If she does these 11 things, your girlfriend is a gem

We all dream of seeing great love come into our lives – finding the right person to give our love to is the most difficult step. There are so many different people and millions of ways to meet them. How can you be sure that you have met the right person?

If you are wondering if the woman you are dating is a potential mate, here are some personality traits that you should look for in this one. Here are 11 of the qualities that the ideal girlfriend has. Never let someone like that slip through your fingers!

1. She supports you

She supports all your projects and takes no pleasure in belittling you, making fun of your efforts or generally, undermining your enthusiasm. If you feel like you are called to a particular mission or have a vocation, you will need someone who helps you, not someone who hinders you.

2. She is a good person

If you can’t list at least half a dozen reasons why he’s a good person, that’s problematic. “She is s exy” and “I want her” DO NOT count as signs that she is a good person. Attraction and desire is great, but it can lead you to a heavy relationship from the start – and these only last rarely.

3. She is honest

Even when things are hard to hear. Of course, you could very well get along with a woman who says yes to everything … For a while. But to build something over time, you need someone to call you back when necessary.

Also, an honest person, not afraid to express his opinions will be less likely to say things for the simple purpose of making you happy and to accommodate things that, in fact do not suit him … And it is the shortest path to rancor, capable by itself of destroying many relationships.

4. She is the PERFECT candidate to take home, to present her to your mom…

… Or anywhere else. Don’t worry about your friend being rude to your family or making a scene at dinner. If she can have fun at night and under the duvet, but nowhere else, it is doomed to failure.

5. There is an alchemy

And I’m not talking about the alchemy capable of turning lead into gold – explosions are not what you are looking for! I’m talking about sharing a common sense of humor, making others laugh and having complementary personalities. If there is chemistry, you will quickly know that the future is smiling for you.

6. No dramas and ex in perspective

We all have them, but how we relate to them and how we describe our past relationships says a lot about our availability. If she is still at war with them, it is unlikely to be available and worse, it is an example of how things could end between you.

Note: if his ex is his best friend today, that is not a good sign either.

7. She has good relationships with family and friends – as well as yours

Family and friends play an important role in a couple relationship. If she doesn’t respect this part of your life, the woman isn’t right for you. Whatever your beliefs, she must live with and respect them.

She may not think that all of your friends are amazing, but she shouldn’t be too selective about who she wants to hang out with. By doing this, it prevents you from being with them and also limits your contact with them. And this should activate your alarm: “she’s trying to change me”.

8. She gives you the space you need

To fix cars, play video games, make the world over with a beer with your friends or whatever you want to do in your free time. If she cries, argues or sulks as soon as you decide to do any of these things, this is not a good sign.

9. She doesn’t match your usual type of woman

If you have a “type” of woman, it is likely that you will repeat the same mistakes in a romantic relationship, choosing the same type of woman physically, but also the same toxic personality traits. The fact that things are different, whether tall, dark, and understated, when you are more used to bubbly blondes is more a good sign than something that should worry you.

10. She is comfortable with herself

Someone who is not good about himself is a living hell. Going fishing for compliments from time to time and seeking reassurance is normal. On the other hand, someone constantly looking for these things shows a complete lack of self-confidence and will exhaust even the most patient of men.

11. She forgives easily

A small grudge can lead to a big grudge and can then destroy a relationship. And grudges are often a window open to dire situations. If she is resentful and if she has trouble forgiving or forgetting her exes , colleagues or others, it is because she is not made for you. You do not want a child, but someone who understands that the past is the past and that it is essential to leave it where it is.