Traveling with family at the last minute, good plan or error?

On the internet, we see many flash offers for last-minute stays, but is it interesting to travel with your family?

I do not know how you manage the organization of your family holidays but then we are often at the last minute. We often book our stays a few weeks before departure, see a few days before and I regularly arrive to book the day before.

Oh, it’s not a real will on our part but it’s mostly a lack of organization and time. In my husband’s old job, it was impossible for him to take time off well in advance so we used to plan our departures only a few weeks before. It’s easier with his new job, whew! This leaves us the choice of taking advantage of last-minute offers or, on the contrary, taking the time to plan a family trip.

The benefits of last-minute travel

– Attractive rates: Yes last-minute travel deals are interesting. Why? Because the earlier the departure time, the more the tour operators prefer to sell the prices rather than stay with unsold. We can get big discounts.

– A new experience: As you depend on the offer, you could discover a country or a form of travel that you had not planned. This is perhaps the opportunity to discover the tranquility of an organized stay.

– The weather: You already know the weather so no surprises to prepare the bag or plan on-site visits. Clearly, with my legendary tourist bumbling, it’s a plus lol. (You can know the trends up to 14 days in advance).

– Surprise! When we slept at the Disneyland Hotel, I had surprised my husband and Miss L, I was excited like a flea! It was pure happiness to announce where we slept once we arrived in front of the hotel. I could never have held my tongue for several months. It’s also the pleasure of saying “tomorrow we’re leaving”, to break the routine of the week.

– Few risks of unforeseen last minute: You are less likely to cancel because of an unforeseen since you leave in the short term. It’s reassuring and will save you money on travel insurance.

The disadvantages of a family trip

– School: With children of school age, it is difficult to predict the last minute off school holidays and there are fewer offers available during the holidays.

– Limited flexibility: You have to be flexible, both on dates and on the destination to enjoy the best offers, but when you are parents, it is sometimes difficult. It all depends on the age of the children and your travel habits.

– Patience: It takes patience! Unless a big blow, you have to go around the offers to find the one that suits you. It’s a bit like any trip but here again.

– Few preparations: This can be a benefit for some because it means leaving without a headache but conversely, you will not have time to prepare your visits, to learn more about the city or country that you will visit.

– Risk of disappointment: You take the risk of not finding your happiness and having to give up or pay full pot (see more than the usual price). Yes, it happened to me several times …

Tips to enjoy the best travel fares

– Formalities: If you decide to opt for a trip at the last minute, still think to anticipate some paperwork and at a minimum, make sure you have your passports valid. We wanted to go to Morocco next month but I have not redid the passport of Miss L, too bad! Good luck, we will certainly make a small holiday in Spain! There will remain the problem of certain vaccines or visas.

– Attention to the choice of the destination: It seems obvious, but it does not cost anything to mention it … Do not go headlong on destinations that we do not know and could prove to be “at-risk”. If you have time to inquire, do it, otherwise, if the offer is to seize immediately, be reasonable. You will find other travel ideas!

– Be organized! In other words, if you are like me, ie rough, perfectionist and poorly organized, the adventure can be dangerous lol