offer his company selflessly?
  5. Does he treat you in the same way as other girls or is he closer and more affectionate with you?
  6. Does he call, look for you, send you messages asking how you are doing, and worry about you?
  7. Does he behave the same when he is around his friends or your friends?
  8. Does he make you feel special and do you like how he treats you?
  9. Does it touch you, casually, especially your arms, and touch your hair?
  10. Is his reaction unfavorable when you tell him about your ex or old conquests?
  11. Does he “like” all or almost all of your Facebook posts and comment on them positively?


  • From 0 to 10 points: In short, he does not like you! And you’ve been misinterpreting the signs the entire time. The best thing is that you do not insist, look at new horizons and put your eyes on someone else. There are thousands of possibilities!
  • From 10 to 25 points: You are one more friend and, although it hurts to admit it, maybe that is how he will continue to see you if you do not act and enhance your seduction tricks. In your hands is the decision: do you want only their friendship or do you want to be noticed above the others and click on that love switch?
  • From 25 to 33 points: There are many points in your favor; He finds you attractive, he likes the way you are but he is still not sure how he feels about you because he is a bit insecure and his shyness does not allow him to advance to a new level. He is interested! He only needs a little help from you; A strong signal or a precise word will make him make the decision and look seriously at you.
  • From 33 to 44 points: He likes you a lot, you make him crazy, you stay up late, he loves you, you have him fascinated. He is sincerely interested in you, he always wants to have you close, please you, give you compliments and details. Do not miss the opportunity! Show him that he also attracts you, use conquest strategies to provoke his desire, with which you can learn how to seduce a man and not fail in the attempt.


After having mentioned some of the most obvious signs that could give you lights to discover if someone really likes you, I want to offer you some final tips that will probably be useful to find out how much you are attracted to them.

How to know if a boy is in love with you, now it will be easier than ever!


It’s not about you becoming an investigator or, worse, a professional stalker.

What I recommend is that you study or observe, in a subtle way, the people around him: his friends, his family, his previous partners, his emotional situation before he met you, his hobbies, this will help you clear your doubt of « how to know if he likes me «.

But, what is the purpose of this detective attitude that I propose to you?

It’s elementary! A somewhat deeper knowledge of their environment and their life, in general, will allow you to reflect on the points they have in common and their degree of compatibility.

These aspects will argue, to some extent, your inferences about whether that guy likes you or you’re just confusing things. Tell me what he likes and I’ll tell you if he likes you!


At this time, social networks occupy an indispensable place in people’s lives.

Nowadays you don’t need to have a person physically to know them, just by taking a look at their publications or photos on Facebook, you create a mental map of their tastes and even their intimate and social life.

Take advantage of this circumstance and explore his virtual life! You will realize if he is the same with all people or if he has some kind of preference with you and, therefore, know if he likes you.

This strategy is easy and practical, you will not have to analyze their body or verbal language, the answer will be found just a click away.


It would be wonderful if you have friends in common because it would make the relationship easier, but if not, do not worry! the opportunity will be given for you to interact with their friends; With their help, you will clear up any doubts, since they know it well.

Remember to act naturally and be astute with your questions, although ideally, you would allow yourself to be hinted at and brought up, voluntarily. Subtlety, your best ally!


It is normal that, at first, you are intimidated by the fact that he also likes you and that there are possibilities of establishing a romantic relationship with him; But, it will not be for long! Time will strengthen confidence, nerves will be put aside and happy moments will abound.

At first, they will feel the need to get to know each other more thoroughly, then they will speak honestly and openly about what they like or dislike.

Then the pseudo-appointments will be left aside to make way for the official appointments, an invitation will go an invitation will come!

They will spend a lot of time together, they will hug each other, they will hold hands, they will have their first kiss and they will always want more from each other, it will never be enough!

Do not worry so much about how you should act but about feeling full and enjoying each moment. Things will happen spontaneously, this will make your relationship unique and the expressions of affection more sincere.

Focus on giving the best to your special being, he will value every kind gesture you have with him and he will know that he was not wrong when choosing you.


  • Surprise him with small details: An unexpected call, love phrases, an invitation to a movie, or a sudden dinner, among thousands of other things, will make him feel your interest and will make him fall in love more and more.
  • Dress differently: Both in the dressing room and in almost all matters of life, routine and monotony overwhelm. Surprise him with a garment that he never imagined even in his wildest dreams; Get his attention with something attractive but casual! That leaves a lot to the imagination but makes him want you.
  • Unconditional support: It is essential that you feel that you can count on your partner and that you let him know that he can also count on you in any circumstance and unconditionally, both in moments of joy and in those not so happy. The support you can provide is an essential trait that will determine, in a certain way, the direction of the relationship, it will be a good way for you to determine ” how to know if he likes me “.
  • Express love: Yes, it is good that you already know that he likes you, that they are starting something more serious, and that you have it crazy, but never take anything for granted; love is like a plant if you don’t water it, it dies. Do not forget to fill him with kisses, caresses, beautiful words and let him know how much you love him, only then will he maintain his balance and he will not turn to look anywhere else because with you he has everything.
  • Communicate !: Never shut up what you think, be it good or bad, you will find the best way to say it. The worst mistake a couple can make is to pretend that everything is perfect and to believe that talking or expressing feelings is synonymous with discussion. Put your disagreements on the table and discuss them with him, have a good conversation, evaluate the relationship, its strengths, and weaknesses; thus, balance and love will be with you for a long time, perhaps months, years, or decades.