Top 20 signs a shy girl secretly likes you

How do shy girls show they like you?

Some girls are quite shy when it comes to openly confess their love for someone. It has something to do with your personality. They are very difficult to read and predict. They may not even trust their best friend and it really becomes difficult to know their true intentions. Obviously, you don’t want to play dumb! How will you know for sure they like you? What kinds of signs should you look for to make sure of this fact? You know you’ll have to make the first move, but before that, you need to be pretty sure of yourself, especially if you also have a soft spot for your shy girl. Read on for the top 20 signs a shy girl secretly likes you:

1. Study her body language

If a girl likes you and she’s quite shy, she can get nervous every time you get close to her. You may suddenly drop things, act awkward, stutter in your speech, or even blush. This type of behavior occurs naturally when a person is nervous. They pressure you to do your best and you end up being funny and awkward. We have all been there at some point. If you’re good at reading people’s faces, it’s easy for you to find out from a shy girl’s body language that she’s nervous about something.

2. If you see her often looking at you, it could mean that she likes you

Shy people will always tend to look away when you look directly at them because they are nervous about making eye contact with you, but if you look away or are busy doing something else, they will stare at you. A person secretly looks at someone only when they are interested in that person. If you see the shy girl looking at you a few times, it could be a sign that she is interested in you. Sometimes they may even get bold and try to make a lot of eye contact with you thinking that this will get the message across.

3. She likes all your statuses but never comments

A shy girl will like all your posts and statuses, but never comment as they feel too shy to say anything directly. A girl who likes all of your posts could be a sign that she is interested in you. Oftentimes, she would be the first to receive all of your tweets or other social media posts just to show her that she likes what you write or think.

4. A shy girl certainly likes you if she does little favors for you

A shy girl tries to show her liking for you by doing simple things for you, like picking up your books, helping you with her notes, or passing you an important message. They are too shy to engage in a direct or informal conversation with you, but they will always try to help you. Sometimes she will go beyond what is necessary and help you with everything without your asking.

5. She might force her friends to start a conversation with you

Shy, you will often find one or more of your friends who come to chat with you. They could have been forced by her to talk to you. If you see such signs often, you should know that she is interested in you. She wants to talk to herself, but is shy to do so and therefore forces her friends to talk to you. You could join the conversation after waiting for them to make the initial move.

6. Frequent blank calls are signs of someone interested in you

If you get frequent blank calls on your landlines, it could be that the shy girl is calling you but is nervous to speak. Although having landlines is very rare these days, you may have one in your house, and she might call you many times in a day just to hear your voice and never speak.

7. Gifts or anonymous letters

Do you receive gifts or anonymous letters? Maybe someone who is interested in you and likes you are sending you gifts without wanting you to know their name. All kinds of gifts, music albums, cards, and flowers await at your door every morning. Who is this mysterious woman who gives you?

8. She smiles at you a lot

You can read volumes of the body language of a shy girl. If she smiles at you a lot and especially when your eyes meet, it could be a sign that she likes you. Shy girls are not very good at hiding their feelings for someone they like. They are very simple people and very happy to be around someone they like.

9. Will accidentally try to touch you

She won’t have the courage to openly convey her feelings to you, but she will accidentally try to touch you to start a conversation with you. An accidental touch is like crossing or trying to pick up something dropped. These will become very prevalent if he likes you. Watch for these signs to see if she is interested in you.

10. You will find her talking to everyone except you

Shy girls are just nervous to chat with you. She feels that maybe you will read her mind if she talks to you. You will find the shy girl talking to everyone but you and you should take this as a positive sign of her interest. They also do it because they think that eventually even you will start talking to her.

11. If she likes you, she might get nervous when you’re around her

This is an obvious sign of body language that you should read in shy girls. They don’t seem calm and focused and suddenly start to behave awkwardly when you approach them. Your presence excites them and makes them nervous. They could play with their hair, pens, phones, and whatever else they get their hands on just to ease their nervous mentality.

12. Does she play with her hair when you are around?

Suddenly she starts playing with her hair or carefully arranges her hair when you get close to her. It is a general nervous reaction like many people who touch their hair when they are nervous. You could even do your hair because you want to make sure it looks good.

13. Does she bump into you everywhere?

She may pretend it’s just a coincidence, but you’re not dumb! If he runs into you everywhere, then maybe he purposely hangs out in places that he knows you’ll go. These are surefire signs that the shy girl is into you.

14. A shy girl shows signs of her interest in you by befriending everyone in your group

She does it thinking that in this way perhaps, she could also become friends with you. Interestingly, you find that everyone in your group knows her quite well, except you. Now she’s just waiting for you to get close to her.

15. She laughs at your silly jokes

Not everyone laughs at our jokes or pranks or the weather. But you find this shy girl laughing at all your jokes. Oftentimes, she will be the only one who laughs a lot at your silly comments or jokes. Does he find you really funny or does he have other interests?

16. Her friends push her or tease her every time you pass

Friends often reveal your secrets, and if the shy girl’s friends tease her or push her every time you pass, that could mean that everyone knows how she feels about you. Teasing in a group of friends is quite common and we’ve all been through it a couple of times. Read the signs and see if she is teased every time she passes them or enters a room where she is sitting with her friends.

17. She will talk to you for hours if you start a coverage

A shy girl doesn’t initiate coverage, but if you do, she talks to you for years. She shows no signs of ending the conversation as she enjoys every moment of talking to you. She wants to let you know everything about herself now that she has a chance. She could keep talking to you for hours too.

18. The change in her style of dress or hairstyle could be a sign of her interest in you

Have you started dressing differently in the last few days? Is he doing it for you? Does she want to impress you? A girl who was always seen without makeup and in sweats suddenly begins to dress in fashion definitely has something on her mind. Are you the reason for this change?

19. Complimenting you, is often one of the signs of interest in you

You find her complimenting you on your work or actions. Although it makes you happy, maybe you should find the hidden intention behind the praise. A shy girl would try to indirectly convey her taste to you by showering you with compliments.

20. She might completely ignore you

This is also a sign that someone loves you. They are afraid to reveal their feelings and decide to ignore them completely. Ignoring him could be because he doesn’t like you, or it could be because he really likes you. If there is no reason for the first, then maybe you should think about the second!

Everyone has a particular way of expressing their love and concern for someone. While someone can be quite bold and forthright with their feelings, there are others who are too scared to convey their true feelings. This could be due to your own insecurities. They are often afraid of rejection and therefore prefer that the other person make the first move. They will give all kinds of messages through their body language so that the other person understands. From the aforementioned list of top 20 signs, it’s easy to determine whether or not a shy girl likes you. Look for these signs, and if you’re interested too, maybe you could make the first move yourself. Or, you could prolong the game a little longer by knowing all the time about his interest in you. This will only make you like him more and you will find his ways cute and fun. It could also be possible that you don’t have such feelings for this person. Also, in this case, you should go talk to her and perhaps indirectly convey to her your feelings for her. This will clear things up and prevent further distress. You might even get a complete denial from her but take it positively. There is no harm in clearing things up before they get even more complicated. You might even get a complete denial from her but take it positively. There is no harm in clearing things up before they get even more complicated. You might even get a complete denial from her but take it positively. There is no harm in clearing things up before they get even more complicated.