What is a loving couple? 7 things that prove it

Love is a sometimes complex feeling. You can feel many things at once or overtime. love at first sight or a crush, the physical attraction, and the desire, the desire to be with the person without really knowing why, the lack, an obviousness …   True love with a capital A is often difficult to define at the beginning and to analyze. Because when a couple is really in love, this strong feeling is not necessarily explained. It is the feeling then the certainty, that you have found the other part of yourself, that you understand each other without speaking to you, that the chemistry between you is perfect. You feel it all but you can’t really explain it. How to define it? What is a loving couple? Here are 7 things that prove that you have this chance to live a real and beautiful love story.

What is a loving couple? 7 things that prove it

# 1 Confidence

In a healthy romantic relationship, trust in the couple is absolute and shared. Everyone feels safe with each other and is not afraid of feeling betrayed one day. This is why everyone feels free to have personal activities on their side. The two partners also allow each other moments of relaxation without being together like evenings with friends. There is no feeling of jealousy between them, a feeling that can be very harmful in a couple when it is excessive. They, therefore, flourish completely and the moments of reunion are even happier. This feeling of trust only strengthens their love.

# 2 Desire

A loving couple still desires as much and intensely. Desire is something essential in a couple, it is often the barometer of a relationship. Without desire, a couple can still love each other but it turns into tenderness or affection. For a couple to be in love, we must not confuse being in love with loving, desire must be present. So of course there are ups and downs in a couple, there can be times when our body and mind are tired but these are phases that do not last. The desire meets daily and as the relationship progresses, you have to know how to surprise your partner and be attentive to him so that the flame and the complicity remain present.

What is a loving couple?

# 3 Communication

As the desire and trust, communication is one of the essential things in a couple. When a couple is in love, they communicate a lot and on all subjects, even if they are conflicting. Even if one of you has difficulty communicating, he will succeed if he is in love because you will each be patient with the other and the problem will be solved on its own. Communication is not necessarily oral, you can also communicate in writing, the important thing is to exchange. If a conflict occurs in a loving couple, it is communication that will resolve it and it is also this communication that will strengthen the bond in the couple.

# 4 Presence for a loving couple

Being in love also means being present for your partner, in both good and bad times. It is spending time together and doing it with pleasure. You are there for each other, to help you, advise you, listen to you and share the difficult moments, of doubt or sadness. Each is the priority of the other. You share each moment and you are constantly concerned about its well-being, its joys are yours but its sorrows are too.

In short, whatever the situation, you are there for each other, without thinking. Either one, you confide spontaneously, you ask for advice and he will encourage you at all times. Nobody pulls the blanket to you, you respect yourself and you respect the wishes and choices of the other. You love yourself as you are, pride and pride are not part of your story. You know how to say forgiveness and question yourself with your partner if at some point you make a mistake.

What is a loving couple? 3 other things that prove it

# 5 the future

In a loving couple, one does not envisage the future without the other. A loving couple is always in phase and is advancing on the same path. The two partners see their future in the same way and above all want to write it together. For this, they are aware that nothing is acquired in a couple, even when one is very in love. They, therefore, know how to make concessions and it is thanks to this that they will move forward every day together and that their couple will consolidate over the years. Whatever the nature of their projects, the most important is to flourish, respect and never impose anything.

# 6 Connection or complicity

When we form a loving couple there is something difficult to express but that everyone perceives, even those close to the couple. It is the connection between them. We have this feeling that they do not need to speak to each other to understand each other, that they have their own mode of communication. They exchange simple looks but which express all the love they have for each other. Even if they do not touch, you can feel the attraction between them which is palpable. They are clearly connected and in phase, they are simply made for each other and complement each other. They are in love.

# 7 Happiness, simply for a loving couple

In the end, there is no need to think about why a couple is in love. Just listen to your heart and your head, look at your partner and you will know. You will know that it is the man or the woman of your life just by looking at it. You admire him, find him all the qualities but while still being aware of his faults. Really fulfilled by his side, his presence does you good and reassures you, you are not afraid of the future as long as you are with him. You cannot know what the future holds for you but you know that with it you are ready to live everything, nothing scares you.