ideal Flowers and floral arrangements for saying “I love you”

What type of flowers to offer to his spouse?

The language of flowers allows you to qualify the expression of your feelings, especially in love. From the classic red rose to say a passionate “I love you”, to the tulip that affirms your sincerity by way of the lilac, discover all the floral varieties to offer to your spouse.

A declaration of love in bloom

Like the flame of a good fire, love is entertained on a daily basis with pretty declarations, but above all with attentive gestures, such as the delivery of flowers . But which variety to choose when you are in a relationship?

Give tulips to make pretty promises

Even when you are in a relationship, you may want to renew your vows of love. On this occasion, the sincerity expressed by a beautiful bouquet of red tulips will have its effect. This variety of floral ornament, native to Iran, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan, takes its name from “tulipan”, Turkish name designating the turban worn by the sultans who used to wear it by pricking the flower. It was imported into Europe around 1500 by a Flemish nobleman who received it as a gift from Soliman the Magnificent.

Have white roses delivered to express your sincerity

When you are at the beginning of a relationship, it is not easy to express your feelings too quickly. We are afraid to go fast, to rush the other.
In this case, offering a beautiful white rose to express all the purity and sincerity of your feelings will touch your loved one very much. And, if the relationship is well established, why not take the opportunity to offer him a bouquet of 12 red roses to ask him for his hand?

Desire exalted by floral language

In the intimacy of everyday life, there are little attentions that allow you to maintain desire in your relationship. Thus, the flowers participate in transmitting small sweet messages which are not to displease …

The liberated sensuality of the orange rose

The orange and very warm shade of the orange rose places this flower on a more erotic and sensual register than the traditional red Valentine’s Day rose.
Vibrant, the orange rose, born from the crossing of the red rose and the pink rose, expresses a fiery desire with sweet and particularly erotic hues.
Enthusiasm and admiration can also be read in this color which sublimates with great delicacy all the tender gestures towards the loved one.

The lasting love expressed by hyacinth

No matter what color of hyacinth we offer, the beauty of this flower is in the very strong sense that it carries: a sense of exclusive and passionate love, sublimated by the grace and magnificence of its petals emerging from its bulb in an exaltation of heady fragrances.
They also express the idea of ​​a desire for a lasting intellectual and carnal fusion, erecting the hyacinth as an emblem of couples who have managed to reinvent themselves over time to last.

Passion sublimated by flowers

The strong emotion of passion felt towards a person takes on its full meaning when it is expressed with flowers. Which ones best express passion?

The burning love of nasturtium

The nasturtium seems fragile, airy and light. However, despite appearances, the nasturtium expresses the feeling of love, a burning love which is very difficult to resist.
The Sun King, Louis XIV , himself succumbed to it. And, to offer it to Madame de Maintenon, he did not hesitate to have this flower brought to the court of France.

The red rose, the timeless symbol of love

Since Antiquity, the red rose has been the most described, the most sung, the most ornate floral ornament by writers, poets and painters. Is it not thanks to her that we remember Ronsard’s verse?

“Cute, let’s see if the rose
Which this morning had unblocked
Her purple dress in the Sun, She
lost that vesper
The folds of her purple dress,
And her complexion like yours …”

Timeless symbol of passionate love, deep and intense, the rose invites itself to all celebrations, all ceremonies, all occasions around the world. Valentine’s Day star, don’t wait until February 14 to offer it to your other half …