You are married, everything was going well between you until the day your wife informed you of her intention to start a new life on her own! Without you! Everything is crumbling under your feet, because if your wife wants a divorce, you don’t want to be her ex-husband at all. So you think of getting her back with all the ease of the fact that she is still your wife and the determination that represents a decision made by a mature person. In fact, you are no longer teenagers and his wish must have been carefully considered!

How to rekindle the flame when you sometimes have more than ten years of marriage behind you? How to win back his wife thanks to radio silence? Listen to the writing …


There are several reasons why one may want to get his wife back. Of course, there are some more important and some less important, but whatever the reason for getting back together, the most important thing is to have the right strategy!

Here are 5 reasons that come up often:

  • I want to win back my wife because I love her
  • Win back his wife because we miss her
  • Reclaiming is option 1 because we don’t want to rebuild everything
  • Win back his wife through emotional dependence
  • We don’t want to let his wife go for fear of being alone

Once you’ve figured out why you don’t want her to abandon you, you’re going to have to ask yourself how to win my wife back.


The first reaction when your wife tells you that she no longer wants to continue your relationship is to beg her, withhold her at all costs, then to call her very (very) often, to make her see you. and notice you. But this is not the right way to do it: you have to move away from her to let her think (it is her wish), you also have to think alone about what is good to do now.
Continuing to force a dialogue with your ex-wife when she has asked to be alone will only make her feel bad about you. It is in this sense that radio silence is a radical method because this way your ex will be led to think about your case since she will be alone! But this loneliness if it was first wanted will necessarily be suffered since you will not come back immediately. If you were in demand before, this technique is for you because it will aim to reverse roles.
Radio silence has no prescribed duration, you can make it last as long as you want, even if 3 hours radio silence will not be credible. You can either stop it yourself or wait for your ex to text you. If he does, you don’t have to answer it, you have to be ready to win her back or have a new take on your breakup.


To win back your wife thanks to radio silence, you have to come back at one point or another. In this case, you have decided not to let her go so after an absence on your part, you come back. How? ‘Or’ What? By little touches, messages, calls, or, since it’s your wife, by going to see her. No tears and words to urge it because your wife should not tell herself that you are at her feet, nor that you are desperate.
After the first contact, you need to get closer to her as on the first day. You must be a new man, having learned from your mistakes. It’s time to gradually show her how important she is in your life. You have to act like a husband so she will give you back your place.

How to win back his wife thanks to radio silence? If your wife made the decision to separate from you despite being married, her decision must have been considered. This is why you too should think about your relationship instead of rushing towards it. The best way to do this is radio silence: you have to think alone, too. She must feel your absence: for that, you must not be there. This is why radio silence advises you to cut all contact with her until you are finally ready to return to her life.
You can break the radio silence on your own or wait to hear from him. Either way, you don’t have to look on the verge of suicide, you don’t have to look easygoing. You too must be mature in your decisions and words. If you had given up your place as a husband in the past, collect piece by piece so you can build a stronger couple than before.