The 12 types of boyfriends (according to their personality and attitude)

When dating or establishing a relationship, we are all different. However, we can classify the types of grooms into 12 large groups, with the aim of identifying them in time and taking the necessary measures so that everything flows positively. Or, to know when enough is enough and to know how to end the relationship before the problems grow.

The personality, the beliefs, the way you think you have to treat women. All of these factors determine what type of boyfriend a man becomes. Although it is also true that some negative things can change with communication and will.

The 12 types of boyfriends (discover what your ideal boy is like)

In the first days or weeks, you can discover what kind of boyfriend any man is. There are attitudes and behaviors that make it easy to see what their style of relating is. It is important to remain observant, and detect if there is a toxic trait that must be avoided.

Ideal relationships are not found, they are built. And one way to start building something healthy and stable is to get to know each other without blindfolds, and encourage communication and then see if you are willing to generate changes for the benefit of the relationship.

1. The jealous

One type of boyfriend to be careful with is the jealous one. It is common that at the beginning of the relationship his jealousy is subtle and he disguises it as flattery. Jealousy sometimes seems “romantic” and this detail is overlooked, and sometimes it is believed to be harmless.

Comments such as “you are so pretty that I don’t want anyone else to look at you” or “I can’t believe you prefer to be with me and I’m afraid of losing you” can be her favorite phrases that at first seem cute, but be careful, with the time can become a real problem.

2. The retailer

There are thoughtful boyfriends who seem like a true dream. Most women like details. A little detail for a special celebration, or simply for the fun of it, is something that we all like, it flatters us and makes us feel desired.

The retailer knows it very well and takes advantage of this quality of his to conquer. There is nothing wrong with this, you just have to be careful that these details are not “generic” and that they show a genuine interest in your tastes and hobbies and not that they turn out to be gifts that may not even have anything to do with you.

3. The free and wild

The free and wild type of boyfriend is the dream of many women. This stereotype of the man on a motorcycle living adventures… we understand each other, right? Undoubtedly many have wanted to have him as their boyfriend, and although it can be exciting, it has its downsides.

This type of boyfriend usually does not want commitments. Its appeal lies precisely in its free soul, and it is not easy to tie it down. Although it seems to you that perhaps you are the one chosen to change his life, keep in mind that without that freedom he may no longer be the type of boyfriend you were looking for.

4. The sticker

This sticker boyfriend will be glued to you everywhere. There are those who find this cute. They consider that it is a sign that he is so comfortable with you, that now he prefers to go everywhere like your shadow.

Perhaps at first, it is normal because, in the emotion of the first moments, they do not want to detach. You only have to be careful if this is not actually a symptom of codependency that can certainly lead to later problems.

5. The liar

The lying boyfriend type is definitely a complicated person. Maybe you pick up on little “innocent” lies early in the relationship or during the dating phase. You have to be careful, even if they are lies that do not seem to affect, they can turn into something more serious.

It is common for him to say things like “I didn’t want to worry you, that’s why I didn’t tell you” or “it’s not something important” or perhaps he justifies himself by saying “I’m not lying to you, I’m just hiding information from you.” And although it is true that we all have the right to keep our secrets, we must be alert if in reality, he is not hiding something that you should know, or if telling lies becomes a habit that is detrimental to your communication and your mutual trust.

6. The diplomat

The diplomatic boyfriend tends to be liked by all your friends and family. They have the ability to relate well and in their interest to “look good” with you, they are kind and friendly with all the people around you.

This is very nice, and there are those who have this very well-developed quality. However, you have to be careful that later this does not turn against you, when faced with a problem between you, your family supports him and not you. Also, very diplomatic people can be attractive at first, but if their way of being is impossive and artificial, in the long run, you can have some friction.

7. The open-minded one

An open-minded boyfriend can be a great ally and companion. He is non-judgmental and willing to learn new things and listen to you. It also comes loaded with innovative and risky ideas that can be very exciting.

However, your ideas may be somewhat extreme. Perhaps you do not agree with him and by not arguing, you end up agreeing. For example, he can tell you that fidelity does not exist and that he prefers an open relationship even if you are not convinced of it. This will not be right, there must always be common agreement and respect in all decisions, and they should be made only if both of you are convinced that it is the best.

8. The shy

A shy boyfriend can be cute, but sometimes he can make you desperate. Some shyness in a man can come to like, but when this prevents him from moving forward and you have to be the one who always takes the initiative, it stops being beautiful and becomes a bit tedious.

His nature is insecure, he has a hard time taking the first steps. This can become a real problem for the future, although also after time, they can feel completely confident with you and this attitude will have been left behind. It is up to you to find out and be patient, or not.

9. The aggressive

Without a doubt a type of boyfriend that you have to be careful of. Although at first, it is rare that he shows his aggressiveness with you, there may be situations that allow you to see this trait in his personality. You may get angry easily with other people, for example when driving or if someone treats you poorly in a restaurant.

In the beginning, it can be justified with you and it may seem to you that it is not bad that it “knows how to defend itself”, but without a doubt, it is a trait that you have to be careful about, because that violent personality can appear at some point also towards you, after a while to be together.

10. The friendly

There is a type of boyfriend who is very friendly. This is not a problem, however, there are some women who do not like that their boyfriends have a very active social life, and less if it includes friends. These guys are sociable and get along with everyone. They like to party and interact with the more people the better.

It is common that they want to include you in their circle of friends. This is a positive thing and far from trying to prohibit you from continuing to go out with them, perhaps the best thing is to get closer and get to know them. There is no need to feel bad either if you have many friends, this may mean that you have a good way of relating to all people.

11. The depressive

Another type of boyfriend is the depressed one. He carries a melancholy on his back and tends to victimize himself by everything. At first, this is not so obvious, as he disguises his pessimistic attitude with the joy of seeing you and having you in his life. This certainly makes many women feel good, and they don’t realize the gloomy personality behind it.

They are usually people who continually feel mired in failure. Who do not find their way and think that everything is the fault of others. When they start dating someone, they feel a rush of optimism and energy, but after a while, this goes away.

12. The macho

The macho type of boyfriend is definitely the one you should flee from. Although it may seem incredible, there are still many men out there believing that women must fulfill certain roles and characteristics to deserve their love.

Although at first, they do not say anything explicit to you, they begin with comments about the way you dress, behave, and with some habits of yours that they consider “inappropriate” such as smoking or drinking alcohol. There is not much to say. There is no remedy here, it is better to flee.