This is how the crossing of glances should be to make the person you like fall in love

When there is an exchange of glances of love between a man and a woman, some communication is noticed. A meeting of glances to fall in love says much more than a thousand words. The looks of true love always have an emotional charge that is felt.

Eye contact is a weapon to fall in love that you must learn to use. Sometimes you have an intersection of glances in the middle of people and you turn around, you want to know what it means. A look of true love can be lost among people but it goes with you.

Let’s see how your look should be if you want to fall in love with that person you like.

1.- How to fall in love with your eyes effectively

In a crossing of glances between a man and a woman there may be hate or love, but we are interested when there is love. One look can make you fall in love, therefore set yourself that goal.

The look of a man in love can be very leaky or last a few seconds. It all starts when your eyes meet those of that person you like so much.

The looks that speak of love are very brief. Look into their eyes and quickly look away. Then watch what happens. The looks of true love attract.

2.- Observe what happens in a meeting of glances to fall in love

If you watch for more than 5 seconds it can feel threatening. The recommended thing, to make you fall in love with your eyes, is to make eye contact for less than 2 seconds.

– If you keep your gaze for more than once for more than a second, it may be that you are interested

– If he looks away and stares at you a second time, he is interested

– When he looks and smiles at the same time, he is giving you confidence, come closer, he wants to talk to you

– If he avoids his gaze, turns around and no longer looks at you, he has no interest

3.- What you must take into account to make you fall in love with your eyes

The crossing of glances between a man and a woman always has a meaning. Therefore there are certain rules that you must keep in mind when looking at the person you like.

The looks of true love can be casual, love at first sight. But you have already decided on that person, your look will be with those eyes that you love. Make your conversation more seductive.

– When he talks to you, look more at his face, not so much his eyes

– When it is your turn to speak, talk to your body almost without looking at her but focusing on that person

– From time to time give quick and brief looks into the eyes

4.- Looks of love from a man: To the forehead and to the hair


This crossing of glances to fall in love is like a sigh that says more than a thousand words. You are telling him that you are in awe of his charms. There is no challenge, but there is focus on that person.


You focus your gaze on the forehead area as if to say something. It’s like a query, you need an answer. If it corresponds to you with the same intensity then you look into his eyes.

5.- The looks of true love give the signal of being at ease

The looks that speak of love do not give the signal of anxiety. For example, blinking frequently is a sign of discomfort. You are not at ease.

On the other hand, a slow blink denotes pleasure, you feel good with that person. This is a signal that instinctively attracts the other person.

6.- Looks that kill love: Smiling


Making eye contact with a cute smile falls in love. A meeting of glances to fall in love is like showing the mirror of your soul. Make the most of your tender gaze with an inviting smile.

A woman’s loving glances are always accompanied by a pleasant smile. A look with a tender smile is guaranteed success when it happens at the right time.

Don’t confuse the looks of true love with smiling all the time. A constant smile denotes insecurity. Instead serenity shows your security.

7.- The look of your love dilates your pupils


When you put interest and attention in the other person, your gaze is focused and this means dilated pupils. This signal also serves to know if the other person is attracted.

In a cross of glances to fall in love it is important that you observe this sign in your partner. A person with a dilated pupil looks more attractive, instinct warns that there is love.

True love alters the heart rate, blood supply and the size of the pupils. In this way the looks of true love show a happy face.