The most beautiful phrases of love


Words have always been important in expressing love. “I love you” for example is a very simple phrase but it is so powerful .

Not so long ago, before the digital, texting and Facebook, the best way to declare love was to write a love letter to your man using beautiful love phrases.

Now declarations of love are made more by messages, like text messages of love. But even though these messages are short, they all have one thing in common: Pretty phrases to show your love to your sweetheart. .


There are so many ways to show love. This is what is great. Anyone can express themselves however they want and succeed in filling their loved one’s heart with happiness.

This selection of love phrases was therefore not easy. But I am quite proud of the result. I would really like to receive all these messages from my man. He’s not the most romantic guy in the world, but he still knows how to show his love in a few words and with phrases that I find magical.

  • Sometimes a hug is all you need to feel better.
  • I can say that I need no one, deep down I need you.
  • It’s you, you, you. You everywhere. You all the time.
  • My head only thinks of you, my eyes see only you, my mouth only speaks of you, my heart beats only for you.
  • We never stop thinking about the person we love
  • They do not go together at all! And so, he loves himself that’s what counts.
  • And above all, don’t forget to fall in love.
  • Love is when you fall in love with the same person every day
  • True love means never having to change who you are.
  • We all have someone in mind. Someone who thinks about it all the time.

My advice is to use one of these romantic phrases and put them in a love letter or a text message. It’s a great start for shy couples who have a hard time showing their feelings. Communicating in words rather than in the face can be a good ice breaker early on .

Once you have broken the ice and feel more comfortable with your man or your woman, you will gradually be able to show your love in a different way. Use less texting, but communicate more straight in the eye. You will see, even if you are shy, you are going to feel a lot more feeling this way.

Be careful though. Remember that it is very important to declare your love face to face . Messages and love phrases are fine, but in the end true love can only exist if you can tell it face to face. So don’t forget to put your phone down and really show your love. Say “I love you” to her several times a day!