What to say when he asks you why you love him

Surely you have gone through times when you don’t know what to say when he asks you why you love him. Keep reading and don’t lose any detail of sight!

The good news is that, starting today, you will know what to answer about it.

It will also help you learn how to keep a man in love.

They are sitting comfortably and enjoying their favorite series; Suddenly, he stares at you and begins questioning about your feelings for him.

This question can appear in many forms and in many situations:

Walking together, having coffee, watching a sunset, lying in bed.

Although these types of questions are usually exclusive to women, men are not strangers to such spontaneous questions, they simply arise in romantic relationships.

The important thing is to respond with serenity, maturity and a lot of intelligence, this is key to knowing  what to say when he asks you why you love him .

Perhaps think about the reasons why your partner has asked such a specific question, prompts you to go into a state of alarm, you block yourself and you have no idea what to answer.

It’s natural for your mind and imagination to start guessing:

Do you think that I no longer love you? Have I not shown it enough? Have I been making mistakes? Will you want to get away from me? Are you wondering if it is better to finish ours? ”


Sometimes such an emotional question can be just curiosity to hear from the other person’s voice what they are feeling.

However, it usually has a greater meaning and adds more romance to the moment.

It is likely that your boy wants to find out how you perceive him, his qualities, what it means for you to be by his side.

So take a deep breath, respond confidently, and let her know that she is with the ideal woman.

Without further ado, find out what to say when he asks why you love him and show him true love through your words.


Show him that you value the little details that highlight his love for you, the ones that make you fall in love every day, and you will win his heart!

You will be proud to be with someone who not only loves you, but appreciates your actions.

What to say when he asks you why you love him will no longer be a problem. Take a look at the following alternatives !:

  • For all those little things that you do every day, with which you let me know that you are the love of my life.
  •  The reason I love you is because seeing you is always the best part of the day, even if it’s just for a moment.
  • The reason for this love is because you stay awake to talk to me and listen to me even when you are tired.
  • I love you because you always show me that I can trust you.
  • Because even when you’re busy, you’re always looking for a little time to talk to me.
  • The reason I love you is that you always ask me how I am, how my day was… you are always there for me.
  • Also, because you support all my flaws and you love me for who I am.

Those qualities that are demonstrated in small but important acts are also excellent answers:

  • Because there is no other person who listens to me like you.
  • You always seek to understand me and understand me even when things are not going well.

You can even translate your answer into love poems that express how much you love him.


When we love someone, what that person means to us is one of the most wonderful things you can hear.

Know  what to say when he asks why you love him  by emphasizing his place in your life and the emotions he arouses in you.

This will remind him how lucky he is with you. Use responses like:

  • You are the one who gives me strength every day.
  • You are the sun that illuminates my life.
  • By your side I feel complete.
  • Because you are the man of my dreams.
  • It is only you who makes me immensely happy.
  • Because no matter how much time passes, every time I see you my heart races like the first time.
  • Every time I am with you it is a magical moment. You fill me up
  • You are the person who makes everything special.

In any case, you should bear in mind that it is good to know how to avoid monotony in a relationship so that the love you profess continues to grow in your loved one.


If you feel that your relationship is particularly special and unique; Your answer to what to say when he asks you why you love him, you can build it based on what you enjoy the most about your love relationship.

On the other hand, there are also the experiences you share with him and what they have achieved together as a couple.

He will be happy to hear you speak in the most beautiful language: the one that springs from the heart!

Get inspired by the following phrases !:

  • Since we’ve been together, you make me the happiest in the world.
  • I know that I want to share everything with you always.
  • I see a future with you where we continue to be happy.
  • Because despite what may happen between us, I never stop enjoying and loving being by your side.
  • You never get tired of working so that we are good together.
  • Because I love that you help me grow as a person.
  • I feel that we are going in the same direction to achieve the same goals. And there is no other person with whom I prefer that trip than with you.


Although you could use just one of the above examples, it is much better to mix them a bit with thoughts of love and build a sentence that will make you sigh.

Fusing the idea of ​​the small details, their qualities to make him notice what he means to you and, therefore, what the relationship means is key.

You will get an answer that will not only leave him with a big smile on his face, but it will also be very clear why you love him.

You may be saying to yourself: “While I think about how to put those answers together, I could look bad in front of my partner”

However, what really matters is the final answer. Give a simple answer after thinking a lot, it may show that you struggle to find why you love him.

And that can look very bad!

For its part, such a complete answer justifies the time you think; It implies that you want to make sure you say it all in the best possible way.

What is truly significant about your answer is to express it authentically; never try to respond by looking good because he will notice and question your love.

Always respond with the desire to express what you feel.

The answers already exposed are good candidates that can be very useful for those moments in which a question like this catches you off guard.


As in all relationships, as long as your response matches what you have, your experiences together, and that special connection, it will be the best I can hear.

So the next time you hear your boyfriend ask you this crucial question, don’t hesitate with  what to say when he asks you why you love him , don’t take it as a red flag.

Take it as an opportunity to romanticize your relationship and make butterflies flutter in their stomach just by listening to you.

Remember that there are as many ways to express love as there are people in the world.

Words are our best tool. Use them to show your love whenever possible!