Love or Friendship: Unmask romantic feelings!

When we meet again, it is not necessarily a story that develops. We can meet at work, meet on social networks, have a common passion, go to the same gym, the same singing court. There is a bond that is created but it is difficult to distinguish between love or friendship. It is true that the line between these two situations can be thin.

If you are trying to make this difference it is probably because on your end you feel more than friendship. Love or friendship how to know? How to transform this complicity into love? How to make the right choice between love and friendship? We ask ourselves tons of questions when we are in your situation. I will help you answer it because you cannot stand by and do nothing.

There are certain signs that make it possible to clearly distinguish feelings of love and simple affection. We are going to see in this article how to interpret them but especially how to act so as not to have a loving friendship but a real-life as a couple.

Love or friendship: a thin border

Love and friendship are two very close feelings. It is therefore normal to have trouble knowing the difference. When you think about it between love or friendship, there are sometimes no big differences except obviously the intimate relationships and the marks of attention.

Otherwise, your friend knows you by heart, to the point of remembering the name of your first cat. When the two of you have dinner at the restaurant, you are taken for a couple. He/she is the first person you call in the event of a blues. Clearly, sometimes you have everything of a couple except the intimate side.

It is therefore almost stronger than friendship in some cases, but it does not necessarily mean that it is love. At least, maybe not for him/her. Can we really talk about feelings? You should ask yourself this question before you assume that he/she loves you. The feeling of love is not just about a close friendship. To recognize love, you have to pay attention to the little details.

Love and friendship are certainly 2 things that come together but getting along well does not necessarily mean that he/she is interested. We will come back to this a little later in the article. We must still accept that these are two very different things.

Besides, it’s the same for you reading this article because you have doubts about the friendship of someone you know. You think he/she wants more than friendship. We must not go too fast in the deductions.

Friendship in love: what are the signs?

Difficult to go to him/her and ask if it is friendship or love as far as we are concerned. There are not only signs but also ways of seduction so as not to be left waiting.

The different signs to know if someone is attracted are these:

– The look often says a lot about the intentions of a man or a woman. If you see him/her you look often, fix your gaze, wink at you, a little smile on the corner of the lip, it is not trivial.

– Communication, the way he/she will talk can also reveal some interest. We can distinguish a classic friendship from a loving friendship with words. If you have projects together, if there are often compliments, innuendo, then we can ask questions.

– There is also another sign but which does not necessarily have the same impact as the others. It is about jealousy. Why is it different? Because we can find it even when it is only a question of friendship. Contrary to what one might think. Being jealous or jealous does not mean being in love.

Friendship love, we do not really know which foot to dance on but there is one thing I would like to come back to and it is of PRIMORDIAL importance! If you do not see these different signs if your friend makes you understand that living as a couple is not possible, what are you going to do?

I am asking you this question simply because at the moment you are waiting. You want him/her to like you before you take the first step. However, seduction does not work that way. When you want to be with a man or a woman, you have to put in place certain actions in order to achieve it and this is how you can have a friendship that turns into love.

Friendship or love: Beware of false interpretations

Be careful love is a big word, it takes time for it to develop. There is a difference between friendship and love but it is also the case between love and attraction. You should therefore not see this friend as someone who is totally crazy or crazy about you. This does not mean that we cannot be in a relationship.

In a fusional friendship, which we want to transform into a loving friendship, certain signs can be wrongly interpreted as proof of love. If your friend comes to your aid to troubleshoot your computer, it’s solidarity, not love!

If he talks to you like a guy and constantly pushes you, it’s not flirting: he just considers you a good mate. If she invites you to the movies because her girlfriends haven’t answered her, it’s not an attraction.

If he/she hugs you as he/she does with everyone else, it’s not a feeling of love that is experienced, it’s just the way he/she is.

It is not to be mistaken anymore that it is important not to stay to live a love between friends but to set up actions of seduction. With personalized coaching, we will be able to set up powerful methods to no longer choose between love or friendship but to be in a relationship with the one who pleases.

Love friendship, you have to choose!

You now know how to distinguish these two elements, you no longer need to make a love or friendship test in the hope of reassuring yourself. You will be able to adapt to the situation! Whether or not you’ve seen signs of romantic feelings in your friend.

Now you have to act and ask yourself what you want to do with this relationship. You can either stay in this situation and have some frustration or you can take the lead, undermine your friendship but for good, love.

Between love and friendship, how do you know what you need the most? It is your heart that will tell you, it is important not to have any regrets! Know that with the good deeds seen in the coaching you can charm him/her and not stay in the friendzone.

Yes, you’re not going to have that same friendship anymore, but now you have to know what you really want. Not so long ago I coached a young girl who was in love with a former classmate she had found through Facebook. However, she refused to break their friendship to be in a relationship, especially out of fear.

As a result, she found herself in a difficult situation to manage because she was forced to pretend every time, to listen to him talk about her stories with women and therefore to suffer.

With my advice, she finally decided to take initiatives and it turned out that he too was feeling small things, they have been more than friends for 5/6 months now! Now is your turn!

The coach to know if it is love or friendship with him/her