Take care of yourself naturally with the flowers

I must admit that I am not one to have drawers filled with cosmetics, care and other wellness products. My mom always taught me that taking care of yourself naturally with a few well-chosen products was much more effective and beneficial for us and for the planet. Nature is full of absolutely great plants to take care of yourself in the natural, nothing but the power of flowers in cosmetics is impressive. No need for oil to have a nice skin and be in shape!

Today I’m taking you to discover how to take care of yourself naturally, especially thanks to the benefits of flowers in cosmetics and how to make your natural beauty routine and softer. Each flower has special properties and I have always been amazed at how each wellness problem has a natural remedy! And if you want advice to take care of your mind naturally, I refer you to the article on how to manage your emotions with Bach flowers.

I hope this article will prove to you that there are natural alternatives and just as effective (or even more!) To traditional cosmetics! And if you want to learn a little more about the subject, I recommend the book A flower pots that can make a lot of homemade cosmetics with only a few simple ingredients! I also love my Herbalist’s Bible, a must when you want to heal and take care of yourself naturally with plants!

Caution: For all the essential oils mentioned, it is always necessary to make an allergy test at the front of the elbow and never use them alone but mix them with a cream or oil for example. Also be sure to take quality products, preferably organic, because the benefits will be multiplied and better quality than a small price!

Lavender to purify and soothe

In addition to feeling deliciously good, the properties of lavender on the skin are numerous, especially to calm and soothe sensitive and reactive skin.

Use lavender to take care of yourself naturally in cosmetics?

Often, it is in the form of lavender hydrosol that we use this flower and that is also how I use it personally. Applied every morning on cotton (washable!), Lavender gently cleans and prepares the skin for the day. Lavender hydrosol is also ideal for naturally fighting against acne without attacking the skin!

The essential oils of true lavender and true lavender (not to be confused with lavender aspic) are also widely used in cosmetics for their restorative, regenerative and purifying properties.

Bonus: Lavender essential oils are also known to promote relaxation of the body and sleep, do not hesitate to spread when you feel stress or have trouble sleeping.

The damask rose to regenerate and calm

The rose, flower of sweetness and love par excellence is a real wonder for our skin … It allows to take care of oneself naturally and at any time of the year thanks to its multiple properties: regenerative, moisturizing, healing, etc. the rose is THE flower to do everything!

Use the rose to take care of oneself naturally in cosmetics?

The first thing I think is hydrolase rose to Centifolia * my mother used for years to freshen her face and start the day right. I must also admit that given the beauty of its skin, damask rose water works wonderfully and even more on mature or sensitive skin!

The rose is also an excellent and valuable cosmetic active that allows cosmetics to regenerate, soothe and moisturize all skin types. This is particularly the case of Centifolia * rose luster cream that has worked wonders on my skin! Me who tend to have redness and skin problems easily, I feel the difference!

Chamomile to heal and soothe

The first time I heard about chamomile to take care of myself naturally, it was following a rush of eczema (glamor always). Chamomile is known to soothe and relieve itching, it was perfect!

Use chamomile to take care of yourself naturally in cosmetics?

To soothe this eczema I used this hydrolyzate of Roman chamomile that my mother (always she ) had bought directly from the producer. In addition to soothing the itching, this hydrosol is also ideal in aftershave!

Subsequently, I discovered the essential oil of chamomile which is ideal to take care of oneself naturally when one has acne skin, sensitive and atopic tendency. A few drops added to her home care and our skin is delighted!

Bonus: Chamomile is also a perfect herbal tea in the evening to relax and prepare a good night’s sleep!

Blueberry to soothe her eyes and reboost

How to take care of yourself naturally and start the day off right when you’re tired? With blueberry pardis! This floral water is ideal to decongest the eyes and help us wake up in the morning where we would have stayed in bed …

Use blueberry to take care of yourself naturally in cosmetics?

Whenever I have a little night or feel my eyes heavy and tired, my first reflex is to unsheath my cornflower hydrosol! This floral water is really a must in my cupboards for years (and should be at home too!). Even if I do not use it every day, she is out whenever I have sleepy or puffy eyes!

On a little less joyful air the cornflower hydrosol is also extremely useful to soothe the eyes sore by tears. It helps to deflate and reduce the redness that appears under the tears. And then are comforting smell puts a little balm in the heart …

This list is of course far from exhaustive, I only mentioned the one I used personally but there are still lots of other flowers to take care of yourself naturally!