These 6 attitudes that women adopt and that men adore

Well, let’s be honest with ourselves, we women, we change our minds like panties, we groan because the toilet bowl has not been lifted after Zhom’s visit, we are fed up with evenings with friends at improvisational and we make a big deal out of it, we squeak because we don’t fit into 38 anymore. It seems so normal to us, when the men fall from the clouds. And yet, even if they are investigated to death, it sometimes takes just a little to touch their hearts and more if they are like. We have identified 6 gestures that have the gift of driving them crazy by making them forget our fads!

Men are tender hearts, we may exacerbate them with some of our fads. Yet some of our intimate gestures, our attentions, our awkwardness, are enough to move them and make them crack. Men literally melt for a woman who …

Let her tears run down their shoulder

There is something so reassuring for us girls to put your head on the shoulder of a man, closer to his heart , the comfort is increased tenfold, if in addition this man represents a lot to our eyes and surrounds us with his affection. We are filled with its softness and the force it gives off and it has the gift of calming our previous anxieties. Men love it when a woman who does not know which saint to devote herself to, abandons herself to their embrace in search of a little respite. It tenderizes them. Still, you must not fall into the clutches of a s exual predator or a manipulator.

Who caresses their necks when they’re behind the wheel

The end of the end? This is not to shoot his fly from the start but to linger on a more delicate and particularly erogenous part! his neck. Lightly touch it with the tips of your nails, then run your hand through its hair and caress it gently. It’s electric and it drives men crazy.

Who praise their man on social media

Men are not immune to flattery and compliments. Want to bet? Take the test, by posting a photo of the completely redecorated decoration of your bathroom, made by your goldsmith Jules, specify it well in legend by supporting how much you love the result and observe it take malicious pleasure in make the peacock by responding to this cascade of glowing comments. Letting the whole world know that you have the most talented guy in the galaxy will make his head spin.

Let a woman drink their words

Having an interesting conversation is not only a great way to grab someone’s attention, it’s also the best way to make them feel good about you. Men like to be listened to carefully, not just to “hear” them. This is also part of any approach to seduction, listening to better understand the expectations and motivations of the other. It is also a mark of respect. To picture this a little, open listening is welcoming and being led by your interlocutor.

Let a woman text him even when he’s busy

Are you nervous about texting and snubbing? Guess what, you might be wrong. Not all men are goujats who do not bother to follow through. Will answer not answer? We know how much to send him an SMS or call him is source of confusion, limit of destruction of our psyche.

Generally, men like this kind of little thought that proves that we reserve a special place in our hearts and minds, provided of course not to do too much by entering the vicious circle of infinite recovery. An SMS and then goes away!

Let a woman show her affection in public

The proofs of affection and love are always so heart-warming. To strengthen the bonds that forge your union, nothing like a little affection and little attentions to surprise the other and rekindle the flame. Never stop revealing the strength of your love to him, by showing him that you care for him, in front of your friends, your respective families. It strengthens love but also self-confidence.