The little loving touches that make us so happy

Love is also every day. It is these little things that, once assembled, forge great relationships. These little loving touches that make us so happy…

The little loving touches that make us so happy

– When you catch yourself watching him sleep and realize it’s not just in the movies.

– When he admits that he has never met a woman like you.

– When you do things for him that before would have heckled your feminist side of the style: prepare his breakfast.

– When he cries with you, he who never cried.

– When you agree to watch the soccer world cup with him.

– When he agrees to watch Frozen with you.

– When you realize that a day without him is already too much.

– When he worries about not receiving text messages.

– When you feel confident enough to admit to him what makes you the most complex.

– When he sweeps this complex of a few tender words.

– When you learn to say no.

– When he learns to question himself.

– When you teach him to develop his musical tastes.

– When he teaches you that there is something other than your well-regulated little universe.

– When you find it beautiful even if it has grown a little.

– When he finds you beautiful even with suitcases under your eyes.

– When you don’t care that there were failures during your last night of love and that the most important thing was to be in his arms.

– When he doesn’t care that you are not super well shaved.

– When you agree to make peace with his mother.

– When he agrees to tinker with your father.

– When you feel free , even when you are in a relationship.

– When you have gone through difficult times but love is still as powerful in your eyes.

– When he says “I love you” during love.