Love is free as the wind, that no one forbids, ties or forces you

It is not easy to find and fall in love with a person who understands that love is free like the wind. But you have two options, find a person with that freedom or become that type of person. Loving with a self-love freed from emotional attachments is not very common, but you can do it.

Look for a love without attachment. Fall in love with a person who loves himself, who loves life with sun and shadows, with flowers and thorns. Freedom is the air that fuels love. Only then can you enjoy life and receive direct lessons from your own mistakes, successes, and failures.

What is freedom in the couple? When love hurts, it is due to excess attachment, that is, it is not love and it is toxic. Emotional attachment is not loving more, just as free love is not loving less or being unfaithful. To love without attachment is to love in a mature way, it is to love from a well-achieved self-love.

Let’s see what it is like to love beyond attachment and fear of loneliness.

Loving free from social mandates is a more authentic form of love

Social norms make us idealize love a lot. Making love for life and being faithful the norm without a culture to strengthen relationships, does not make sense. There is no one who is your better half, your world, or your everything. You don’t need anyone to feel loved, be happy, and progress.

Embracing free love like the wind gives us the possibility to develop as unique and individual beings. Because the only way to share our life in a healthy way is with good self-love. To be able to feel, I love you beyond attachment and fear of loneliness.

How to love without emotional attachment? Accept that your partner does not belong to you and that just like you, he has dreams and goals to fulfill. Therefore, fall in love with someone who breaks the social paradigms of love. Your place is not to stand behind that person or be the one who takes the initiative for everything.

How to make space for your partner? Understand that self-love is an individual construction. Accept that you cannot give what you do not build in your own life. That is, your partner needs to feel free, supported, loved and inspired by seeing you and feeling you build your own love.

Free love means being able to be yourself, free as the wind

Freedom in a relationship is in loving without attachment. To love in a mature way is to have a lot of experience with self-love. That is, you can feel that love is free like the wind only if you practice love with yourself. Managing our emotions takes a lot of practice.

Only a person with a strong self-love will be able to fly without fear of losing by your side. Because her security is not that the other person does not fail her, but that she herself will never fail. Only a person who yearns for free love understands love without ties, masks, or attachments.

A person who loves you without attachment is not upset if you go out with your friends

The difference between attachment and free love is the difference between needing and taking over . A person who understands that love is free as the wind does not need you, chooses you. She doesn’t need you to be happy , she makes herself happy doing what she loves and overcoming her mistakes and failures.

A person who loves with attachment needs another to be happy and postpones his happiness for an uncertain future. Only when there is freedom in the love of a couple can progress, enjoy and be happy. Feeling jealous is not a test of love, respect and trust is the true test of love.

Looking for a perfect relationship is not love, respecting differences if it is

What does love have to do with freedom? Each person has talents, abilities, dreams, and weaknesses. Each person needs to feel loved, valued, and motivated to achieve their own happiness and progress. A person without freedom in a love relationship is an emotional slave.

A healthy relationship between couples is not perfect like in movies or books. Each person comes with their hurts and dreams of homes with different degrees of dysfunction. A person who builds his self-love with tolerance will try to bring peace and respect in his love relationship.


A free love like the wind will never think or try to change you

How to feed the love of your partner? By the example of your self-love, tolerance, respect, and gratitude. A person with strong self-esteem feels free to be himself like the wind. He does not need you to change to please him or for his happiness to be complete.

Living love in freedom means understanding that each one is the owner of a unique and differentiated personality. Falling in love without attachments means accepting your flaws and virtues. You do not waste energy or time transforming it to suit your way of being and your convenience.

What does freedom imply? Don’t be afraid to say what you feel and think

When love is not free like the wind, a person feels discomfort, lack of motivation, and lacks hope. It’s good to give your partner the freedom to observe your thoughts and feelings. If you are uncomfortable with your partner hanging out with his friends, you need to heal that toxic emotion.

One way to heal toxic emotions is to talk to your partner. Tell him what you think and feel when he talks to you in a certain way or does something. Don’t shut up for fear of making your partner mad or looking ridiculous. Love becomes free with sincere and honest communication.

When a person has very good self-esteem, he knows how to listen to you

How to love a free person? Respect in a relationship implies knowing how to listen, pay attention and be there when that person needs your support. When there are no emotional attachments it is important to know yourself, to know your tastes, your dreams, your plans. To know your partner you must pay attention to him.

Knowing how to listen is not to shut up and let him speak, rather it is to pay full attention while ignoring your opinions. When a person has free love like the wind, he is genuinely interested in his partner. He doesn’t judge her, he just listens to him accepting that he is smart but different.

Attachment-free people love their space and encourage you to take yours

Freedom in relationships means accepting your differences, strengths and weaknesses. Nobody can be as we want, nobody can have our same tastes. A man may like car racing and his partner a romantic movie. To love is to accept, respect and enjoy the good taste of your partner.

Fall in love with a person who understands that love is free and this means having coincidences and differences. At some point each one will need to be alone or doing something that fills their life and where you cannot be. We all need moments of reflection, learning something new, or doing nothing.

When love is free, no one feels superior or inferior like the wind

Love without freedom is not love, because love implies feeling loved, valued and respected. That is, your partner does not force you or prohibit you anything. Neither is subordinate or feels superior to the other. When there is maturity in love, both of them feel that they have the same obligations and rights.

When love is free like the wind both of you allow yourself to be and do of your own choosing. In a couple, both want to love and be loved. But in many cases the routine and feeling more or less than the others causes suffering. Good intentions are not enough for a healthy relationship.

Couples committed to love share their dreams and plans

People who are afraid of losing their freedom in their partner do not really want to commit to their own love. Because your freedom only depends on your own decisions. If you decide to join a person it is because that person motivates you to achieve your dreams.

When you commit to your relationship and feel free, your motivation to achieve your dreams grows. Your enthusiasm for loving and being loved multiplies and you share your best moments, plans and dreams with that person. Knowing that you have someone supporting you gives you more courage and hope to take a risk.

In short, love is free like the wind when each one takes charge of their happiness and personal progress. Neither is an emotional burden. Rather, each is the reason for the other for a new and more powerful motivation that pushes them to commit and have faith.