Why does a man hide his feelings when he is very interested in you?

Men are quite different when it comes to expressing or sharing feelings. I can tell that they are not very communicative. But that doesn’t mean they hide their emotions and then come up with unnecessary drama. It’s like they want to keep some emotions just to themselves. There may be different reasons for this. In this article, you will learn why a man hides his feelings when he is very interested in you.

I will focus on the subject of men who hide their feelings when they are interested in you. It would help you determine if he really likes you or not. The rest is up to you.

Let’s take a look at some important points that are related to the physiological aspect of men who hide their feelings for someone they are interested in.

Are they afraid of losing your friendship by going further?

Men also have feelings, it is only their way of expressing themselves that is totally different from that of women. According to behavioral experts, men want to preserve their image of masculinity. Regardless of the relationship, they are in, they want to keep the upper hand. It’s a good thing and women also admire this macho attribute that is associated with men.

Let’s take a look at the ambiguities in the mind of a man who likes you.

1. He is extremely protective

Always remember that men are aware of their responsibilities and know how to exercise them. Whether it’s being protective, caring, or loving to your loved ones, they know what’s right.

It is one of the main reasons that prevent men from showing their feelings in a real way. If a man likes you, he will think of all the possibilities to protect his affection for you. He doesn’t want to lose you making a wrong move.

2. Analyze the situation judiciously

Men are not on the track of an emotional roller coaster. They know how to handle their sensitive side very well. Even if he likes you, he will take care of the whole stage with care. Taking into account their and their: objectives, ambitions, and future planning.

For men, the idea of ​​staying together for a long period of time is much more realistic than a short-term relationship. It can be said that a man will make sure that everything goes well.

3. Value current friendship

The idea of ​​asking you out is stifled by the bond of friendship he currently enjoys with you. His calculations are vague due to the unclear signals from his side. If you ever feel like he likes you, you should reciprocate in a sensible way and help him discover the future of your relationship. Of course, there is no rush or pressure. You can only move forward if you are also interested.

On the other hand, if you are not interested, find the most polite way to let him know that he is not your type or that you are not ready. It will definitely change itself forever or give you space and time to figure things out.

4. He wants to get the most out of your friendship

By having a fear of rejection, you will make sure to work on your personality and career goals to achieve your “Yes.” It is strongly ingrained in your mind that you will be his future partner. So I would do my best to improve and I would not do anything that could damage the friendship.

He would sit down with you to discuss future plans. You will stay in touch quite often, via text messages and calls just to feel your presence. If you maintain this level of respect, then think about your efforts and move on accordingly.

5. Will wait for the best moment

During all this time, he will make sure that you stay close to him and don’t fall in love with any other guy. He will impress you with his achievements and his fine personality. You will work hard and in a constructive manner just to get your approval. And when the time and the tide are in favor, he will definitely pour out his heart. That would be a defining moment for you.

So, above are the factors that keep a man’s feelings of enthusiasm for another woman suppressed. Isn’t it quite understandable now that why does a man hide his feelings when he is very interested?

How to find a man who is attracted to you but hides his feelings

I’m going to help you here, listing definite signs that tell a man that he is genuinely attracted and hiding his feelings for you. Let’s review those indicators now.

6. Has a different body language towards you

If you watch their body language closely with you, you will find a clear difference. With you, he will behave in a special way. He will show you affection, he will listen to you attentively, he will keep his body slightly leaning towards you, he may find opportunities to touch you appropriately, he will look you straight in the eye without making you feel uncomfortable, and he will be present at the moment.

7. He remembers everything about you

A guy who likes you will listen to you carefully and watch your habits closely. Just to write down what you like and what you don’t like. It means that they are going the extra mile to make you feel important and loved. He will remember the nail paint you used a week ago or the film he recommended a while ago.

Everything that is related to you will be carefully memorized. He would even remember forever that you don’t like raisin cookies, that’s if you ever told him about it.

8. Congratulates you in a different way than others

A guy who likes you will come up with subtle compliments from time to time. You will focus on staying in the safe zone by not giving any awkward compliments. He will really appreciate the hairstyle that you did after a lot of effort today.

He will notice your areas of interest and the energy you put behind them. So be on the lookout when you start to receive different compliments of that special kind. He is certainly watching you and wants to be the apple of your eye.

9. Gets a little nerveous when you’re around

It is natural that when you like someone, you get nervous when they are around. It can be easily judged through body language and verbal communication. Keep in mind that when nerves and momentum are at war, the end result is detectable anxiety.

Our bodies cannot control anxiety easily. So do you blush a lot, use your hands too much, or find it difficult to communicate? Do not worry; He has no medical problems, it’s just your presence that made him act like this. I’m sure I’d be pretty serene otherwise.

10. Looks at you but turns away when you look

Guys look pretty cute while looking at the person they like. So does the man who likes you just look away quickly when he’s caught staring at him? Or are you pretending you were seeing something else? If so, he is definitely finding opportunities to look at you. Just as you cannot easily suppress laughter, you cannot hide your affection for someone easily.

If you are in the same room or vehicle, he will make sure to position himself where he can easily see you. You can do one thing to talk to him and see if he breaks eye contact quite often. If he looks away often enough, he is definitely trying to hide his emotions for you.


All I would like to say at the end is, before making any decisions, look carefully at the factors. Why does a man hide his feelings when he is very interested? If the signs are all accurate, he definitely has strong feelings for you! You may be a little scared, but you won’t give up.

You can even go up to him and ask him about his emotions for you. Don’t fall into a compromise right away. First of all, try to define what is happening between the two of you and how it can be shaped properly. Let him speak so you can move on. It will surprise you in a pleasant way!