5 wellness habits to learn how to love yourself

These little habits are indispensable to me. They help me in every aspect of my life. Thanks to that, I learn to love myself, to take care of myself. To love each other is important. Important to love others and to fulfill oneself. Here are the 5 things I do

Take an interest in personal development

Personal development is an integral part of my life. This is a subject that interests me greatly. It helps me to improve, to work on me, to gain confidence and to realize my projects! Books, videos, podcasts … are the main supports I use. I can not do without it! Every day I learn. There is nothing more rewarding!

Adopt a healthy diet

This is one of the first things I put in place in my new way of life. Do good to your body, be healthy. Make the best diet choice to give my body everything it needs. It’s a pillar for me. Regenerate energy, digestive well-being … It helps me every day to feel good.

Take care of your skin

Trained in beauty care, it goes without saying, to feel good, I take care of my skin whether it is that of my face or my body. Lucky as I am ^^ I have always suffered from skin problems! Drought, acne, sensitivity I can not afford to neglect it. A few minutes in the morning and in the evening are enough for me. Gestures that help me feel beautiful and accept my acne or my dark circles

Practice meditation

I talked about it a few months ago in a previous article. I practice every day between 5 to 10 minutes of meditation (guided). When I wake up or go to bed, it depends on my needs. Many ideas about this practice circulate but I can assure you that meditation is simple and very effective especially against stress! It also helps concentration and relaxation of body and mind. Mediation is well anchored in my routine and essential to my well-being! I really recommend you to test.

Perform a physical activity

A practice that completely upset my life for 4 years now. Playing sports regularly helps me feel more comfortable with my body, feeling better about myself! These are some things I love to do and that gives me well-being. Bodybuilding helps me on a daily basis. I feel better, stronger!

I hope you enjoyed this little article.