This is what do women see first in a man

We are far from all being equal when it comes to the first look we have on the other. Some women don’t even admit to being interested in the physical when it comes to dating men.

So what about the female majority? We take stock of what they like to see in these gentlemen.

The gaze of women: a cliche?

Like it or not, first impressions matter. It is sometimes even the ultimate. This is where love, at first sight, comes most of the time and especially the desire or not to get to know the man in question.

The women have very broad criteria. Thus, some may be “disgusted” with a man because he has characteristics that they do not like. Just as they can fall in love with the one who will present, at first sight, everything they love.
So, contrary to what one might think, it is difficult to establish what women like to find in a man and, a fortiori, to watch.

What men don’t know

Many say that men give more importance to the physical but it is not; the women are just more discreet. And without you realizing it, gentlemen, most spy on you at least as much as you do.
According to testimonies and the various studies carried out, it even turns out that their gaze falls on the same places as the gaze of men!

The first look: their three favorite things

At number one in the standings, these are the eyes these ladies look at first in any man.
The gaze is the mirror of the soul, they say. And this is probably the reason why men also attach great importance to it. The other reason is that women love to be looked at from the first meeting and the best way to make sure someone pleases someone is to read their eyes!

In second position is the mouth. It is undeniably the sign of sensuality. And it is often with a kiss that love stories start!

The women love expressive faces and when a man smiles at them, it’s a sign that he is attracted.

The third thing women look at in a man are hands; they represent protection and virility (especially if they are large). A man with large hands strengthens his s**x appeal.

Whatever the age and the romantic experience, women focus their gaze on specific parts of the body and the face of the man, it is a natural and automatic behavior which will give them an idea of ​​the attraction that they have for the man who faces them.