How to Turn the Game around and Get Him to Run Back: 20 Effective Ways!

If you’re reading this text, you’re probably going through a kind of complicated situation in your relationship, right?

Maybe he’s giving you ice on him…

Or he just stopped giving you the attention you deserve.

The question is: “How to turn the game around and make him run after?”

So don’t worry because in this conversation I’m going to show you exactly what you should do. Come on!

Should you run after a guy?

It is normal for men to chase after women. This is because men are programmed to go after whatever they want.

There will be times when you will find a man that you love, desire and would like him to go after you.

What do you do if the man doesn’t show interest in you? For some women, they will have no problem running after guys and will always take the lead in situations like this.

Some men may lose interest in this behavior.

Mainly because men like to hunt.

The moment a woman throws herself at him, it means he won’t have much work to do. If you want to make a guy chase you, there are a number of tricks you can use.

1. Leave the chasing part to the man

We all agree that women are now more independent and are becoming more aggressive in dating and hunting men.

In most cases, no problem.

However, there are certain guys you will deal with who will not like you being ahead of everything.

This is because you will be robbing him of the thrill of chasing.

Once you’re interested in a guy like that, you’ll have no choice but to improve your game.

Even if it doesn’t seem wise to conclude that the man should be the one to stalk, not stalking him will give him space to stalk you. You’ll need to be receptive when he shows interest in you, or else he’ll move on to someone else.

You should be unavailable but showing that you’re interested as soon as he starts flirting with you.

One of the strange laws of the universe is that we place more value on things that are rare.

When you start ignoring your crush, that’s when he’ll come to you.

When you focus a lot on it, you will notice that it disappears. That’s why it’s a good idea to ignore him, so he runs after you.

2. Show confidence to make the guy chase you. 

Confidence is one of the greatest traits any woman should have. When you exude confidence, it’s easy to get a man’s attention. Once he’s intrigued, he’ll be attracted to you.

Once you believe that you are a self-confident woman, the man will believe the same.

He’ll know that if he doesn’t treat you right, you’ll dump him, and be with the right man. One fact you need to know is that men love women who have confidence.

This also applies to women.

Whenever a confident person walks into a room, you realize you’re looking at them. Your goal is to get his attention, and there’s no better way to do that than by exuding confidence.

When you look confident, it will look like you’re not just interested in a man and that makes the man want you more.

3. Keep busy

If you want the guy to start chasing you, you should stop putting yourself at his disposal, otherwise you’re not going to let him find himself.

He’ll be thinking about who or what keeps him busy. You don’t want your crush to feel so special that your universe seems to revolve around them.

So use this time to do the things that have always excited you, like going to the beach or enjoying your hobbies.

Avoid getting bored at all costs as this is what will make you miss him and text him.

When you have a life to enjoy, you are content to only see him once in a while, and this will ensure that your relationship with him stays fresh.

The longer you are away from him, the more he will miss you.

4. Spend time with your friends

A common mistake women make is focusing too much on their relationship and forgetting to spend time with their friends.

That shouldn’t be the case, because it just makes the guy feel important.

It’s a good idea to schedule one night a week to hang out with your friends, no matter what kind of relationship you’re in.

This will help you maintain your friendships before he enters the picture. When things don’t go according to your expectations in the relationship, your friends are the ones you turn to for advice on what to do.

By excluding your friends from your life, you show that they no longer matter to you.

On the other hand, you will be showing your guy how special he is. You can be sure that it will backfire and he will start treating you badly since he knows you will never let go of him.

It is advisable to divide your time between the guy and his friends.

This communicates to him that his friends are irreplaceable.

Chances are the guy you’ve got your eye on also has friends that you go out with.

The moment you put your friends aside for him, you’ll make him start to feel special and arrogant.

5. Have your own personal space 

Sometimes we get into a relationship and immediately make the man occupy every space in our lives.

We keep thinking where the guy is, what he’s doing and with whom. You need to remember that even before he came into your life, you already had your own life.

When you become needy and clingy it can end up spoiling the attraction because your attention smothers him, increases his ego and makes him overconfident.

While there’s nothing wrong with showing you’re committed to him, when you overdo it, it will only serve to make him feel important.

Let the guy give you space to shop and get involved in your favorite activities. This will show that you are independent.

6. Be real to make the guy chase you

During the early stages of a relationship, we always try our best.

While there’s nothing wrong with making a good impression, you shouldn’t forget to be yourself.

At first, when you’re pretending to be someone else, he might end up being attracted to you.

The downside to doing this is that you will be forced to maintain this facade. But then, when you let the real you slip, the man can lose interest.

In case the man doesn’t like you for who you are, it simply means he might be the wrong man for you. Trying to change for someone else will only lead to a buildup of resentment. This is because there is no way for you to permanently transform yourself into a relationship.

At first, you may change some habits, but you will eventually come back to them. If he’s not really happy with you, he’ll leave.

That’s why there’s no need to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you just the way you are. But if he likes you just the way you are, he’ll have no choice but to chase after you.

7. Create an air of mystery

If you want to make the guy chase you, you need to stop being an open book.

Make sure you don’t reveal everything about yourself at once. Whenever you communicate or interact with him, avoid revealing everything to him.

Instead, share the information bit by bit to get him interested.

He will see that you are a dynamic person with many unique layers.

When you tell him about you little by little, he will be interested in this beautiful woman and that will make him enjoy the hunt.

The golden rule in a relationship is to make sure he always wants more from you.

The moment you manage to keep some things about yourself a secret, you’ll make him want to be closer to you. He will want to understand the reason for your secrets.

A good trick is to leave him in doubt, without allowing him to understand all the great things that are happening in your life. If there’s something a guy wants to know, let him sweat before he does. Creating an air of mystery keeps the guy interested in you.

8. Avoid texting or calling the guy

While it’s not easy, you need to avoid calling him or texting him all the time. If you’re always the one who calls and texts first, it means he’s not liking you by bugging him all the time.

When he sends you a message, take a few hours before replying.

When he calls, wait a while before answering. The goal is to remove the notion that you’re sitting by the phone, waiting for his call or text.

If he’s really interested in you, it’s your duty to call or text him. That’s because if he’s really chasing you, nothing will drive him away. If he’s not interested, there’s no reason for you to chase after him. Be busy with other things and wait for him to call you.

9. Flirt with the guy

Getting a little flirty can make a man come after you, but you don’t have to overdo it.

Make sure you make eye contact, but avoid looking at him all the time. When talking to him, playfully tap his hand. Gently remove something from his face. Touch his hair while laughing at his jokes.

Whatever action you engage in, remain subtle and not exaggerated.

The goal is to show interest in him, not despair. If you do it aggressively, it will defeat your objective, he won’t see why he should run after you.

Besides the fact that most men don’t like overly aggressive women.

10. Don’t be tiresome

The time will come when the man will contact you. When he talks to you in person, calls or even texts you, be sure to keep conversations not too long, but gentle.

Avoid the temptation to open your heart to him in a strong-worded text. Even when you feel like you’re enjoying your time with him, cut the conversation short.

You want him to keep wanting more from you.

When you limit the time you spend with him, he ends up lusting after you. He’ll be left with no option but to pursue you.

Most men aren’t very good at carrying on conversations. They also prefer plain text.

Long texts will only confuse the guy. If you feel like there’s something you should say to him, keep it simple.

Be sure to deliver the message without adding anything else.

When you do, he’ll feel comfortable talking to you and maybe invite you in for a nice chat. You’re not just making him want you more, you’re keeping it simple.

11. Live an exciting and high quality life

Men would like to date women who have the kind of life they admire.

The more passion you have, the more exciting your world will be.

You can’t enjoy the dating game if your personal life is boring.

It’s possible for any girl to be physically attractive and have a guy want to bed her. But when it comes to the high-class woman men love to chase, she’ll understand that men are attracted to more than just physical appearance.

That’s why she focuses on self-improvement and builds the desired life rather than the way men look or perceive it. Thus, she will radiate the confidence that makes any man want her as a girlfriend.

If your goal is to have high-quality men chasing you, you should step out of your comfort zone.

Build a high quality life you love. Men know that few women are capable of achieving this and will go after these rare women.

12. Don’t rush into a relationship

A common mistake women make is rushing out of singleness. What they don’t realize is that being single is a big phase in a woman’s life.

When you’re single, you have the opportunity to improve yourself without anyone pushing you. You have time to build your dreams. You still have the opportunity to find the right person, which is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make.

When you’re in a hurry to get out of singleness, you start pushing for an almost immediate commitment, probably with the first decent guy you can find. You give up the benefits of being single and start chasing.

Men understand that the valuable things in life require work. The guy you’re chasing will understand that you’re in no rush to get out of singleness.

13. Don’t give the guy any extra benefits

If the guy isn’t your boyfriend, you shouldn’t give him any boyfriend benefits.

The saying that you don’t have to buy a cow if you can get the milk for free is very true in relationships.

Unfortunately, many people often equate the saying with sleeping together.

If you think sleeping with him is the best thing you can offer a guy, you’re underestimating the beauty and value men place on relationships.

Men love the emotional support they get in a relationship. They love the security of knowing you’re all theirs. (That’s on top of those cheeky pictures you send him.)

The main reason men chase women is because of these benefits.

The moment you give away these benefits for free, you can be sure that guys won’t see any reason to chase you.

14. Consider your actions

Another common mistake women make is chasing after guys who don’t deserve their love or haven’t done anything to deserve their attention.

While I agree that there are men who will make you furious the first time you meet them because they’re attractive, too rich, or have six packs, it’s the guy’s actions toward you that should make him worth stalking.

If you want a high quality man, find those who treat you well. It’s no use running after that tall, handsome doctor who never replied to your text.

It’s not worth chasing him if he doesn’t have time for you. If you want to make a high-class guy chase you, make sure he’s as attracted to you as you are to him.

15. Hold your position

We already mentioned that you need to build an exciting, high-quality life.

If you want a man to start stalking you, you need to have high standards.

Make sure you keep your self-respect above anything else. As you do so, you’ll see something magical happening: you’ll end up with guys who try to manipulate you into doing things their way.

If a guy cheats on you or abuses you, no matter how loaded he is, you better get back to your single life.

The moment you master this secret, you will have fulfilled your desire to see a man running after you. Rest assured that men can sense from a distance the value you place on yourself. That’s the same price they’ll put on you.

16. Let the guy feel in charge

You’ll need to make the man feel in charge. The fact that he’s the man should be enough to make him feel like he’s the one making the decisions. However, this does not mean that you have no role in decision-making; the main thing is to make sure you stay stealthily in it.

17. Don’t make the guy feel too special

The fact is, you shouldn’t let the guy feel like he’s the only one. Because he isn’t. Show him there are some guys trying to stalk you. Post a picture of yourself with other men on Instagram (even if they are really your friends). The goal here is to show the guy that he’s not the only one and that you’re in high demand.

18. Be attractive to make the guy chase you

Being attractive doesn’t mean you have to start being someone you’re not.

The idea is to enhance your sensuality as you enhance your natural features. While there’s no need for surgically plumped lips, you can choose to wear that plump lipstick while showing off your curves.

You cannot deny the fact that men are visual animals. When you look good, he’s sure to be crazy about you.

19. Avoid too much drama

One thing you need to understand is that men avoid women who cause drama.

In fact, they will immediately run away when they feel that you are the type to attract drama.

This will annoy them because they are not able to handle it emotionally.

If you want to make a guy chase you, end all kinds of drama.

20. Do nothing

While it can be difficult, this can be one of the most effective tips for getting a guy to chase you.

If you’re the type who likes to chase your dreams, the idea of ​​sitting back and waiting might seem strange. However, you need to realize that the goal here is for the guy to understand your worth and thus go after you. But instead of showing interest in a guy, you should sit back and wait for him to do something.

As long as you follow these tips, all you have to do is watch him run after him. Even when you conquer him, you’ll still want him to keep wanting you. It’s very easy to make your relationship a routine.

You need to keep your man guessing what you’re going to do next. Avoid getting used to the relationship and keep everything up to date. If your man doesn’t reciprocate, it may be time for you to move on or speak up.

Getting him to chase you isn’t an easy task, but it’s possible. You will need to ensure that the effort and respect are mutual.

Final Thoughts on How to Make a Guy Chase You

When flirting with a woman, many men enjoy the chase. There are those who believe that, in the modern world, the idea of ​​making men chase you is old-fashioned and has no place in the life of an independent woman.

However, every man has a caveman DNA that makes guys chase after the things they want.

As this instinct is not going away anytime soon, you must learn to use it to your advantage. Use these tips to make any guy chase you.