6 beautiful unknown Greek islands

Everyone dreams of visiting the Greek islands. They are a destination synonymous with breathtaking landscapes, paradisiac coves …

This proximity and the low cost to get there make the Greek islands destinations of choice for holidays or for shorter stays, such as the famous bridges of May.

This means that if you’re looking for some peace and a piece of paradise for yourself, you’ll have to go further than Santorini or Mykonos.

But in the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Sporades or the Saronic Islands, there are Greek islands little tourist where you can enjoy your holidays in peace, to go to the beach or go hiking.

Are you ready? Have you put the tablet that faces you and slipped your bag under the armchair facing you? Here are the 10 Greek islands WITHOUT TOURIST.

Greek Islands that no one knows

 – Cyclades –


Naxos is one of the largest Greek islands in the Cyclades. Green and mountainous, it is an island where you can enjoy both beautiful beaches and lush vegetation.

The island of Naxos is also famous for its gastronomy and in particular the Kitron, a local lemon liqueur (but I think you guessed it ….).

The hotels are ridiculously cheap. For example, the hotel Grotta, ideally located in Naxos town, is $64 per night, breakfast included.

In addition to beaches and diving sessions (or snorkeling for the less adventurous), you can also enjoy your holidays visiting some ruins including Portara.

Finally, question restaurant, the Scirocco seems to be unanimous thanks to its generous and cheap cuisine.


One of the least known islands of the Cyclades, Andros is only 2 hours away by boat from Athens … (tourists’ routes are impenetrable, so much the better for you!)

Andros is also a green and lush island with many streams, making it an ideal island for hiking.

After disembarking and visiting Gavrio, I advise you to rent a car and go to Batsi, the main seaside resort on the island.
And then to do, continue the trip to the other cities of the island that are all worth visiting: Hora (the capital), Sténies, Apikia, Mesaria (a medieval village), Korthi, Aidonia …

The island is less touristy than Naxos, Andros hotels are even cheaper. A room at the Amorani Studios in Batsi will only cost you $35 per night.

And if you want to eat near the sea in Batsi at the Dauphin restaurant, you’ll only get $34 for two.

 – Ionian Islands –

Kefalonia (Kefallonia)

This island is located west of Athens, in the Ionian Sea, on the side of Corfu.

Kefalonia is a Greek island as you imagine: with a turquoise sea, limestone cliffs, and beautiful white beaches.

It is not very visited by the French, so you will mostly meet Italians and English (except the Greek, eh, because it’s normal for them!  ).

It seems that Kefalonia has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Myrtos. Unless it is Antisamos or Petani…

In short, the beautiful beaches are legion on the island of Cephalonia. You will give me your opinion, as to your favorite beach. I feel that the choice will be difficult.

Besides testing the most beautiful beaches in the world, during your stay, you can visit several religious monuments on the island, such as the monastery of Agios Stephanos on its rock spur or the Orthodox Church of Panagia Sissiotissa.


Do you know the famous photo of this white sand cove with the boat failed? … I’m sure you have seen 15,000 times on social networks to encourage you to travel and visit the Greek islands. Well, this cove is in Zante.

It should be noted that Zante is a little more touristy than Kefalonia, so if you seek tranquility, avoid the south of the island and especially Laganas. You will find your happiness in Tsilivi, on the north-east coast of the island.

A beautiful beach where snorkelers, restaurants and lively bars, Tsilivi is a nice base for visiting the rest of the island.
Another notable place to visit is Agios Nikolaos, the second port after Zakynthos, from which you can go on boat trips and visit the blue cave.

The island is a little more touristy, the price of the rooms is not the same. It will take about $100  for a night at the hotel, $40 in an aparthotel like Lazaros.

 – Saronic Islands – 

Hydra (Idra)

Change of atmosphere since this island is closer to Athens. Nevertheless, among the Saronic Islands, Hydra is one of the quietest since no motor vehicle is allowed to circulate on the island.

In the past, the island has been inhabited by privateers, pirates and other traders. The result is an interesting architectural wealth and many museums to visit.

The beaches of Hydra are pebble but the sea has the same turquoise blue tone. You will be able to find sandy beaches on the island, but they will be more frequent …

Finally, for hikers, go to Mount Eros which rises to 593m. From there, you will be able to see the Peloponnese and the Greek islands nearby.

Housing issue, hotels are a bit more expensive than on other islands. The good deal can be found at Athina Guesthouse which offers nice rooms, 5 minutes from the city of Hydra.


If Hydra is calm, Spetses is playful, elegant and cosmopolitan.

Rich in history dating back to 3000 BC, the island was a port of merchants and pirates, a nerve center of the Greek revolution, and a hotbed of aristocracy in the twentieth century.

From this last slice of its history, it remains in Spetses luxury hotels and a permanent party atmosphere.

In addition to its lively districts, you will be able to visit on the island its numerous museums and its beaches of sand or pebbles
And for the fans of old boats, it is absolutely necessary to come in September where are held the celebrations of Armata and Regatta. These festivals commemorate the island’s maritime past and its role in the Greek revolution.

Housing question, the prices are correct given the festive atmosphere of the island. You can stay, for example, at the hotel Vanas for $70 per night.