Many men find it difficult to manage an empathic woman: here are 9 examples

A Cameroonian expression defines empathy as “the force of action of the emotions”. 

When you are naturally empathetic, it can be difficult to find love. In the search for someone capable of managing our empathy, it often happens that we are heartbroken many times.

Because the truth is that people who can handle extreme sensitivity and a natural ability to bond with others are more than rare.

Empaths aspire to love with all of their beings and to be loved in return. They seek deep relationships and powerful human connections, but it is often more a dream than a reality.

They often give a lot and receive nothing in return: no gratitude, no consideration, no kindness.

And that’s why romantic relationships become a real headache for them.

Many men find it difficult to manage an empathic woman: here are 9 concrete examples:

1. They are intense

They feel everything with intensity and in fact, they act accordingly. For certain, it is too much to manage. People who are measured or still have a lot of work to do in order to express their emotions will surely find it difficult to get along with this style of a woman.

And unless you are extremely good with themselves, this intensity is difficult to regulate. It will, therefore, be up to you to help him.

2. Everyone turns to them for help

People often turn to empathetic people when they need to relieve themselves. Simply because empaths appear to them to be pragmatic and trustworthy people.

Yes, they are endowed with great sensitivity. But in fact, they also know how to manage emotions, especially those of others.

And being in a relationship with an empath often implies having to share this burden with him.

3. They have a hard time lowering their guard

Many empathetic women have experienced various difficult relationships. And in fact, they are on their guard. They have a hard time letting go, whether in their intimate life or emotionally speaking.

You will have to prove to him that you are trustworthy. Above all, you should never push her to do something she doesn’t want to do. Simply love it.

4. They manage to read in their partner as in an open book

Many men are very proud of themselves at the idea of ​​being able to hide something from their empathic partner … But the truth is, she knows what has been running through your head from the start!

They instantly identify men seeking a relationship and tempting, in order to create a kind of ideal personality. Their constructed image will not last long with an empathic woman!

They are able to see beyond appearances, especially those that are deceptive.

5. They need stability

Since their feelings and emotions are often pervasive and difficult to control, they need to maintain a stable and consistent life.

Whether through a specific morning routine or a way to fold their clothes, little fads secure them and allow them to have the stability to which they aspire.

6. They are extremely independent

Many men still and unfortunately have this primary need to provide financial security to their partners. But the problem with empathic women is that they are generally extremely independent.

They often live with the impression of not needing anyone. And although they cherish the idea of ​​sharing their life with someone they love and who accompanies them throughout their lives, they find it difficult to give up their complete autonomy.

7. They are very curious and ask a lot of questions

Of course, it is a quality which is that of many women and many men. But it is perhaps found even more frequently among empaths.

They never trust appearances. For them, everything in life has a hidden meaning. They question everything. And this trend does not necessarily please everyone.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t question anything and takes life from day to day, it might be a bit complicated.

8. They know what they want

It is, once again, a character trait with which many people are endowed, empathetic or not. But it is found even more often in empathetic women.

They are, in any case not addicted to experimentation. They are not the type to try to get together as a couple “to see”. No, when they get involved, it’s for good.

When they decide to be with someone, they get fully involved. They will require you to make an effort (like anyone), but will never accommodate a lack of investment.

9. They’re so honest that some people have a hard time getting used to them.

If “the truth and the whole truth” is not your mantra, it is better to go your way. Hearing a hurtful truth is rarely pleasant, but often necessary.

In the long term, hearing the truth allows you to evolve and grow. And by spending time with an empath, you will have nothing less!