You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who knows your value

To all those women whose hearts were broken by men who do not know their real value, to all those women who have spent long nights crying because of these men who have not been able to comfort them, to all these gold women who have been manipulated by narcissists who feel neither pity nor remorse. Do not stay with someone who does not know your value, you are special, and you deserve better than that …

Being in a relationship with a man who loves you and who is always with you is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Unfortunately, fate can sometimes involve us in toxic relationships with narcissistic and manipulative men who know love only by name, who can destroy us slowly, and transform our lives into a real ordeal. But why accept being in a relationship with someone who does not know your value, when you deserve to be loved, admired and respected? 

Why should you leave this man who does not know your value? 

When you are in a  relationship  with a man who loves you who you are, and who accepts you with all your faults and traits, you feel unique and special, you start to see life in pink, and even when obstacles of life stand before you, you face them with great bravery and enthusiasm because you know that you have at your side, a sincere man and ready to do anything to help you and encourage you to achieve your dreams. If you have this type of relationship with the chosen one of your heart, know that you are lucky, and that you must do everything to keep it in your life.

However, when you are in a relationship with a man who does not love you, who does not make you his priority, and who always puts you in the background, you feel alone even when he is at your side, you feel lost even when all the clues point you to the truth, a truth that is absolutely not easy to accept: this man does not love you, and your pseudo-relation with him is indeed a waste of time and energy. 

Why accept living with a man who does not know your value? Why be so cruel to yourself, and inflict horrible torments? Take two seconds of your time, and ask yourself, what benefits do you get from this toxic relationship? Why do you allow a narcissistic pervert to imprison you in his cage? The answer is simple: you believe that you do not deserve to be loved, you prefer to live in mediocrity to not be alone, but you do not know that it is a thousand times better to be alone than to be in a toxic relationship with a man who does not know your value. 

Look in a mirror, contemplate the beauty and uniqueness of your features, remember all the obstacles you have overcome, remember all the things you have completed. Do you deserve to be abused, neglected and deceived? The answer is no, so you know what you have to do.

Does he deserve you? 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the signs that show that your partner loves you and deserves to be in a relationship with you: 

– He is always with you even during the most difficult moments of your life.

– His actions are correlated with his words, and he makes efforts to keep you.

– He makes you go first and he is ready to make sacrifices for you.

– He is honest with you and does not lie to you in order to manipulate you.

– Your life and your projects interest him and he does everything to help you move forward.

– He respects you and never tries to belittle you.

“He tells you that he loves you by looking straight at you, and you have no doubt about his feelings.