If your boyfriend does these things, you should end the relationship now

For many women having a boyfriend is wonderful, but for others not so much. Just watch what to do with your boyfriend. If your boyfriend does these positive things all right, but if he does other negative things, be alert. Many women justify bad behavior.

Observe the things your partner does when he loves you, do they make you feel happy or do some things not harm you? There is no perfect boyfriend, but it does not mean that you are going to sacrifice your happiness for a relationship.

You are very much in love, you have a handsome and charming crush, but how does he really behave? Does it value you, motivate you, help you progress, or rather limit you and make you feel terrible?

1.- You are not owned by your boyfriend and cannot be possessive

For example, there are many things to do with your boyfriend when they are bored. But if he decides everything, if he is possessive and does not let you be free, it is not right. You are a person, not an object of their property.

There is nothing romantic about emotional manipulation. You have your things to do, your family, your friends. You need your time, your space. The excess of jealousy is not love.

2.- If your boyfriend does these things, end it soon

Think of all the things you want to do with your boyfriend before you get married. But if your boyfriend plays with your feelings, taking a step means thinking it over again. You deserve a boyfriend who appreciates you.

If he talks to you about other women and his ex, you don’t feel good. If he does not keep his promises, if he only looks for you when he needs you, he is not really showing love.

3.- When your opinion doesn’t matter to him and he laughs at you

There are things that you like to do and your boyfriend maybe not. You don’t have to give up just to please him, he has to respect your tastes and opinions. But if you rather mock and laugh, something is wrong.

For example, there are things to do with your partner at home but if he says that they are nonsense, it is not right. That is ignoring your feelings. He is putting his ideas ahead by trampling on your feelings.

4.- If at the end of the day you don’t feel happy with or without your crush

If the things your boyfriend does don’t make you feel good, think about it. If your boyfriend does these things without caring about your opinion or feelings, he really doesn’t care about you.

Your day doesn’t necessarily have to go the way you want it to. But if you cry at night because of what your boyfriend does to you, talk to him. If you have no intention of changing, if you only promise, finish.

5.- When your lover does not mind lying to you over and over again

You know that there are things to do with your lover on the street, they plan it, but he does not appear. That feels bad. Too bad if you do it over and over again. It is much worse than being alone.

He looks you in the eyes and tells you that he loves you, he even swears it. But he doesn’t spend a lot of time and you see him flirting with other women. How long can it take you to realize that your relationship is based on lies?

6.- Your great love often disappears with his friends

When there really is love, your priority is yourself and your partner. But if your boyfriend does these things like disappear with his best friend, something is wrong. Yes, she has the right to her friends, but not when she meets you.

Anyone makes a mistake, but if it happens very often you have to think about your self-esteem and dignity. If he doesn’t talk about his future with you, if he prefers his life, you have to take action and protect yourself.

7.- If your lover does not talk about a future with you, he does not love you

There are many things to do to your boyfriend in bed but if that is the only thing that matters to you, wait. When you are in a good love relationship, you dream, you plan a future together. That’s love.

But if your crush never even talks about a vacation together, what are his plans? If you don’t spend time and thought on improving the relationship, you don’t care much.

8.- If your partner is never there when you need him

Are you thinking about things to do with your boyfriend before getting married? It sounds wonderful, but if your boyfriend doesn’t seem interested in your needs, wait. Maybe he’s not taking you seriously.

Sometimes a man or woman just wants to have entertainment. If it is not your case and it seems that for him it is, love yourself more. If it always fails you when you need it, take care of your life yourself, walk away.

9.- When you cannot or do not want to forget your past love

Stay hooked on a love affair from the past. If your boyfriend does these things, like missing his ex, he doesn’t love you enough. It’s not that he can’t forget her, it’s that he still loves his ex.

You know that there are many things to do with your boyfriend in different places and times. You need him whole, enthusiastic, and present. But if your mind is constantly lost in the past, think about it.

10.- You are always after your boyfriend’s priorities

The most beautiful thing about a relationship is the things to do without the need for money. That is, you only need to be present and eager. But if he always has excuses, since I don’t have time, he doesn’t care about you.

Everything about him and his things are more important than you. They agreed to go to the movies but he wants to see a soccer game. Yes, it may be, occasionally everyone has to see their tastes.

But if he’s a constant and he’s never there for the things you agreed to do together, does he really love you? In a relationship, nothing is more important than strengthening the bonds of union and the little things count.