Ideas for conversation topics for a first date

That’s it, you took the plunge and invited him to the cinema or to have a coffee at the local brasserie. You really want it to work, for her to become your girlfriend.
The problem is, you’re a bit shy and don’t really know her. You are therefore afraid of not having topics of conversation and there may therefore be big and long blanks …
It is therefore absolutely necessary that you think before going to your first date about what you are going to say to him . So of course you’re going to find things to talk about when you’re in front of her. But the best is still to have 3 or 4 on hand just in case.
So here are some ideas for topics, out of order. It’s up to you to choose the ones that best suit you and your future girlfriend!

You can therefore speak:

  • of the latest TV shows you watch
  • movies you love.
  • of your last vacation.
  • your job or lessons.
  • of your dog / cat.
  • sports, but only if she likes it too.
  • of your passions: music, shopping, etc …
  • of your dreams and your vision for the future.
  • of a hot topic that you have read and that touches you.
  • what you like about her
  • what you are going to do next
  • of your mutual friends
  • of your favorite music and singers.

But it’s also important that you ask questions about them. Girls and guys love it! It shows that we have an interest and it is therefore a proof that maybe you want to be his buddy.

You can therefore ask her what she likes, what she does for a living, etc …

BE CAREFUL: don’t talk about your ex, the number of children you want to have, your friends, the last PSG / OM, etc …

Good luck on this first date. Hope it works and you get a second one.