If you like her, do not destroy her. An indispensable text to read by all men

Couple relationships are not always a long calm river and sometimes even the love we bring to someone can sometimes be dangerous especially. Harm the other is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship especially when it is not in its infancy.

In this case, the man or the woman undergoes a heavy pressure because of his partner which becomes painful and one finds oneself then in a destructive relation where reigns suffering and frustrations.

Who could believe that love can sometimes hurt our partner? It is often said, “love is a double-edged sword”. He can do as much harm as good to our beloved. So how is this possible and how not to fall into these traps?

We know that you like him …

It turns out that love is an uncontrollable feeling that can sometimes turn into a nightmare. A healthy, happy relationship can turn into a destructive relationship if you treat your partner badly or do not give them enough what they deserve.

A gentleman is supposed to act kindly towards his wife. So remember her on the first day when you married her and keep that image in your mind. You had chosen it, and you had loved it as it was, either for its intelligence, its beauty, its sense of humor or its independence. There is something about her that you have not found in anyone else. For you, she was unique by what she was and what she released.

If you like her, like her in full

Know that if there is something you did not like at home, remember that many other things you liked in her. The way you treat her determines how she sees herself. You can make her gain self-confidence and make her happy as you can make her unhappy. She just needs you to take care of her and show interest in her.

If you like it, love it with all its faults and qualities. She is as imperfect as you are, and she only hopes to share this imperfection with you. She wants to surrender entirely to you and be completely herself without a mask or pretense.

If you like her do not hurt her 

Know that if she is with you it is because she has found in you serenity and overcame her fear and uncertainties related to her past. She took this step and decided to give another chance to love. She has entrusted you with her love and you must not have fun destroying her.

The relationship between the man and the woman should be based on love and understanding so that both partners find comfort and support with each other.

Do not give up

Nothing can destroy it as much as your emotional absence. You can sit near her all day and not be really there, but you can also be far away and be totally present.

Stimulating one’s thoughts, one’s emotions, is the thing that makes her happy and alive. Your partner needs your love at all times, not just when things are bad.

Your own past suffering may have destroyed you. But do not just like it to bear your injuries. Do not like it if you just want to fill a void. His love and his existence will heal every part of you. But if you are with her only to not feel alone, she will know it, and that will destroy her.

Make her understand that she has gone through the “worst” so that she can appreciate the “better” you are. If you are not ready to accept it as it is, you will destroy it.

If you love her, help her build herself because she will do the same for you. Know that no matter how much effort you put, it will duplicate. If you treat her correctly, she will love you more.