I miss my boyfriend: The 8 tips to get better!

When you miss your boyfriend you might feel like everything has been sucked out of you, leaving a void that no one else can fill, but trust me, on that one you’ll be fine. The feelings that accompany the absence of a boyfriend can hardly be described in words.

You don’t know if you should call it loneliness or emptiness or sadness or whatever it is that you may be feeling. The only thing you wish for though, is that by magic or by some miracle it can be brought directly to you.

You want to pounce on him, and you are ready to do anything to make it happen. Your feelings are understandable and completely normal, because your boyfriend is someone special to you. He is perhaps even more special than any other man you have known, with the exception of your father in particular.

Whenever you get a chance to talk to or text her, you never fail to say, “I miss you” before you say goodbye. While there is nothing wrong with being bored with your boyfriend, your feelings may cause you to miss out on important things happening in your life.

It could be that you are in a class where you are supposed to concentrate on your studies and you are lost in your thoughts just thinking of him, or maybe you are left all alone on a Friday night because you don’t. you don’t want to be the third wheel of the coach when everyone is on a date, yet you don’t.

This is the reason why you need some new ways of dealing with the situation before it starts to take over your life and create problems for your relationship. The following tips are tips that I apply to myself when I miss my boyfriend.

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Even if you are already a hard worker, you might find that your productivity is affected because of the way you feel. The points covered below highlight some proven tips that allow you to deal with yourself and your feelings at the same time.

It’s important that you stay in control when the feeling of missing your boyfriend is driving you crazy. You can also share these tips with your loved ones who will tell you for example: “ I miss my boyfriend, how can I get better”?

I do everything to be happy

The natural thing for you, as a girl, is to miss your boyfriend when you’re apart. You may want to suppress these feelings by keeping them locked inside, but we all know that’s not healthy. You may not want to be seen by him or someone else as too demanding, desperate or clingy, but you are not alone.

There are other women out there who are also looking “how to be better when I miss my boyfriend “. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you feel. It’s natural that you miss your boyfriend, but if you try too hard to deny yourself these feelings, you will hurt yourself, both mentally and emotionally.

Instead, rejoice in the experience and be happy to have a boyfriend who drives you crazy. Your feelings are quite common and they are a sure sign that you like her. Your heart has tied itself to the breast and that is the reason you miss it. Rather than struggling to suppress that feeling, savor it.

In your opinion, is it too late to get your ex back?

I have prepared a unique QUESTIONNAIRE for you capable of determining your chances of getting your ex back, and of discovering what strategy you must put in place to save your relationship.

Instead of being sad, do a little dance thinking about the next time you talk to her. Be happy that it is part of your life! It should be noted that this is the first healthy way to manage the situation on your own when I miss my boyfriend.

It saves you sleepless nights and hurtful thoughts of sadness and loneliness when you’re far from each other. If you admit that all is well with you, or you’re not shy about telling someone who cares to listen that you miss your boyfriend, then you’re handling the situation well.

I use technology to stay close

Our 21st-century world has become a global village, which means instant communication is as easy as pushing a button, even if someone misses you halfway around the world. Nowadays, we have various apps that make connecting with people easier, faster, and maybe better, whether you are communicating during the day or even at night.

If you miss your boyfriend, why not consider using social media (Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) to chat with him? You can communicate using all the options available to you on each of these applications, bringing you closer to him, wherever he is in the world.

Of course, this approach will only work if the reason you miss your boyfriend is because he lives far away from you. He may have a job overseas or he was deployed by the military, but no matter what, now you can communicate in a way you never imagined before.

In other words, if you and your boyfriend are still very close and there is a long distance between you, you can fix this problem by chatting with him or leaving him a voicemail message. You can also talk via video call, which will give both of you the opportunity to see each other the best you can, while being at a distance.

I miss my boyfriend? I contact him!

You can never tell if the feeling you have for your boyfriend is mutual, that is, if they miss you too. Be the first to act and break the silence by calling her just to say “Hello” for example!

In your opinion, is it too late to get your ex back?

I have prepared a unique QUESTIONNAIRE for you capable of determining your chances of getting your ex back, and of discovering what strategy you must put in place to save your relationship.

The call doesn’t have to be long if there aren’t any serious topics to discuss, and it can be as short as three minutes, but let him know how crazy his absence drives you. Assure her that you know you will be together again soon, and remind her how much you love her.

Hopefully, once you talk to her your mind will be calm and you won’t feel more alone than before you spoke to her. You can keep her voice close to your heart and it should keep you going until you talk to her again.

You may need to come to an agreement with your boyfriend on an appropriate way to talk to the two of you. It is necessary, especially if it is continents that separate you. Do the time calculations so you don’t call him at night or when he’s busy at work.

Again, this point needs to be emphasized, but get rid of your pride because there is no point in keeping your feelings hidden inside. There is a general assumption among women that it must be the man who should call first, but try to avoid this state of mind. Call him if you miss him, even if it’s just to hear his voice on his voicemail.

Stay busy to deal with your boyfriend’s absence

Your feelings about being bored with your boyfriend will become more intense and more frequent when you are less busy. By being idle, you give yourself the opportunity to rehearse and replay all the good times you had together, and as a result, you hurt yourself mentally and emotionally. One way to get rid of this is to do something you like.

Activity, they say, is the law of life. If you’re busy with homework, a project, or chores, you have much less time to dwell on your feelings. Of course, that doesn’t mean the activity will prevent me from missing my boyfriend, but by keeping busy I dispel my feelings, as well as some of its effects.

Frustration intensifies when idleness is left free. In fact, it can lead to a misunderstanding between you and your boyfriend. If you don’t do anything and still miss him, you could be part of a one-sided relationship. You don’t want to feel offended if your boyfriend doesn’t call you enough because you have all the time in the world to think about him.

The task that you leave unfinished because you miss your boyfriend can eventually prevent you from enjoying his company when he’s finally here. It might not be easy at first to get up and do the task you may see yourself lacking in motivation, but don’t give in to your feelings.

When I miss my boyfriend, I write my feelings on a piece of paper

The old habits we once had have actually proven to be of immense help when lovers miss each other. The majority of the beautiful love songs and poems you read or hear today were not all written during “beautiful times”. Some are experiences that girls like you have when they miss their boyfriend or husband.

Rather than hurting yourself or getting stuck in one place because you miss your boyfriend, you can grab your pen and start writing. Don’t worry so much about grammar or sentence structure, because right now you only want to pour yourself out with a pen.

Write him a love letter explaining how much you miss him so that he gets a feel for what is going on with you. You never know how great a writer you can be when a feeling of love comes over you. When you come back later to review what you have written, you may be surprised at what you have written.

Writing is an easy way to dump what is on your mind at any given time. A girl writing to her boyfriend can turn this into a tactic she can use to deal with subsequent arguments, sadness, and emptiness that she might be feeling. When you’ve managed to express these feelings in words, you might feel better that you’ve missed your boyfriend.

I hang out with my loved ones when I feel his absence

When you are seriously missing your boyfriend, you can schedule a date with your loved ones (families, girlfriends, etc.) rather than letting your feelings push you to do something crazy. There are a lot of benefits to allowing yourself to go out and have fun every now and then.

First, you can build a stronger relationship with your friends and colleagues while your boyfriend is away. You know what? Sometimes the excitement of your boyfriend’s presence can cause you to sideline the important people in your life, which is not good.

When time and space are yours and you don’t have a boyfriend to cuddle or kiss, you can turn to your loved ones for distraction and not think about them. It’s a diversionary tactic that will give you less time to dwell on those hurtful feelings that accompany a person’s absence.

Rest assured that you and your friends will have a great night out, and you never know, someone else might feel the same way. It’s relieving to learn that a friend can miss her boyfriend too and when that happens you both know you have a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough.

You can even have dates and have a good time together. However, please note that the most secure friend you can spend time with is a woman, as you may feel vulnerable in the company of the opposite s**x.

Make sure he will come back soon!

Your boyfriend may live some distance away, so it’s important to let you know that the long-distance trip will be over soon. Even if it’s only for a brief visit, you will still be together. When it’s time to say goodbye, don’t cry, smile because it happened.

Now that you will soon be together again, cherish the time you spent with him until you are together again. The point is, you don’t have to sit somewhere looking at the clock. Time won’t pass any faster if you watch the numbers go by. It is important to look forward to the days ahead.

If you believe that the days are not as long as they seem, you will be a much happier woman, able to cope with loneliness and sadness. You might not know how beneficial this trick is until you practice it. Days, weeks, and years are as long as we see them in our mind.

If you have the ability to tell yourself that the long distance between you and your boyfriend is only temporary, then you will allow your feelings to stay in check. You can even start by planning for his next visit, as it’s never too early to plan his return, especially when I miss my boyfriend.

I’m talking to someone

A shared problem, they say, is a half-resolved problem. Often times, you will need to let your feelings out by finding a trustworthy person to confide in. Before you open up, find a worthy outlet to free your thoughts.

The person you are going to confide in should be worthy of the information and should be mature enough to fill in the gaps so that you don’t feel ridiculed or embarrassed. This person could be your best friend, a family member, or even a close relative of your boyfriend.

There is something going on when you open up to someone, and it’s that feeling of lightness and inner well-being that you’re looking for here. It is as if you are shifting a burden onto someone else. In fact, it can be therapeutic if you consider yourself close to depression. The things this person will tell you can help you regain your confidence and make you feel comfortable.

The chat itself won’t shorten the long distance between you and your boyfriend, but it will certainly help address some of your fears. By sleeping at night and remembering the reassuring words of your confidant, your heart will be lightened and you will be better prepared to face the days to come.