Is taking a break good for the couple?

They made a lot of effort to get their couple back on track, but they find themselves faced with the final option: “What if we take a break?”. Perhaps you have already thought about it but you are not sure if this possibility is really good for your couple. I invite you to read the following to understand what it is.

See the positive in the break

As a result of recurring relationship difficulties, some couples consider that putting the relationship on hold for a while may be a good idea. For others, it can be a form of disguised and not assumed rupture. Anyway, more and more s**x therapists offer this alternative if, despite everything, love is still present within the couple. 

The break can still be very positive, although the decision may be difficult. First, it allows you to take a step back from the relationship. Sometimes when we feel too suffocated by the difficulties of our couple, we only see the huge mountain to overcome. By taking a step back, we move away from this mountain to better analyze it. 

Also, when we have faced many relationship obstacles for too long, it may be that all the energy put into the attempts at resolution has put aside our own personal well-being. The break can, therefore, allow you to focus on yourself, take stock of your interests and think more objectively about things. 

Although the break may seem to weaken the relationship, the fact remains that the distance can also recreate the desire too long buried under the ton of daily disappointments. Paradoxically, it is through distance that passion and desire come to life. This stopping can, therefore, give a second breath to the relationship by the feeling of lack and desire to find oneself with the other. 

The rules to follow

If you decide to get started and officially put your couple on a truce for a while, it is important to establish clear rules and follow them to the letter throughout this distance. 

The duration

From the start, you need to establish the time necessary to allow you to take stock each on your own. Personally I suggest at least 21 days. It is said that it takes three weeks to integrate a new daily routine and I sincerely believe that this is the time required to better refocus on yourself. 

Decide on s**xual exclusivity

For many, s**xual exclusivity also remains during the truce. However, many also allow themselves to be tempted by the libertinism that the feeling of freedom provides. You, therefore, need to establish whether s**xuality with others is permitted or whether you remain faithful to the other. 

The course

Now it’s up to you to decide how you want to have this break. Take the opportunity to do activities that spark you, because there is nothing better than good morale to improve thinking. Do not see this approach as a break, but more as an opportunity for a new start. 

Stop contacts

The pause is used to create a break. Contacts should be minimized or even almost absent. Contact each other only if it is really important and not to talk about your day. On the other hand, if you stop talking to yourself completely, I still suggest giving you a sign of life a few days before the end in order to take the pulse of what will happen next.  

The return

As soon as you return, discuss the reflections you made during the break. What stands out? What are your impressions? What were the positive points? The negative points? Has this approach been beneficial? What is the conclusion? 

If you make the decision to stay together, start immediately to make sure the relationship does not get bogged down again. Also, discuss how you see the future. Be honest. Don’t hesitate to ask for an extension if you feel the need.